Natural Medicine Community Challenge Question 2 / 3 : Let's Get to Know Each Other! -Natural medicine or Pharmaceutical medicine or a mix of both? and Is it possible to live only on Natural Medicine?

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Continuing on the @NaturalMedicine challenge. Today I want to talk about
Do you use natural medicine more than pharmaceutical medicine or do you have a balance?
Is it possible to live only on natural medicine?

Do you use natural medicine more than pharmaceutical medicine or do you have a balance?

I do not remember when did I last consume a pharmaceutical pill. It has been a long time that I have stopped taking pills and only rely on Natural therapies. Thankfully the other side of it is that I have not been sick in a long time that would also include normal cold and cough and flu. But then with the virus thing you never know when the weather changes so I am mindful about my precautionary measures all the time and ensure that I do not slip on them. My regular vitamin supplements are on and the other natural ongoing therapies, like one a few days ago I shared My daily dose of Herbs Immunity Boost

But sadly I have not been able to eradicate the Pharmaceutical Medicines completely from my home. My Husband was very sick few months ago and in that period he was on heavy medication dose. The side effects of the medicines have been terrible. He has put on lot of weight, hair loss, skin rashes and so much more and still his underlying condition has no complete cure. As of now we do not have a choice to stop his pills as they are his support system for now. But yes, we are constantly working on building up his immunity and overall system through other natural therapies, which in longer run will help reduce his pills and also make him healthy. But for that we need to have patience.


And that brings me to the next question

Is it possible to live only on natural medicine?

Personally I am not in favor of consuming pills. You may need it temporary to tackle certain diseases but they can never be a long term solution. Most of the pills will only keep the situation in control, but will never cure it from the root level. Whereas Natural Therapies will help cure your problem at root level and more importantly it will not give you side effects nor will will there be a point where you can do without it and the most important is it will not make your body toxic.

Only living on Natural Medicine is a process. For someone who has many health conditions, it may not be possible to immediately shift and sustain on natural therapies. It would be a gradual process, but yes it is very much possible.
But trust me if right from the beginning you have been mindful and not added too much of the pharmaceutical toxins in your body it would be much smoother for your body to start working on natural therapies effectively and much faster.
And if you have always been careful about your health in the most natural ways then probably you will never come to a point where you would need any pills.

It all depends on the lifestyle that one follows, no junk food, food with preservatives, processed food, refined sugar and such other foods will help you stay healthy and eliminating all health problems and the reverse, so our diet is a Natural Medicine by itself. Our health depends on many factors but the major one is diet, if that gets well taken care of right from childhood, there would never be a need of consuming pill. So yes it is very much possible to live completely on Natural therapies and Natural Medicines.
And the proof is that in the olden times, people lived a very healthy life, much much better then what we live now and with hardly and pills. The whole pharmaceutical industry is just around 200 years old, and before that people did live and they lived in the best of health, long life spans and better quality of life. We see the proof of that with some of the older generation today also who still follow a healthy regime, living more of a sustainable lifestyle.


When I was small, I remember one of my old aunt always had natural remedy for almost everything. I was a severe asthamatic patient when I was a kid and she cured me completely with all her natural remedies. Today I absolutely have no problems and very healthy. To an extent I thank her a lot for inculcating the belief of natural therapies into me. And moreover in those times we never had any adulterated food, no packed and processed food, no dining out in restaurants. Every day was fresh home cooked food keeping in mind the overall nutrition. In a way I am thankful to her that making me grow up in that manner has helped strengthen my overall system.

If we go back to our roots, life will become much simpler for all of us. Nature has every possible remedy for us, we need to tap into it and make good use of it.

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In my opinion, it depends on what ailment one is suffering. I know this by experience of four family members who were seriously ill and have died and such herbal medicine can not suffice to cure heavy illnesses such as cancer or the like. Of course, we have to consider the side effects but in order to prolong life of loved ones , they should be given heavy dosage of whatever pharma medicine available to kill pain. The only herbal medicine I could think of that could kill pain is the cannabis RSO (Rick Simpson Oil) but my siblings lived in the Philippines and Cannabis is strictly prohibited there.

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I can understand what you are saying, but the real culprit is also sitting out there which if we can get hold we can in the very first place not even get anywhere close to getting ill. And those culprits are our modern day food industry, at large promoting the most unhealthiest food that only invites trouble for the body. If right from childhood we get into healthy eating and lifestyle habits we will avoid these deadly illnesses and also another thing is at large people do not acknowledge their health problems when they are just cropping up.
Our body gives us many signals like loss of appetite, hair loss, lack of sleep, fatigues, bad stomach and so on, but we do not take it seriously until we reach to a stage where we have no choice but to get quick fixes. It's a very vicious circle. And true these governments ban stuff which are the safest cure and easily available in nature, else how will their giant pharma make profits.

Best to avoid most Western medicine if I were you, just read the side effects of any given medicine, unless it's just a mineral or something similar. Non-toxic is what you should be looking for. It's toxic because they insist all medicine needs to be patented for the stock market pharma companies profit.

We knew our medical world was broken but this Corona nonsense has given us a lot of evidence of what's going on.

We know Dr Fauci, WHO & friends "create and select false medical studies" to sell toxic drugs. All real science is ignored.

Better replacements are found nature for everything from anti aging, anti cancer, anti facial microbes, anti microbes like bacteria, archaea, fungi, protozoa, algae, and viruses, blood thinners, anti-inflammatory, you name it's, it's all there. Ready made products in nature which usually have hundreds of molecules working as a team and filled up with Ions(+/-).

The only problems are is that our entire medical world and part of the holistic world is broken and corrupted so it's not properly tested in humans.

Watch this:

Source: 2020 America's Frontline Doctors Historic Press Conference Held by a large group of doctors and scientists at the Supreme Court: America's Frontline Doctors

We also basically found out who has been blocking the correct testing of natural medicine.

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Thank you. I will surely catch up on this

 3 days ago 

Thank you. I will surely catch up on this

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This pandemic has brought out lot of information to common public but still I see at large people still believing in these fakers WHO, Gates, Fauci and the clan. There is a solution to every illness in nature as you rightly say but people do not have patience to do it as most of them would start showing it's results after a longer period of time, so it is being given up very easily.
There is so much of corruption that I doubt that the light and good sense at large will ever prevail and the days to come with all this vaccine madness is going to bring in lot more terror health wise.
Thank you for sharing your views, they are very insightful.

Dr Fauci has been the main corruption in our medical world since 1984, he probably inherited it by his predecessor since Flexner report of 1910.

All real research has been excluded since than. I'm a IT who accidentally came across this.

We had a unprecedented unseen democracy vote, a vote by people threw servers and webpages. Largest democratic vote in the history of mankind, went unnoticed by most.

Remember when Google magically started giving us exactly what we wanted on the first result.

That magic was a link, like everything, the crowd is usually right. Anyway, any keyword with natural medicine kept referring to the same names back then. (2015 to early 2019, until it started changing, you can see this in the link-history statistics of certain websites ;)

Kept referring to
-Dr Sebi
-Rick Simpson
-James Destroy Diseases

And many others. Google kicked our medical world's ass every time I used it, was able to save my self from a insane operation down there.

Just depends on which data you use from which database. I know a few very large ones.

We had a unprecedented unseen democracy vote, a vote by people threw servers and webpages. Largest democratic vote in the history of mankind, went unnoticed by most.

Other words, the people around the world voted Dr Sebi, the best of the best in modern times. Google verified.

I concur by every relevant scientific factor out there, also his online user rating is about 90%+.

He wasn't perfect but he was the best.

We needed natural medicine for minor ailments but for serious illnesses we really needed conventional medicines @nainaztengra because for my condition with hyperparathyroid I do not believe that any herbal drugs out there can cure or help to control my raging parathyroid glands I just have to use my current medicine otherwise I will suffer from further pain and disfigurement.

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Yes, when the ailment gets out of control then you have to depend on the medicines, but that's where it is. If we can just work on it right in the early stages then things would be different. I can understand your situation with so many complexities, it is not at all easy