Recent Medicine Projects: Late Spring, 2020


@artemislives, I'm still working on that post about place, it's just moving slow. More questions than answers, and deeper work than I'd thought. It'll happen in it's time though, like everything.

I'm listening to this song as I write. I'm in a place right now that's hard to talk about with any but my dearest closest friends. It's deep and strong and I don't know if it's dark or not, but there's a resolve that I'm tempering that'll come on hard as soon as it's developed.

I know my posts have been militant lately. No apologies, that's just how my mind's been. Like I said, life here is weird lately. But I've been learning and working on the medicinal independence as always, not slowing down anywhere except my digital life. Maybe, given recent events I should slow elsewhere, but I'll carry on til I know where to slow down.

One day when we were out shooting, I found some plants in the pasture while waiting for my friends to arrive. I used the PlantNet app to identify them, and one was wormwood. In my men's group, there's another guy that's into herbs and he told me to keep an eye out for it. Being a plant that I've never worked with, I saved some to tincture.


I know wormwood is a big part of absinthe, but that's not my goal here. According to WebMD:

Wormwood is used for various digestion problems such as loss of appetite, upset stomach, gall bladder disease, and intestinal spasms. Wormwood is also used to treat fever, liver disease, depression, muscle pain, memory loss and worm infections; to increase sexual desire; as a tonic; and to stimulate sweating.

That's a hell of an endorsement and a long list of reasons that I'm foolish not to have pursued wormwood earlier. I'm to the point now that I really need a book or something to record all the things I have medicines for. Perhaps I'll use the notebook I got from @bobydimitrov last year. It's got a few lists and notes in it from other tasks, but medicines would be a great thing to keep track of inside it.

That's a lot of jars of medicines, representing hundreds of hours of work and research, and hundreds of dollars invested.

This week I was sent to the hospital from work. I had an arhythmia and high blood pressure that I think was brought on from wearing these goddamn masks. To benefit from the time off, we harvested corn and potatoes.



My figuring was way off when I figured we'd have a lot of corn. That was by industrial planting standards, and I didn't plant industrially. Maybe I should have, but whatever. This is what we got this year, and I'll save seeds from the strongest, most fertile plants.

Farmer Sam and I saved the silks as we shucked the corn. Corn silk tincture is a gentle urinary system support. We got enough from our painted mountain corn harvest to make a quart of medicine. A part of the harvest that's usually discarded. My conscious omnivory doesn't just apply to animals.


This weekend, Melissa is out with her best friend and little sister, and farmer Sam is with my parents. I took the younger kids out to pick mimosa flowers after lunch because they're in season and I don't know about y'all, but I could use a gentle natural antidepressant lately. Actually, I made the comment to @riverflows that I'm down for some uppers, antianxiety, antidepressants, and hallucinogens because I need a fucking break from this existence. I'm tired.



Enough harvest for three pints! That's a lot of medicine.

Three new medicines brewing in the cabinet

Mimosa is considered a non-native invasive tree here. It can be found along the edges of tree patches and forests all over the US. It fills the low canopy niche wherever it's found, fixing nitrogen for other trees. Whoever deemed it an invasive tree forgot to mention that we're not tending nature as we ought, and we're setting up a space for non-natives to fill the ecosystemic niches we leave open.

On a personal note, I need an escape lately. I'm stressed and ragged and burned out again. Ready for the season to change, but I don't know if I'm ready for the season that's coming. I think I need some more time with meditation and Win Hof breathing. Those used to help when I got so heavily parasympathetic. During the covid shutdown, I was able to spend so much time outside healing and meditating. Now it's like those roots I dug into the soil have been ripped out and I've been tossed back to the steel and concrete machine. Back to normal in a way, but so traumatically thrown back.

A new resolve against these systems is growing. A new dedication to my place and my reason.

Anyways, it's midnight and I've got to watch a lot of kiddos tomorrow. I'm gonna hit publish and hit the sack.

Love from Texas


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Your wormwood is looking FINE!! 😍 We use it a lot here and just a cautious side note that we use it to induce pregnancy termination in women, so to be used with extreme caution by women.

My mother has suffered with heart arrhythmia for YEARS - and the chemical meds less and less effective over time. After much discussion and her resisting cos it could not be that simple could it? she started spraying and massaging Magnesium chloride into the soles of her feet x2 a day. She's reporting so much improvement that she's seeing the doctor next week to start scaling down the chemical meds. Magnesium deficiency is one of the leading causes of heart arrhythmia.

Garden looks grand.

Interesting Q to leave you with: if you focus on having a well stocked stash of medicine primed and ready, are you also sending out the vibration that you welcome sickness?? Hmmm...?? Pondering that myself.

Nice to see you back here. x

Magnesium! So the good kind of natural unprocessed salt, right? I'm glad you say that. I've been having leg cramps as well, pointing to the same issue. Thank you!

Soak your feet daily in a warm basin with a handful of magnesium sulfate (epsom salt). Afterwards a few squirts of MgCl to the soles of the feet. Works a treat. If you're deficient enough for arrhythmia, it might take a few days of really soaking and x2 daily MgCl but it WILL kick in. Your sleep will improve out of sight. x Cheap and easy remedy. Also really helpful for asthma and breathing constriction.

Also, to your question!

I don't think I'm welcoming sickness. Most of the medicines I come across are happenstance and not helpful with anything I myself suffer from. Except mullein, which was strangely hard to find.

I've not seen that form of wormwood. I grow 2 types of wormwood here and it looks like neither. One of the ones I grow I know is for absinthe. I mostly use the wormwood for repelling bugs in clothing in my cedar closet and as a wormer when dehydrated for the chickens in the winter.

New Herb garden  7th row  wormwood May 2018.jpg

I put up this larger format photo so you can zoom in on the leaves.... This is the absinthe one.

Oh wow, your leaves are much fuller aren't they? This one is Roman wormwood, Artemisia pontica. Thinner leaves and smaller growth pattern than the others, but has the same benefits.

I'm afraid that it might not be. Roman wormwood is another one I grow and it is tiny, 12" high, and very light and feathery, not at all like that one you posted.

South Herb Garden  Russian tarragon, southernwood, wormwood June 2006.jpg

It's not as feathery as the southernwood to its right, but it nearly is.

Hmm. I need to look around more, that might be a "medicine" I don't want to mess with!

Aha! Western ragweed! Ambrosia cumanensis an Ambrosia, not an Artemisia. OMG, thank you, thank you for making me look farther!

Oh, I am glad you did finally identify it. Good thing I did know those 2 wormwoods. :))

Hey there Nate, hope that change of season reaches you soon... till then, stay strong 🙌

As strong as I can bro! It'll pass, like everything does. Just hoping that when it passes it doesn't pass to something worse.

Gotta have faith that it won't!

Sounds traumatic honey. So many little traumas. That mimosa is so pretty. Missing my connection with nature. My roots also lacking water and soil. May this pass for us both. Xx

Trauma. Generalized, globalized trauma on everyone right now. I hate it.

I loved, LOVED, loved everything about this.

It actually made me realize I think I could have wormwood in my garden!!! At least at first glance; I will look at it with more attention later.

And THAT AMOUNT of wonderful medicine jars 😍 it's dreamy! How beautiful for Farmer Sam and your other children to grow up embracing Nature's natural medicine.

My favorite was the Mimosa's part. Here, @acurewa has a post where he talks about Mimosa DMT - he makes it with Mimosa Hostilis. Is yours Mimosa Pudica? We call it/her Jurema -the Brazilian name which is associated with Cabocla Jurema, Spirito das Matas -the spirit of plants-!

I hope you feel better soon. You sure have the tools you need - sending you positive vibes!

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Wow they all look beautiful

Thank you very much! They take a lot of work and love. 💚

yes , love is actually the most important ♥