September 25, A Day of Rest

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Yesterday was restful. I was beat from Friday, so I stuck around my parents home til supper time. I did get bored and put in a couple hours of work on their fence, which we'll be finishing today when my sister and her fiance get here.

For supper, dad and I took the kids to pizza at a local joint on the square. Melissa fried up some pork chops for her and mom to have a quiet supper without all of us bugging them. After pizza, we played on the square for a bit til I realized how late it was and that the kiddos had to go to bed!

A pretty bouquet that Sophia picked for Melissa

Earlier this year, I picked some datura seed pods in anticipation of my first psychedelic experience. As Providence would have it, that wasn't what ended up happening, and in a later, much smaller trip I recalled that datura is good for asthma. In my haste to experience something religious or insightful, I'd neglected the everyday medicine that could help me in my regular life. So that was a bit of insight to pay more attention to the mundane daily life than on larger issues. The magic of the mundane, as I've heard it put.


So while Sophia picked some beautiful datura flowers for her mom, I picked some leaves for mundane use. A lot of what I've harvested and studied in the natural medicine realm is respiratory medicines, mainly elecampane and mullein. To have another respiratory ally is exciting, and I am glad to be able to work with datura in this way. Since being back at work, wearing a mask for the duration of my work day, my asthma has been a more present factor in my life than it's been for twenty years. It's not a life threatening level, but a solid and pressing annoyance that's been controlled with an inhaler. What I'll be doing is trying to replace the inhaler with this datura. Not an entirely perfect solution, as I'm just using a plant in an allopathic role, but it's a step towards a better, more resilient system.

So, rather than using my datura seeds for insight, I'll first be planting some. Everyone loves pretty flowers and poison, right?

That wraps up today's post about yesterday I think. I'm gonna go read a bit of G.K. Chesterton's Orthodoxy.

Love from Texas

Nate 💚


Nate that sound like a serene day to spend your time

It was a good day :) and today as well.

Yeah I definitely have to rest myself. Today is a very good day to rest indeed

Good! Whatcha got going on? Any posts on it? I'll head over :)

Yesterday I kind of snapped out.

It's really good when you can smoke a bunch of hash oil dabs and take another nap.

Today I definitely have to get something going for a post

 28 days ago 

I didn't know datura is good for the lungs, thank you for sharing that. Can you not get an exception for the mask because of your asthma? I can only imagine how much it aggravates it. I do love how your relationship with datura is expanding xxx

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Sadly, no exceptions for the masks. From the start they made it explicitly clear that if you can no or will not, for any reason, wear a mask, you're not welcome to work here.

Datura is good for asthma, not specifically the lungs. I'll be working with it to see if there's anything else it does in my specific instance, like I do with other medicines I work with. The internet advises caution which makes sense, as it is a nightshade.