A Life Of Abundance: Meditation Curation January 30

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Our abundancers (the role we give to people meditating for this challenge) are continuing to meditate and bond together on our Discord for the Deepak Chopra abundance challenge. We take to heart to help the community feel a sense of plenty in a world that tends to focus on lack. A big thanks to @plantstoplanks for hosting the challenge because we believe that meditation has a marked positive impact on our health.

@Vincentnijman shared this treasure in the spirit of abundance. It captures the simplicity in all that is around us and how we need but put our hand out to receive.


@bewithbreath is hosting twice weekly meditations in our Mindful Life Discord server - join in for midweek or weekend peace. It is truly helpful to allow our abundancers to dive deeper into their inner realm at their leisure.

@crosheille published a wonderful post for the Art is Healing Challenge. It reads beautifully and softly like a song where crocheting is an emotionally soothing meditation.


Also, writing of her photography endeavors, she says:

The last time we had a family session the photos turned out beautifully but left our pockets unpretty.

What an elegant and whimsical way to describe how she has taken on photography, the style is much appreciated!

@biglipsmama brings the following quote to our attention:

|“You know what they call alternative medicine that's been proved to work? - Medicine.”
― Tim Minchin

It certainly helps to have a sense of humour, living on the fringe of medicine.

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We are grateful whenever we get to be mindful as individuals and see the benefits in our mood patterns, but it is a privilege to meditate together as a tribe. We thank our abundancers and everyone around us who believe that it starts with loving yourself first. That this love can then be spread generously.

What are you reflecting on in your mindful life this week?

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I love this initiative! When I joined steemit way back in '17, this kind of content was the people who formed my community here so I'm super excited to see this bursting into life and love being able to be a part of it all!

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@heart-to-heart, thrilled to have you thrilled! Looking forward to supporting you - we love your work!

And thanks to @edouard for this great curation - well done on your first one, you're hired!


Wow thank you so much for including my piece in this curation! It is greatly appreciated :D

Really nice work @edouard on your first curation run! I love how you described my post, thank you kindly ~

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It has truly been my pleasure to help facilitate the January Abundance group! My heart is full just from making the journey again with a wonderful group of people. An excellent way to kick off 2020!

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Lovely curation @edouard!
I appreciate you pulling together this collection of mindful life type posts!
Off to do some more reading!