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Now that January's well under way, it's definitely about time to begin the new year with a challenge! Of course, we've got the #plantbased challenge happening - check that out here - but this one gives you a little more wiggle room for writing a #naturalmedicine post with the most!

Write as MANY times as you like - all entries will be considered!

Entry Fee

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Choose a Topic or Topic Combination

Poetry ChallengeHerbs For Stress ChallengeRitual Challenge
Have you read @laurabell's poem on Munchausen by Proxy? Read it here. This challenge asks you to write a poem on the theme 'natural medicine' - and that's super broad! Any style welcome, and no, it doesn't have to rhyme!What is your favourite herbal remedy, blend, tincture, balm or supplement for stress? Adaptogens are needed more than ever in this fast paced stressful world, and we'd love to here about the allies that serve you.What practices or rituals assist you to live to your full potential, nourish your soul and help you attend to your mental, physical and/or spiritual health?
Review ChallengeQuote ChallengeIdea Challenge
Review a #naturalmedicine themed movie, documentary, book or podcast.What's your favourite #naturalmedicine quote and why? Feel free to choose on any sub topic, from yoga to fitness, herbalism to permaculture. It simply must be based around healthy bodies, minds, souls and/or a healthy Earth.Complete the following sentence: 'The singlemost important thing we can do for the health of our... is ....'.

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If ten or more entries are recieved, we will share out 100 HIVE in prizes. This may go to 3 or more winners. If less than ten entries are recieved, 50 HIVE will be distributed.

How We Decide on Winners

  • Your post should stand alone - no 'challenge response' in title, don't use our thumbnail - it should read independent of the challenge for anyone outside HIVE. A footnote at the end linking back to this challenge is PERFECT.
  • Posts must be over 500 words, except for poetry
  • Original content - original photos are preferred, but not necessary if they are adequately sourced
  • Moving, punch packing, different and engaging content is appreciated. Check out #lotus-recommends channel in our Discord (link below) for posts that wow our Lotus Curators
  • We often give away more than 100 HIVE if the quality calls for it - most people DO gain from entering this challenge.
  • Early bird writers ALWAYS recieve a little extra on the first week of challenge!

We sincerely hope you can make time to join in. Excellent content drives this platform, setting a standard that helps onboard new users as well as helping create the best natural health community on HIVE. We always appreciate all your efforts!


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That’s so amazing poetry was given a category!! I am so thrilled you all enjoyed my poem that had its theme around natural medicine.

 5 days ago 


It really caused quite a stir! Poetry can be an extraordinary vessel for exploring health topics - I wrote one on meditation a year or so back that I was quite fond of! Yours was truly wonderful - thanks for inspiring the challenge!

Thank you for your engagement on this post, you have recieved ENGAGE tokens.

There are so many things to write about, how wonderful! It's nice to know that you take poetry into account, thank you very much for that. <3

 3 days ago 

Look how fast you are!

Here is my entry:

And my Lotus transaction:

I wrote a review of the book, "The Woman's Book of Yoga & Health." :)

Thanks for the opportunity!


Hey @naturalmedicine, here is a little bit of BEER from @phoenixwren for you. Enjoy it!

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What a beautiful initiative to keep us motivated, thank you @naturalmedicine!

So I did a fun Idea Challenge as my first entry - The Magic of a New Coif - African Braiding

Will be back with some food next time!
Bought Lotus twice when I realized just how little Hive was needed for this challenge, thank you for the how-to guide;)
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