EARTH HEALING #13: Filtering Water for Crypto, Aloe Ferox, Food Security, Permaculture & More.


Earth Healing is a weekly curation of posts from the Hive blockchain which center around the healing of Mother Earth; we specifically encourage and reward posts which promote natural harmony, rejuvenation projects and sustainable living. Natural Medicine for Mother Earth ranges from simple appreciation of her diversity & beauty, through to practical posts encouraging a new relationship with organic gardens, food and lifestyles.

Each week one post author will be chosen as a post beneficiary.

Earth Healing is particularly grateful to @naturalmedicine and @abundancetribe for generous delegations, practical support and leadership, and is curated each week by @artemislives.

We, who have been the scourge of Mother Earth and the cause of so much of her sickness, are invited to engage and contribute to her health and recovery.



Fantastica's Green Garden: Midsummer 2020 Sneak Peek

The healing balance of energy, garden, sunshine and the feeling of Mother Earth happy, abundant and rebalancing. Read more...


Permaculture Principles - Maximum Effect for Minimum Effort

Permaculture is sometimes referred to as the "lazy people's gardening". And it is certainly true: if you are smart, you let nature do all the work so all you have to do is a bit of management. ... Your plants are going to spring up wherever they think is best, and if you maintain an accepting and easy going attitude, not only will you have to work less, but you'll enjoy a greater reward in yield. Read more...


Impact of Coronavirus on The Environment!
Screenshot 453.png

I am talking about how environment has changed after the pandemic started. It forced us to leave our usual work and lives and sit at home for a decent amount of time. End Result? Fresh Air, Clean water, Healed nature... Read more


Whisper to Me Gently

A meditation on Mother Earth, beauty and grace:

The cycle of nature continues, renewing my faith that all will be well again, someday. Given time and space to heal and strengthen. Read more...


Winter In Africa - Getting a Daily Dose of Health from Nature


The incredible aloe ferox - one of the wild aloes of Africa. Such amazing learning more about the diverse and complex healing which Mother Earth offers to us!! Read more...


Earth Deed - Mining telos by filtering water.

A new paradigm economy MUST be based on meaningful actions.
Mining crypto by filtering drinking water for disadvantaged communities? The creativity of crypto projects for Earth Healing is only as limited as our imaginations. @yangyanje - curated this one for you, with a smile. Read more...


We can tackle hunger and promote food security in Africa by promoting Grafted Fruit Trees

Grafted fruit trees take between 3 -4 years to effectively fruit and this explains why if we want to tackle hunger and promote food security, we must educate and engage young people in grafting fruit trees. This will not only contribute in tackling hunger and food security but also go a long way to fight climate change. Read more...


This week, and every week, we make one person who is curated above a 5 percent beneficiary on this post. It DOES have to be a @naturalmedicine delegator, so this week, I'm choosing @freemotherearth - we love her earth-loving soul & want to show our appreciation.

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Earn Instantly For Writing About Environmental Issues

Natural Medicine supports all things natural health, including the health of our extraordinary planet. We also support writers sharing about herbalism, TCM, yoga, meditation, vegan and other healthy diets, as well as earth centred practices such as foraging, permaculture and biodynamics.

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Wow, thanks guys!!
I am having REAL issues posting in here during my first warm season on Hive. At least now you can see what has my attention so occupied!
I found a beautiful little snake in the squash when I was harvesting a couple of hours ago. It made me feel very happy to know my tiny jungle is appealing to the critters we rarely get to see!

haha... yes... we're having a serious influx of scorpions and snakes here in Thailand too - v. hot and rainy.


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All Hail Mother Earth! It doesn't get any better than this!

Congratulations to @freemotherearth!

Upped and Reposted


Thank you so much @dswigle - it was a beautiful post that literally made me pause. I see you posted it also from a community I have never heard of. Could you tell me more about that?


Thank you so much. It is a community I just started to give people a place to post flowers. I am still developing it so, it appears a little unfinished, but people seem to like it. Covid struck and halted extra projects because of work. But, I hope have contests and be a little more organized.

Thanks for asking.

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@naturalmedicine, As we humans deserve Healing same way our Divine Shelter (Earth) deserves healing too. Let's allow the earth to heal by resonating with Earth 🌏 Spirit. Stay blessed.

Thanks for your strong support @chireerocks. 😊


Welcome. 🙂

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This is really great!! Thanks for your work! I also do a weekly post, but of music!

This directed me to Solarcoin, which I had not heard of, and also SSRN, which is a social paper website. It's a huge relief to find them, because I am writing a social paper about a UBI project-funding crypto project, and I didn't know where to publish it!

A million thanks!!

Oh, and also, I made a website called that is an aggregator of perma projects / videos that updates daily! Might help someone reading find a new project!!

All Love,

  • Douglas from cXc Music

Thanks - will check those out. After 536 downvotes and all the BS around Steem Basic Income, I got my fingers burned.

Ask for a natural medicine for burned fingers ! ahahah !!!

The DV attacks against Hive SBI seem to have ended. Hopefully it stays done and does not resume.


Oh there's some helpful stuff for me to follow up, and which definitely adds to the greater whole. Nice. I'm interested in the perma-rocks site for sure. What do we have to do to get more of them on Hive??


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Awesome, thanks for mentioning me!

I love that you're putting this information out there again. It is so needed in the world. Enjoyed very much the idea of "least effort" and feel vindicated, at the very least, for not hacking and digging. LOL.

Thank you, @artemislives! Yes, the least effort tends to find a lot of appeal, but in a way that's how nature approaches things, with some magnificent results.

A BEAUTIFUL curation. A weekly reminder for me that nature should always be the focus of our lives. Love this curation so much. Xxx

It's the beginning and the ending of everything, no? The whole context within which our natural healing and natural medicine place themselves. It's always tough to find POSITIVE earth related posts - so much negativity (much of which has good cause) but we NEED to shine the light on the things that ARE working and healing, in order to create more of that.

I love the recognition they make to all these people who contribute and share their knowledge and love for Mother Earth and for nature. It is a blessing that you frequently guide us about these valuable and positive publications. Thank you.

Thank you @benavides54 - hopefully just 1 person this week will learn, grow, support someone new, extend their thinking and step out of their belief-comfort zone.

@artemislives friend, yes, each piece of the puzzle is important to put it together, the important thing is that each piece is gradually incorporated, and if only one person wakes up and receives what the universe is giving him, it is great.

Thank's for the selection

You're very welcome @chrisaiki - thanks for producing good content. 😊

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Check out @dswigle blog here and follow if you like the content :)

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hello the discord invitation doesn't work.

@riverflows - this seems to be an ongoing issue.