EARTH HEALING #8: A Bee Sanctuary, Young Earth Custodians, Clean Planet, Earth Deeds and ... More Bees!


Earth Healing is a weekly curation of posts from the Hive blockchain which center around the healing of Mother Earth; we specifically encourage and reward posts which promote natural harmony, rejuvenation projects and sustainable living. Natural Medicine for Mother Earth ranges from simple appreciation of her diversity & beauty, through to practical posts encouraging a new relationship with organic gardens, food and lifestyles.

Each week one post author will be chosen as a post beneficiary.

Earth Healing is particularly grateful to @naturalmedicine and @abundancetribe for generous delegations, practical support and leadership, and is curated each week by @artemislives.

We, who have been the scourge of Mother Earth and the cause of so much of her sickness, are invited to engage and contribute to her health and recovery.


Bee Mountain - a sanctuary for rescued bees built in the Guatemalan forestScreenshot 379.png

A Guatemalan Bee Sanctuary funded by donations - the sheer community, vision and energy of this special place is healing of itself. Bees are critical to the health of Mother Earth and the sustainability of our food source and biodiversity. Read more...

Youths in Conservation

Chitwan National Park - the oldest national park in Nepal - has an amazing group of young earth custodians helping with everything from protecting biodiversity to engaging around the human-wildlife conflict. So much energy and passion for Earth Healing - be inspired. Read More...

During These Trying Times, Remember the Healing Power of Nature!

Stressed & overwhelmed? Leave the telephone inside the house and go outdoors. Ancient advice about the incredible healing power of nature, and thee simple choice we can make every day to tap into that healing energy. Read More...

Adopt a Beehive! @maryincryptoland's Hive!!!

The adopt a beehive project is going strong! The bees are thrivin' in the Hive and being such an inspiration to US about collaborative working and the greater good. Read More...

Screenshot 381.png

One year on from Clean Planet Barcelona, and they're still going strong! Amazing!! The selfless cleaning of communal spaces by dedicated clean planet crew around the world, many of whom never make the video but who are happy to clean and contribute, is monumental. Read More...

Earth Deeds - Volume 9 - CONTEST ENTRY ARTICLE - Win BIG Up-Votes from TribeSteemUp aka Abundance.Tribe

@earthdeeds is back!! A weekly challenge every week where you can post your #earthdeeds. So many ways to celebrate what you do for Mother Earth - and be rewarded for it. Read More....


You still have 2 days to get your entry in for the Natural Medicine Wild Edibles Challenge! Entries close midnight Friday UTC time on 23rd May.

WIN UP TO 100 HIVE! Write About Wild Edibles (Plus, An Alternative!)


This week, and every week, we make one person who is curated above a 5 percent beneficiary on this post. It DOES have to be a @naturalmedicine delegator, so this week, I'm choosing @ELAmental - appreciating his energy and projects across multiple communities and today, especially, in recognition of his really excellent Earth Deeds initiative.


Earn Instantly For Writing About Environmental Issues

Natural Medicine supports all things natural health, including the health of our extraordinary planet. We also support writers sharing about herbalism, TCM, yoga, meditation, vegan and other healthy diets, as well as earth centred practices such as foraging, permaculture and biodynamics.

You can sign up for an account here on PeakD, or contact us on Alternatively, drop in to Discord below.

For more potential rewards, trying posting from our community and use the tag #naturalmedicine with your #environment posts.

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Such an inspiring curation @artemislives, sharing so many ways in which we can connect more with nature, healing ourselves alongside of her.

Curated for #naturalmedicine (by @trucklife-family) - join our community here.

We encourage content about health & wellness - body, mind, soul and earth. We are an inclusive community with two basic rules: Proof of Heart (kindness prevails) & Proof of Brain (original content). Read more here.

Our website also rewards with its own Lotus token & we'd love you to join our community in Discord. Delegate to @naturalmedicine & be supported with upvotes, reblog, tips, writing inspiration challenges for a chance to win HIVE and more. Click here to join the #naturalmedicine curation trail!

Thank you for the support @trucklife-family. It makes ME feel nice to be a conduit for other people's content - it matters, I think. Much love. x

thanks you so much for the mention!!!

You are so very welcome @phage93 - love the Adopt a Beehive project. 😊

Muy buen contenido!!!


tq so much

Very welcome. 😊

A huge hug 🤗 and a little bit of !BEER 🍻 from @amico!

Un caro abbraccio 🤗 e un po' di BEER 🍻 da @amico!

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