Finding our Teachers, Caring for our Physical Presence and our Mindset!

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Hey hey, people! Here we are again. This is the first day of September, the ninth month of a year full of eventualities. On Wednesday, September 2nd, the Moon will be full in Pisces, so it'll be time to harvest the product of our emotional and spiritual labor. This is a perfect moment to retreat within ourselves and search for those stubborn clots of noise and density that we've been harboring, and cleansing our entire being with the energy of forgiveness. It's also an ideal time to connect with the collective subconscious and see ourselves as part of a far larger, much more complex but still unified whole. Although we may move, think and feel independently, we're all ultimately the same as the trees, the birds, the earth, our closest friends and also strangers in distant locations. Separateness is an illusion.

The posts that I'll share below are essentially about knowing how to connect with our bodies, work on our varied diets (of sound, feelings and food), in order to foster and nurture the awareness of this universal interconnectedness. Let's get to it!



I'll open this curation with a great post by @eco-alex, which is more like a quick but comprehensive guide on how to foster balance in our life. You'll get a bit of everything here: advice on diet, physical activity, instincts, connection to the earth, thought patterns and much more!

Go ahead and leave him a comment with your thoughts! You can also write your own posts on these topics and tag Alex to boost engagement with your own content!

Next up, we have another wonderful guide, dedicated to the various types of Yoga practices, written by @sajannair. In the post she makes a brief description of each practice, its uses and its main focus. If you're starting up in Yoga or just want to know more about the discipline, this is a nice start.

Speaking of Yoga, I have two other posts on the topic. If you've been following @lizbetcontreras' work in the community, you know that she's been posting a series called "Mundo Yoga"(Yoga World), in which she explains asanas or poses, the beneficial impact they may have on our lifestyle and also, some of her personal experience with the practice. In this case, she explains Ashwa Sanchalanasana or the Equestrian Pose.

We also have a much more personal account of a practice session. In this post, @millycf1976 describes an entire routine of meditation and movement, complete with her sensations and reflections during and after the experience. A valuable exercise that might be useful to many.

Have you ever tried Yoga? Are you a established practitioner? Perhaps these posts will inspire you to write about it. You can also leave comments for these authors to read and tag them in future publications to start a conversation!

Concerning our bodily presence and health, there is much that can be explored to lead a better life, but no matter what path we choose, we must always pay a price, leave some other habit behind, perhaps even entirely stop behaviors that have been programmed into our personal and collective narratives as positive or necessary. One of these implanted needs is the idea that we have to eat three times a day, and also eat a specific amount of this or that, and that going hungry isn't at all desirable. However, fasting is an ancient practice, and it does have many benefits, as I've personally attested in my journey. Take some time to read this nice explanation by @mohafati, where offers insights on the benefits of intermittent fasting.

Have you tried this? What benefits have you obtained? Would you recommend it to others? Comment on @mohafati's post or write your own! It sure is an interesting topic to discuss!

On the subject of Teachers

We are what we think, feel, eat, listen to and see. Everything around us is a reflection of who we are. Therefore, everything can teach us something: people, animals, crystals, plants, the sky or the sea. We're constantly surrounded by teachers, and we're also teaching others whether we're aware of that or not. This is why our souls incarnate in this material coil over and over, so that we can uncover truths and connect ever deeper with our purest essence, in a world of duality and polarities.

In this post, @juanvegetarian speaks of his own Mindful Life journey, and how he became aware that he required a teacher; how the world simply reorganized around that and he ended up meeting a bunch of other teachers, ever improving his lifestyle in the process. Beautiful read!

Similarly, @erikah authored a thought-provoking post where she uses her experience sewing a denim backpack (which required her to learn a new skill with a YouTube instructor) to make a larger point about the influence others exert on us and vice-versa; about the teachers we choose to listen to, the lessons we choose to apply in our lives, and the mindsets we develop on the way.

You may be aware that @ericvancewalton has been writing a book on Mindfulness, whose chapters he's been posting for beta readers for the past few weeks. Each of the chapters of this great work develops a particular area of life, developing a series of reflections regarding that area. In this case, he shared a really comprehensive guide on how to moderate what we think about and the information we consume for a better life.

These are all powerful posts, and the authors might want to know what you guys think about them! Surely you've also had wonderful teachers in your path. Tell us about them!

Finally, we have two amazing posts with lovely vibration and very useful information.

The first one is about Solfeggio Frequencies. In case you don't know what they are or how to use them, don't you worry! @luzcypher's got you covered with this thorough explanation. YouTube is literally full of videos with all sorts of frequencies for sleep, lucid dreaming, meditation and much more, I use them regularly in my practice.

And last but not least, @nainaztengra shared with us a gorgeous post on Consciousness and Elevated Awareness, it's honest and loving, and the altar is just so beautiful!

Finding some inspiration already? Hit the keyboard, drop some interesting comments or pose the question you're eager to ask to these authors! The more we all contribute to the community, the better it'll be for our personal progress!



That's all for today, folks! Thanks again for tuning in, and let's all celebrate Mindfulness together! As always, one of our delegators is getting 5% of the rewards from this post, and I randomly chose @chrisaiki.


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