Lotus Garden Newsletter for Homesteaders. 15th July 2020

These past couple of weeks I've noticed a that some of our regular content producers in the alternative lifestyles area have gone quiet. I hope it's just temporary and that we'll get to see them producing content again soon. In the meantime we still have some prompts from the communities if you need some ideas to get the creative juices flowing and some posts which will hopefully inspire you in other ways.


Things happening in the community.

A new question of the week is out from @ecotrain. This one asks us to share a lesson we have learnt in life.


In celebration of the launch of @adiwathrive, the @naturalmedicine challenge asks us what ADIWA means to us.


And a reminder to any needleworkers out there that @needlework Monday community is running its draw every week for those posting on Mondays in the community. The winner gets a 500 HP delegation for a week.


Some highlights of the week

When it comes to vegan cheese, the ready made versions are often full of ingredients you don't really want to be putting in your body, which rather goes against the ethos of a healthy vegan diet. Luckily, as @amy-goodrich demonstrates, you can make your own from scratch.


It's commonly known that ladybirds/ladybugs are avid eaters of aphids and thus considered friends in the garden to help eliminate these pests. It wasn't until fairly recently I learnt that not all ladybirds are a gardeners friend. Some of them would actually rather eat your plants than the aphids. Here @rokhani shares some photos of the larvae of one of these particular types of ladybirds and the damage they can cause.


We garden for so many reasons, most obviously to produce beauty and food, however, gardening for health and relaxation isn't often mentioned, but two posts this week reflect upon this. First up we have @homestead-guru with some instruction on creating an outdoor zen garden.


Then next up we have a discussion from @dwiitavita on how using your free time gardening could improve your overall health.


Each week one of our featured authors will be selected to be a 5% beneficiary of The Lotus Garden newsletter. This week @amy-goodrich will receive this award.

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Very interesting the bulletin, I did not know that the ladybugs did that, I always thought they were gardening assistants hehe.

So did I for a long time! Most of them are carnivores and eat aphids, just a few varieties eat plants.

really interesting really

Forever scarred to have my ladybug illusion shattered....!! 😆 But mildly (ok moderately to very much) consoled by the superb vegan cheese recipe post.

Delightful collection @minismallholding. Yes, lots of people shifting their energies - I noticed that too.

Gratitude for all your efforts and consistently wonderful curation.

It's mortifying isn't it! 🤣 Thankfully there are only a few varieties that are plant eaters, but it does steal that ease of identifying them as aphid eaters. I'm still trying to figure it out, but it seems to be the really spotted ones that go for plants.

A shifting of energies does seem to be an apt description for what we're seeing. In different areas I'm seeing some who haven't posted for ages coming back with a slightly different style.

A big part of this rapid paradigm change is constant evaluation - not feeling valued and rewarded means people move. I'm seeing people move to other communities for more engagement and better rewards - changing formats and topics etc. Lots of that. If you rely on Hive for income, that matters. I think it's healthy.. But right, LOTS of people restarting on Hive. And doing it differently. I think if I see one more newbie using #curangel and #appreciator as post tags I may have a breakdown tho!! 😆


I hadn't noticed the tags. I guess I don't really look at them! 🤣

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