Lotus Garden Newsletter for Homesteaders. 4th November 2020

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The end of the year is looming as we start the second to last month of the year. What a strange year it's been; I certainly never envisioned it at the start of the year.


Things happening in the community.

It's a new month and that means that @simplymike's community garden challenge is in full swing again. What has been happening in your garden this October?


Over at @needlworkmonday they have a clothes making contest going. However, there is a slight twist. Instead of making clothes for people they are asking you to make, clothes for Barbie sized dolls. Are you up to the challenge?


Some highlights of the week

@thebigsweed has been growing garlic and wants to grow more. He explains why, how and also how incredibly beneficial it is for the health of your body.


Each winter @porters shows us her incredible indoor garden as she extends the growing season in an incredibly cold climate. In this post she walks us through using grow lights and shows the quarantine area for the plants that have come in from outside.


Water is life, so it's no surprise that it's so important for off grid living. @eco-alex gives us an update on the ecovillage project, which now has water.


The @homestead-guru discusses a 2013 report which said that small scale organic farming is the only way to feed the world. This is an interesting read, but an old report. What are your thoughts on it?


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Uh-oh! The @KidSisters are pretty talented with making Barbie clothes from scraps. They should post an entry into that competition.

They absolutely should!


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Oh my gosh we still have Barbie clothes from over 30 years ago that my grandmother made us as kids! Love seeing that tradition continue. A great roundup of articles as always!

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Love it! They must be quite fiddly to make.


My grandmother was truly talented in that department. Sewing, knitting, crocheting, cross stitching--she could do it all, and do it so well. Luckily my older sister learned a lot from her to carry on some of those same traditions of handmade items in the family.

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 20 days ago 

Great choice with @eco-alex - great to see his place going full steam ahead - suprised he even had time to post anything!

Funnily enough, I was recently wondering how things were going, then he satisfied my curiosity. 😆 He's quite inspirational in how he's brought this to fruition.

Thank you so much for mentioning our contest! All are welcome to join in!! 😃