Lotus Love Sunday Editorial - A Positive Attitude Will Get Us Through

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Greetings to all of you from Paramaribo, Suriname. @JustinParke here with a collection of upful posts from all over Hive.

"Love" is the keyword, after all this is the "Lotus Love Sunday Editorial" isn't it? . The pandemic has caused many around the world to lose their sense of humanity, so it's now more important than ever be positive and find "upfulness" wherever we can.

I sat out in search of some positive and loving posts both from within and outside of our lovely Natural Medicine Community.

Seduced By Solfeggio: Vibration, Resonnance & Sound Healing
by: @artemislives

It didn't take long to find an upful post, and this one from @artemislives was both educational and uplifting. She shares with us the "Solfeggio Healing Tones/Frequencies" and how she is taking part in a 9-week challenge organized by a friend of hers.

If you would like to learn more about these healing tones and how she is using them, go visit her post and have a read, it's very insightful.


Adjusting To My New Environment - Doing My Best To Stay Mindful
by: @mamrita

Another very upful post I discovered was this lovely gem by @mamrita. It's been a tough go for her relocating from Berlin to Stockholm, and it hasn't been all positive, but she's managed to find light at the end of the tunnel.

It's all perspective, and she shows us that by how she's focused on the positive things in spite of the circumstances. Stranded here in Suriname with my family for over a year, I can definitely relate to living somewhere you didn't want to go, so I am definitely a similar thinker, and I prefer to focus on the positive things no matter how small they may seem.


Insomnia Sucks! | What Have You Done To Fight It?
by: @joshman

Insomnia sucks indeed, and it's something I've dealt with quite heavily in my life, although in more recent years I've got it more or less under control. Each person is like a snowflake, and there is no single magic bullet, but @joshman is asking us as a community at large...

"Have you experienced insomnia and tackled it? What did you do to overcome it? What insomnia fighting weapons are in your arsenal? Please share in the comments."

He has managed to find a good night's sleep and is hopeful this momentum will keep, and that this is just a phase. He's very open to advice, and has already tried many herbs, medicines and lifestyle adaptations. If any of you Hivers have had some success with defeating insomnia, let @joshman know how you did it.


Yoga for Better Sleep
by: @nainaztengra

Perhaps this post is for @joshman, funny how I always find connections when curating posts. Her step-by-step instructions couldn't be any clearer, and this post made me wonder if @joshman has tried yoga for his insomnia.

There is definitely no single solution to fix insomnia for all people, but @nainaztengra definitely found something that works for her. I can personally attest to some of the advice contained in this post, especially sleeping on the stomach, something that has interrupted my sleep in the past.


The Natural Healer
by: @sherylneil

Fun in the sun outdoors with family is not so common during this pandemic, but @sherylneil and her family managed to find some healing at the beach in addition to good family vibes.

The sand provided exfoliation and sensory stimulation, while the saltwater cleared up a skin condition she was having trouble with. I would say that's a win-win, and I set @sherylneil as a beneficiary of this post for the positivity she brought to the community this week.


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