Lotus Love Sunday Editorial 📰 Finding Upfulness No Matter The Global Circumstances 🌐

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@JustinParke here, and I am feeling the love this Sunday as I sit down to make this week's Lotus Love Sunday Editorial.

"Love" is the air indeed, and @Sreypov and I will finally be getting married on November 27th, after years of pursuing this dream, and international bureaucracy preventing it until now. A good friend of ours here in Suriname took us on a roadtrip today, and we happened upon a sloth trying to cross the road, the first time I've encountered one in natural settings.

With my first sloth encounter behind me, I sat out in search of posts to match my optimistic outlook on the near future.


Well Being Quote Option | Win HIVE and LOTUS tokens | HEALTH IS EVERYTHING
by: @svm038

     When comparing life in the USA to other countries, something I've noticed is that Americans are overmedicated, and to an extent which is actually frightening. The average American bathroom medicine cabinet has enough pills to poison a small village, but most people don't consider it to be strange at all, mostly because we've been conditioned over many years to perceive this as normal.

     This post resonates with me very much, and my approach to synthetic medicines is very much in line with this retired physician's quote. I don't even take Tylenol, ultimately because I would only take a pill as a last resort before giving up and going to a hospital. She also mentions wonderful spirulia, something no longer available to us here in Suriname, but something we used to make green rotis from in Cambodia at our old restaurant.


Fungi Friday - Oysters (visual story - 11 foto)
by: @qwerrie

     Oyster mushrooms used to be a big part of our diet in Cambodia, and hot seller at our restaurant, where we often deep fried them along with curry leaves for an appetizing snack. To come across these beautiful mushrooms growing in the wild would be a dream of mine. We have recently found an Asian supermarket that sells them here in Suriname, but not affordable enough for us to eat them as much as we used to.

     @qwerrie showed off the simple beauty of oyster mushrooms with this awesome photography. I do hope the mushrooms were picked and eaten by this Hiver, because I'd hate to something this delicious and free not being enjoyed to the fullest.


Stress Management
by: @macchiata

     Stress management is something you have to have a solid grip on, especially when you are a family of 4 living in a one-room apartment. Whether it be attitude, diet or lifestyle changes, there are many ways to decrease our stress levels, and as @macchiata tells us, some ways are not necessarily healthy or sustainable, especially alcohol and drugs.

     For this Hiver, it's all about the "noots," or nootropics, supplements that improve cognitive function, and are quickly becoming mainstream, especially expensive supplements that often cost more than the salary of people in developing countries. However, nootropics can be naturally in foods, turmeric and green tea a few easy to obtain examples.


The portrait of today's earthly consciousness
by: @rossnelgi12

     The increasing amount of bilingual English-Spanish posts is absolutely amazing, and we can't deny the value our Spanish-speaking brethren and sistren bring to our community. She elegantly summarizes some of the problems that plague the human race, especially the gap between the rich and the poor, and other imbalances that arise from these circumstances.

     This unbalance can make us stress, and stress can result in various illnesses, so the best defense is awareness. With awareness we can then attempt to tackle the issues which create imbalance, and begin to eliminate the circumstances and behaviors which we unnecessarily burden ourselves with.


Vibrancy is Making It's Way Back To Moalboal Market, Cebu, Philippines
by: @millycf1976

     Vibrant indeed, this post is full of colors and smiles, and reminds me very much of a Cambodian market scene, although much more sanitary and less crowded. It's good to see some parts of the world trying to reclaim their pre-corona livelihoods, and it gives me hope that my family can work our way out of being stranded in Suriname.

     The smiles from the little girl in the above photo are just one of many infectious photos in this post, and you can see the joy in the eyes of all the locals getting back to a somewhat normal life at the Moalboal Market. I have a few foreign friends from Cambodia who were stranded on some remote islands in the Philippines, and they seem to be happier than ever, and I can see why, what a beautiful place.


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A wonderful curation as always @justinparke and made even better by the wonderful news that you and @Sreypov are to be married and in less that a week. I am so happy for you both and for your girls. Wishing you a wonderful week ahead full of love xxxxx

Give thanks 😊

As I write this, we are now officially married. Thanks for the kind words, sending the love right back at ya'. !ENGAGE 25

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Such a great curation of amazing articles here, many thanks for including mine 😊
Thanks for your amazing job at highlighting such enlightening articles. It's very appreciated:)

Thank you @millycf1976, my pleasure! The good vibes are beginning to return in some parts of the world. !ENGAGE 20

Thank you @justinparke and @misterengagement.
Absolutely! Good vibrations all around and it's very nice:)

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