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Hello, my friends! Javier here with your weekly dose of Mindfulness. November ends next Monday with a gold seal, a Full Moon and partial Eclipse in Gemini, and it does feel like a cycle of great personal and collective toil is closing. So much has happened this year that it's hard to focus on just one thing, let alone find the beauty in what has been perhaps the toughest global challenge we've experienced for the past three decades. Of course, each country has its history with issues, but this is the first time in the Age of Information that we're thrown into the same bandwagon together.

What have we learned? How have we fared? What tools and skills have we extracted from this? These are all valid and perhaps even urgent questions to ponder as we see our world shyly open up again for business. I've said in previous publications that December is a month of catharsis, and we should embrace that feeling, take a break, breathe and laugh. The challenges aren't over, but I do believe we're stronger and more united as a species than ever before, because of them.

The posts I picked for this curation are all calling us to review the good, the bad and the ugly of our current situation, not to dwell on the lessons, but to finally pull up and move on, with a clearer vision, a freer mindset and a renewed commitment to our health at all levels. Let's begin!


First, @ecotrain posted a wonderful question last week about the positive consequences of the COVID-19 pandemic and the related lockdown that has affected basically everyone around the world in way or another. I really love this initiative, and there are a bunch of great posts which I encourage you to read. I picked this one by @senorcoconut, where he tells us about how he's reconnected with his home, his family and the projects he's wanted to get done for some time, while at the same time managing to boost passive income with campsite around his house. Really nice perspective!


Five Positive Consequences of COVID-19

Next up, we have a couple of posts by @riverflows detailing her latest struggle with illness. She was struck by a tough hay fever, also know as allergic rhinitis, and has been working through it these past few days. Of course, this has affected her mood, emotional responses and all sorts of other practices, but fortunately, it hasn't stopped her activities entirely, and she's been able to share some ways to fight off these issues with natural remedies and other practices, which will most certainly be of use to others in the community.


The Biggest Neti Pot In The World


A Natural Balm for Hayfever Relief

Then we have this wide open confession by @whatamidoing about his own struggle with back and should pain, and bodily tensions in general. Like him, I used to carry a backpack full of textbooks and other stuff. Lots of children are forced to do so in current educational systems, and most parents don't see anything wrong with it, but as the years go by, the problems show. Zack tells us how he's handled these problems, starkly cautioning all of us to take better care of our body.


A Backpack Stole 6 Years of my Life

Talking about health, as the previous post says, every part of us is connected, we're a single organism with a single system composed of many smaller systems. Problems in one of them inevitably translate to problems in the whole, and perhaps one of the most common problem in the world is self-esteem. In this post, @minismallholding discusses this issue, touching the topics of extreme introversion and its mirror, narcissism, both an expression and reaction to lack of self-love.


Low Self Esteem's Surprising Side Effects

On the subject of narcissism, I've always found that arrogance and an inflated self-perception are tied to over-reliance on reason, which is intimately tied to fear of the unknown, inability to deal with emotions and dread of anything spiritual. In this post, @in2itiveart gives us one of her detailed readings for a consultant who's also a therapist. I can't imagine what it must be to try and offer a reading on spiritual matters to a person who strongly disagrees with those things and, judging by her conclusions, it must've indeed been a rather tiresome affair, but the information's still quite valuable!


Aurograph for a Therapist

And once again, @porters brings us another batch of lovely pictures of her walk through the woods around her home. She also shares some interesting insights about cattails, a very common plant where she lives, with a surprisingly huge range of potential uses and benefits. We also have a beautiful set of pictures taken by @steemflow during an important Indian festival called Chhath Puja, which was celebrated even despite COVID-19 restrictions.

Don't forget to check out the video lessons that @constgaladriel has been posting with work-out routines.

In case you haven't noticed, @traciyork has been posting her usual Tuesday Tarot readings here in the Natural Medicine community!

Finally, you can always count on @tarot911 for your Weekly Horoscope.


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Thank you for reading and featuring my post. There are a few others I need to catch up on here too.

extreme introversion and its mirror, narcissism

This is simply yet perfectly stated. Oddly, I never thought of them as mirrors, but they truly are. I love that you took that from it and have given me another insight too.

The subject of mirrors is extremely fascinating and far more prevalent than we realize. It's great to know that this perspective has given you an interesting new approach!

thank you so much ! As a matter of fact - it was a blind reading (thankfully) and the therapist said it was "fabulous" so perhaps she was open to it? I guess.

I'm glad to read that! Perhaps she was indeed opening up to these messages before you provided this aurograph. Rational thinking and formal education can impose such restrictions with regards to this knowledge.

Such a beautiful curation, thank you for the reminder to live more mindfully, whlst taking inspiration from some of our wonderful content curators xxxx

Thank you as always, dear!

Mil gracias, @drrune por incluirme en esta bella curación, que como todas las que tú haces e independientemente de que mis publicaciones estén o no reseñadas, me encanta leer. Saludos y bendiciones.

Thank you very much, @drrune for including me in this beautiful curation, which like all the ones you do and regardless of whether my publications are reviewed or not, I love to read. Greetings and blessings.

Muchísimas gracias, qué honor! Me alegra mucho que mi trabajo genere ese aprecio!

Es muy bueno, el aporte de la autoestima, es una parte tan fundamental de nuestras vidas y tan afectada hoy día por un sistema social distorsionado que destruye la autoestima del hombre (Ser humano en general).

Sí, el amor propio es una necesidad tan básica y vital, y sin embargo solemos prestarle tan poca atención. Muchos de los peores problemas de nuestra especie se originan en este desequilibrio personal.

Keep our health guys