Evolving through Struggle and the Blessing of Acceptance!

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Hello again, my friends! Javier here, bringing you another edition of the Mindful Life column. As many of you know, I usually begin curations with a short insight before getting right to the point and sharing the posts that I've picked for you. This time, I wanted to start with a personal story which I think sets the mood for the contributions you'll see below.

Last week I couldn't do a few things that I wanted to do. My debit card's damaged so I can't access the money in my bank account, and a strangely applied official quarantine prevented me from meeting with friends and doing my combat training. However, I'm still reading the Dune series (5th novel now, amazing work) and this weekend, I could climb the Ávila, my city's Mountain, for a powerful moment of connection with earth and water.

This Monday, I went to the bank to see if I could get a new debit card. I waited for almost two hours in line, but being the situation in my country as it is, I was unable to do so. I didn't get mad at the moment, but I did feel some rage and frustration as I got home. I processed it in my room, looking for some way to be thankful for it, because everything that I live is necessary for my evolution, Universe is perfect. I finally realized that the true reason I had to go through that was so that the rest of the people in the bank, and especially the employee who attended me, could witness and feel the energy of my calm acceptance. With that, I was able to let go of the bitterness and replace it with gratefulness for the experience.

Most of posts you'll see here are courageous acknowledgments of personal troubles and limitations, but their authors go farther, offering their own stories of overcoming, sincere gratitude and even the tools they've used to evolve through hardship. I'm sure you'll find them touching and useful!


First, we have this lengthy and transparent account written by @ceparl, explaining his struggle with seizures, bullying, medication, frustration and other complexities of his personal life. This post is very raw and genuine, and I commend the author for the bravery it took to get this out of his system and find something beautiful to embrace from his experiences. Please go give him some love, he deserves it!

Worries and stress can make you sick


Next we have a similarly bold contribution by our dear @danielapevs, who's had a pretty difficult time balancing her emotional world from a very young age. In here, she tells us about her experience with borderline personality disorder, how she's learned to deal with it and also how she's found a new source of equilibrium by working on herself. I'm sure she'll be thrilled to know what you think!

Surviving borderline personality disorder


In this publication, @pavanjr gives us another one of his personal stories involving a conversation between two of his friends, about hurt, anguish and the necessity to learn how to forgive in order to let go of great weights in our life that hold us down. I concur entirely with the message in the post: forgiveness is the only way to find closure and freedom from pain. How about you give him your own perspectives and support?

Forgive and you will be happy


One of our most recent members, @moonyoga, provides us with a new look into this well-known practice for physical, mental and spiritual training. In this post, she explains an asana named after Garuda, a mythical entity in Hinduism, accompanied by the myth that inspires it. The story, the insight that can be extracted from it, and the asana itself are quite beautiful. Don't be shy! Tell her what you think and how you'd use this in your practice!

A reflection on Garudasana


In another excellent reading, @indigoocean tells us a bit about her work with dreams, and her recent research on the The Gene Key, a tool for working with genetic and cellular memory to gain deeper understanding into our process. She explains how this knowledge can be used to explore our fear of death and change, and thus gain better understanding on the transitory nature of physical existence. Her posts are always great for debate, so leave her a comment and see how it develops!

Dream wisdom: a new cycle begins


To conclude this curation, and after studying all of these accounts of struggle and transformation, we have this lovely contribution by @andreaa22 discribing some of the uses and benefits of palo santo (Bursera graveolens), an amazing cleanser and harmonizer that's very common in spiritual ceremonies and rituals in Latin America and the world. I love palo santo and I thoroughly recommend its use. Andrea is quite active in the community, take a look at her blog!

The benefits of using palo santo


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Javier, como siempre hoy nos has traído una preciosa curación. Admiro la forma en que tomaste los tropiezos que se te presentaron, los cuales en Venezuela pasan de ser simples detalles a convertirse casi que en una lucha por el Santo Grial, ya que el entorno es complejo, difícil y adverso; así que te felicito por tu actitud.

He leído algunas de las publicaciones, como la de @danielapevs y @ceparl las que ayer noche me dejaron conmovida, sin aliento, sin palabras; de verdad se requiere valentía para escribirlas. La publicación de @pavanjr es muy significativa, ya que expone el valor del perdón para aquel que perdona. Tengo que ir a visitar el resto de publicaciones. Saludos y bendiciones para tí y para el resto de los compañeros.

Muchas gracias! Es un arte esto de vivir a plenitud en una situación tan adversa, pero es sabroso lograr el balance y poder agradecer por esa misma adversidad que nos forja. Esas publicaciones en serio están magníficas! Bendiciones altísimas para ti también!

Muchas gracias por la mención Javier, has hecho un gran trabajo como siempre.

Muchas gracias a ti! Tienes amigos interesantes, jajajaja.

Jajajaja es una larga historia que con gusto puedo compartir algún día, pero en resumen, esas historias son basado en hechos reales que me han ocurrido a lo largo de mi vida, pero le he cambiado algunas cosas para que suene mejor y los nombres son personajes, cada uno representa a un ser querido. El resto son cosas mías, eso es lo mejor de escribir, puedes sacar muchas historias de tu propia vida. <3

Congrats on your amazing achievements on Hive, dear @naturalmedicine

Much obliged!

Awesome posts NM folks! Keep blessing and moving ❤️❤️❤️

Many thanks! And blessings to you as well!