The Troubles we all face, and the Solutions we may explore for a more beautiful and peaceful life!

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Hey, people! It's been at least two months since I did my last Mindful Life curation, and it feels good to be on it again! This particular column is very easy-going and gentle, and the posts I found this time are full of that high-vibrational energy that we all need right now.

What I love about the contributions you'll see below is that they're all focused on learning, on seeing the positive aspect of things and sharing powerful tools to better understand ourselves and live and fuller, healthier life. I even added a nice, short review on Darren Arnofsky's 2006 film "The Fountain", to inspire the community to watch it if you haven't already.

Let's get right to it, then!



Anxiety and fear are difficult to deal with, not only because, by their very nature, they prevent self-discovery and honest dialogue inner dialogue, but also because they leave us vulnerable to outside influences, for instance the anxiety of others around us. In her latest post, @danielapevs explains a bit of her experience with this emotional and mental state, but also shares a bunch of wonderful tools to sort it out!

In the same line, @tantrabanter tells us about his struggle with self-demand, how he's pushed himself to be better at everything he does at the cost of his well-being. Now, he's actively developing self-compassion, seeking to care more for himself to love himself more, and that's what he's offering to the community now.

In his recent trip to Southern Iran, @mamalikh13 had more than a few experiences with self-realization. Physical journeys often mirror spiritual ones, and in this post, he tells us about plain and simple pain, and how it enhanced rather than diminished his process, although it kept him from enjoying the time off.

For the past few weeks, @mamrita has been talking about her own journey towards harmony, and in this post, she shares some of the most valuable practices that have helped her regain her center and keep growing and expanding.


These are strange, difficult times for all of us, at a global scale. We've all been pressured into adopting behaviors and taking precautions that might be unsuitable for our sense of wellness, just to satisfy the demands of our societal environment in the Era of COVID-19. One such behaviors is wearing a mask in public, and in this post, @riverflows discusses the issue of public judgment on people who either are unable to wear masks or choose not to, for a variety of reasons.

And regarding the negativity in our environment, social media and news outlets, @ericvancewalton shares a part of his process of writing a book on mindfulness, and it deals specifically with this kind of tendency in our public life, and how we could deal with it by getting our detox and disconnecting from any source of negative emotions and density. His books looks amazing already and the system he's using is quite opensource, so leave him a comment with your views and help him out!

Like everything else in our lives, our body chemistry both influences and is affected by our emotions, thoughts and activities. In this post, the second part in a series, @nainaztengra explains a bit about three essential hormones related to pleasure and enjoyment, how they work and how we can boost them.


Animals are powerful guides, they constantly show us the wonder of living in the present, and if we're blessed with an animal companion whose presence we can cherish daily, they can teach us much about love, loyalty and trust. @desireeart shares with us a homage to her beautiful dog Campana, who passed away recently, but left her with lots of wisdom to express.

I conclude this curation with a reference that's more like a recommendation to you, and an invitation for @smendel to keep posting about spirituality. She recently watched Aronofsky's "The Fountain" and was fascinated by it. This film has been extremely important for my personal journey and I encourage you to watch it intently, if you hadn't already.

That's all for today, my friends! My profound gratitude to @naturalmedicine for allowing me to do this curation work and thus serve the community and the world through it!


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@drrune Beautiful curation, Javier! Both in form and content. ✨

Thank you so much, my friend!

de nada, amigo :<)

I admire your advocacy of meditation. To me, meditation is one of the keys to wellbeing. It's one of my primary ways of quieting my thoughts, gaining a peaceful and restful mind. Your curated posts continue to impress me, my friends, as I witness you working on behalf of Hive's whole health. Thank you.

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Thank you for stopping by and we're glad you enjoy the curation.


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Thanks, brother Cabe! I truly love meditation as a general practice. Glad that you feel so inspired by the work!

Occidental medicine have only copy nature and put complicates name to simple things.

Thanks for the mention 🙏

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Absolutely stunning curation, @drrune - you write these amazing well!!! You must enjoy them. Has it really been two months? Please do another one soon!!! I get a lot of out of reading them!

Thank you so much! Yes, I do enjoy these curations in particular, they're a lot about harmony and peace. Much obliged for the opportunity you've given and for your support!

Thank you very much for the kind words about my book project! I really like these posts you put together because it introduces me to new, like-minded, people to follow on Hive. It always blows me away to find kindred spirits here who have been on the platform as long as I have but I've never crossed paths with. It's awesome how you're supporting others in this community.

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