Every Path begins with a small step. Life is in the details!

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Hey, hivers! Javier here with another Mindful Life curation! Today is a special day for me. My dad passed away exactly five years ago, it was a Tuesday then too. And you know what? All I feel right now is Joy. I'd say I miss him, and perhaps I do at some level still, but I know he's here with me, and that the wants of this physical existence are not necessarily the wants of my soul. My comfort with the reality of my old man's material absence is only growing, and I expand with it.

I also wanted to let you know that I finished Frank Herbert's Dune this weekend and am halfway through the second novel. I've been awestruck by the intensity and precision of this story, its profundity in the subject of Consciousness and its magnificently detailed narrative flow. Thus I wanted to share a quote that I think describes the tone for this post very well.

The more life there is within a system, the more niches there are for life
Pardot Kynes, First Imperial Planetologist of Arrakis

I begin this curation by telling you all that there's no such thing as incurable pain, that nothing is lost in this Universe, that Death is not a thing to fear, just a passage to a new form of awareness; that we're truly unlimited in essence. Let's be thankful for the unlearning process that allows us to be increasingly more alive!


We're living in noisy times. 2020 has been a year of challenges, hardship at a global scale. The world's narrative is packed with conflicting messages of injustice vs. entitlement, health vs. safety, stability vs. improvement. Meanwhile, Life goes on in full swing. Let's log off, take ourselves outside for a moment and actually enjoy being alive!

@porters brings us What is your Reality?


While we're out there, breathing, feeling the air, watching birds soar through the celestial vault or the trees sway in the wind, we can begin to sense the vast beauty that surrounds us. The waves wash on the shore, the moon waxes and wanes, the seasons flow in their neverending cycle. If we pay attention, we can see the ordinary become extraordinary, and gain deeper insight into the alchemical process of existence.

By @hetty-rowan comes When the Heather shows Flowers


Every process, no matter how complex, begins with a mere step. Unlike any other form of life on our planet, we have the capacity to exercise our awareness and take each step willingly. Evolution, healing, projects, dreams, ambitions, everything starts small, and the more we rejoice in the smallest things, the more pleasurable our road becomes.

Here's @russellstockley with Step by Step to get to the top of the Mountain


Mindfulness, Awareness, Joy, Love, Truth, Life... all of that is about being in the Present Moment, fully in the Here and Now. We're born with the capacity to be in this state, but it's easy to get distracted, diverted from our path by a myriad codes and programmings in our system. So we must always watch our step, and make sure that we're making the most of our days and nights!

@rem-steem urges us to acknowledge that the Now is the most precious thing


Sometimes the hardest thing to realize is that we're not alone, that we don't always need to be strong for others, that we can get exhausted, feel weak and suffer from illness too. Our bodies need care, our minds need succor, our hearts seek peace. In our darkest moments, we must remember that we have people who love us, who'd do anything to help us, if we only ask them to.

@trucklife-family tells us about the importance of learning to ask for help


We can and should question many aspects of our daily lives. How we do things, the reactions to experience toward certain events or people, the ideas we put our faith in. But there are things that are indisputable, and one of them is that we have infinite potential for change, that we weave our reality with our willpower, words, thoughts and actions.

@indigoocean reminds us that we're made for this


Yes! We have infinite potential for change, for growth, for (un)learning and discovering deeper power within ourselves! Our systems are mirrors of the Universe, and we have our own energy cores, called Chakras, which we can train through meditation, visualization, crystal therapy, diet and many other practices to elevate, tap into and replenish our life vibration with great efficiency.

@lizbetcontreras explains the first chakra through her Yoga experience.


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well written i liked it

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Wow! At first, I assumed I was mentioned due to a post of mine that was mis-tagged in NM, but after reading a great narrative and introduction to all the amazing posts, it turned out to be me for a 5% beneficiary (at random). Wow! What should I do ?! But anyway I am grateful and big thanks to Natural Medicine.

Hahahahaha, You have beautiful pictures, I'll make sure to mention you for your work and not randomly next time! Thank you!

Thank you! 😄 Natural Medicine has been really nice to me all the time, you know, and your "randomly" has made me owe more. 😀 I'll add that 5% to my delegation for NM.

So much truth to your intro! Let's all enjoy being alive!
What a wonderful curation and it's wonderful to hear that someone else enjoys the book "Dune" as much as I do!

Thank you so much! And yes, the novel has been a crucial part of my process this month! So much powerful, profound and valuable information.

Beautiful curation as always my friend and thank you for those opening words about your father. I came to realize that grief is just another form of love and that helped me with mine. Thanks for including me amongst these wonderful writers xx

It took me 21 years to overcome the grief for my mom's death, the same year my dad died. Neither of those processes is truly done, of course, but the pain is gone. Just like you said, grief is merely an expression of Love as well.

Thank you so much!

 last month 

When Dad was dying, I had this epiphany out in the ocean one day. All the sparkley bits of light, the splashes of water, the wind, the birds - all of it was Dad. And all of it was me. So how could we be separated in death? I felt it - experienced it - on a cellular level. What an incredible comfort. I hope your Dad was strong in your beating heart today.

Great set of posts - off to comment on at least one before I go!

Have you watched "The Fountain" by Darren Aronofsky? Your epiphany reminds me of many images in that film.

All is All. All things are One Thing. That's such a liberating truth. Thank you so much!

We have infinite potential for change, for growth, for (un)learning and discovering deeper power within ourselves

Love this quote

Much obliged! 🙏

I'll be making some time to read a few of these. Thanks @drrune for highlighting these awesome mindful posts.