Weekly Best Curation #96 - Listening, Finding Balance, Traditional Medicine, Wonderful Plants and more!


Hey, people! I'm honored to be doing this Sunday's curation. It involves a lot more topics than my usual Mindful Life contributions, so it's pulled me well out of my comfort zone. I wasn't sure how to pick the best posts for the week, considering the plethora of valuable information on Hive, so I just picked an assortment of posts on a broad range of topics, some of which have already been mentioned in other curations in the past seven days.

Rest assured, there are a lot of excellent posts beyond what I'm going to highlight here, so take some time to peruse the platform. I will start off with honest contributions about emotional distress and how to deal with it; then I'll continue with insights on mindfulness and awareness, and I'll conclude with advice on flowers, herbal and traditional medicine, delicious food and even DIY beehives!



My life is mostly anxiety-free, but it's been a long process for me to get to this point, so I can relate with the struggle of so many who courageously expose their hearts to strangers across the world in a bid to release themselves of the burdens of sorrow and dread, and also to help others cope with the same issues. With some advice from her chosen guru, @viking-ventures opens up about her perception of depression, and how she's working through it. I had to share the doggie's picture because those eyes are too beautiful to pass.😍

In a similar note, @danielapevs tells us about her own ways to deal with the dark creeping thoughts that assault her nights as she braces for the morning cold. She talks about rituals, the practices and the circles of conversation that have slowly but surely allowed her to find inner peace even in her most emotionally challenging moments. Cheers to you, Dani!

I've known great loneliness in my life, I've felt abandoned and disparaged. I'm sure all humans have felt these things at some point or another, and I firmly believe that, despite the difficulties these feelings bring at a personal level, they can also offer us bridges to connect with humanity at large. In two intimately related posts, @mamrita tells us not only about the loneliness she's been feeling and how she's been dealing with it, but also about the practical, personal and professional importance of good listening skills.

I'm not into quick solutions, they feel like patching up a pipeline that will eventually burst open in a far worse manner later on. I do like, however, to train myself to be able to make quick decisions and to improvise. I also love creating templates to make hard labor easier, and that's what we do when we plan, after all, we create templates for our lives. In two posts which are also deeply related although opposite to each other, @denmarkguy discusses the problem of quick fixes that leave us both unsatisfied and unable to truly make a difference in our lives, and also expounds upon the wonder and peace he derives from the presence of the birds that nest in his house, a process that has taken years to develop.


Emotional and spiritual harmony is often expressed in our physical form. @fenngen tells us how he's also working on himself to find balance in his life, through a change in dietary habits, the exploration of his inner desires and the study of his surrounding environment.

In the same line, @whitelightxpress explains the relevance of acknowledging the reality of our world while gaining further awareness within, by exercising gratitude for all the things that we experience and the learning they bring to us.

Similarly, @genesishealthy shares with us a wonderful daily routine that she calls "Miraculous Mornings", involving meditation, breathing exercises, visualization and more. She's a believer that the first things we do when we wake up determine the way our days will proceed, and I agree with her.

In the second edition of "Yoga World", @lizbetcontreras shows us a picture of what Yoga means to her, how she's used it and the benefits it's brought to her life, all in tune with a daily practices that enhances our sense of self and allows us to exercise acceptance and self-awareness.


Plants, Medicine and Good Cooking!


@mazima brings us a recipe to make a chamomile mint bath soak at home.

@dwiitavita tells us how to make dried orange peels and what they're good for.

@sarimanok explains the healing properties of jackfruit!.

@sreypov continues with her traditional Khmer recipes, this time a vegan Samlor Korko with toasted rice.

@plantstoplanks shares the process to prepare a cucumber melon gazpacho.

@hetty-rowan brings us two lovely posts, one about straw flowers and another about lavender. Gorgeous pictures too!

@jaynie loves flowers, and she's been pondering how to extend their lifespan a bit, so as to enjoy their fragrance longer. These are her conclusions and recommendations.

@craigcryptoking shows us his process to prepare his beehives for the coming honey season, it's a nice DIY project for bee enthusiasts, and quite appropriate for the Hive!


Special mention to this amazing post about traditional medicine in African societies, by @gamsam. Be sure to check out his blog!

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A really EXCELLENT curation @drrune - well done. You managed to mention and highlight a great cross section of topics and newer authors particularly, which is what curation is FOR.

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Thank you!! It was a challenge, so many great posts to pick from, hahaha.

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All the posts mentioned here are wonderful. ♥ Thank u so much again.

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Thank you! I'm really getting the hang of this, hahahaha.