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Hello, people! Javier here with another weekly curation exalting mindfulness and good living, learning and expansion. I've had some trouble starting this curation because electricity has been failing in my city this Tuesday. There have also been floods and even an earthquake in other areas of the country. Evidently, we're in for a tough ride this week, and it fits: Mercury is now retrograde in Scorpio, and that means we're all called into the depths of our own personal underworlds, to check past mistakes, review regrets and guilt, shame, desires, pains, fears and doubts that we keep under wraps, secret, even from ourselves.

Concordantly, many of the posts today deal with warning signs, with explorations into ancestral debts and difficult rearrangements, but also with opportunities for great growth, transformation and vibrational shifts, all of them focused not on the hardships, but on cleansing and expansion. After all, we're entering the Shadow not to stay there and lament our cruel fate, but rather to discover essential truths and come out enlightened!

Let's start!



I begin this curation with a very detailed, very powerful post by @jasonliberty about the urgency of reconnecting with our roots and with the Earth, to halt the damage our species has caused upon this world, the only home we have, and also to work both personally and collectively for the consciousness lift-off that we're experiencing. All over the globe, teachers are going out of their way in order to spread this same message: our planet is alive and it will continue on living, with or without us, so we better make sure to change our practices, or we won't be here to tell the tale.

Urgent Warning: Stop destroying the Earth!

Next up, we have a post by @auelitairene, the first of a series, where she explains her process of karmic healing after the passing of both her paternal and maternal grandmothers. Throughout her work, she's had to tap into her willpower and make use of both oracles and sacred medicines to delve into the shadows in order to figure out what's been going on with her ancestral line, and clear the debts left by her predecessors. This series should be very useful for people going through similar transformative experiences.

Ancestry and Karma - Part I


Meanwhile, @mamrita is finally back in her hometown, Stockholm, after a long preparation that she's been sharing with the community for the past several months. Now she's starting her readjustment, and describes how she's facing the process of looking for a job, keeping her cool and applying all of the things she's learned since she was in Berlin. I don't know about you, but I feel that she's doing something tremendously beautiful here, not just in her personal life, but also on Hive. I'm certain lots of our members would be well-served by taking a look at her blog. Besides, the pictures she uses are always so wonderful!

Adjusting to my new environment


The next post, written by @andreaa22, is an exposition of her life's mutations, her experience with the theatre, criticism on her appearance, bullying at school and other troubles she's gone through, as well as the work she's had to do in these contexts so as to increase her sense of self-worth and her confidence. She regales us with quite a few tips on how to live a healthier, happier life, from changes in perspective to modifications in diet. It's a long but simple contribution truly worthy of attention.

Adopting healthy habits to live better



In this uplifting post, @trucklife-family shares more ideas on how to increase wellness and joy by simply meeting people we love, playing around, having fun, unburdening life of that cumbersome seriousness that we often go into, even in spiritual practices. As many of you might remember, she's been having a tough time lately, which makes these notes of happiness and relaxation all the more beautiful. We tend to complicate our life, but life doesn't have to be hard, does it?

Sometimes all it takes is some time away and the chance to play

Similarly, this post by @astrea deals with some very important and elemental approaches regarding energy, frequency and vibration. She also contributes her own ideas on how to live a fuller, happier life by shifting from a state of fear, root of anger, hatred and density, to a state of love, source of joy, gratitude and sublimation. This is another airy, lofty and expansive contribution that will be of great usefulness to readers.

Elevating our vibration



I've had my fair share of experiences using sound to heal, visualize, meditate, transmute and explore all sorts of issues, and thus I can vouch for the benefits of Solfeggio Frequencies and Binaural Beats for profound spiritual, psychological and physical work. @artemislives also has a long history of using these resources, and in this post she explains a bit about them, their applications and effectiveness. YouTube is literally packed with them, so I join her in encouraging you all to adapt them to your regular practices!

Seduced by Solfeggio: vibration, resonance and sound healing

I conclude this curation with a couple of short posts dealing with artistic creation and craftsmanship, a golden seal for a publication that has been journey in and of itself for me too (power has failed thrice today). The first is an awesome collection of pieces created by @kalemandra, which not only exhibit her amazing skill but also her love for what she does and the resilience she's developed in her spiritual practice. The second is one of @d-pend's beautiful poetic insights coupled with his gorgeous photography. In keeping with today's theme, the poem is about traversing between states of self, enjoy!


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Las curaciones de Natural Medicine, son hermosas, fluidas, agradables de leer. Provoca verlas y visitar a cada uno de los compañeros que son mencionados en la misma. Bella curación, grandes post. Abrazos y bendiciones.

Natural Medicine cures are beautiful, fluid, and pleasant to read. It provokes seeing them and visiting each of the colleagues who are mentioned in it. Beautiful healing, great post. Hugs and blessings.