The Best of Natural Medicine Curation #92: Healing Vegan Yummies, Births, Deaths & Meadows.


What a gloriously productive, instructive and connected week it has been, as we all recovered from the Tobacco: Poison or Medicine? Challenge. Congratulations again to our winners: @cabelindsay, @acurewa & @creativetruth.

Discord has been jumping and we've had some profound moments of generosity, sharing and community. Speaking of community, we have been GROWING - a warm welcome to all our new Natural Medicine members this week.

CURATION TEAM has been busy!! @riverflows is preparing to fly home to Australia and quarantine, @porters is lost somewhere in the wilds of her Canadian spring garden and @vincentnijman is regrouping after putting in sooo much curation work with MSP newbie support program. Much gratitude for @minismallholding as she drops our Natural Medicine efforts around the platform like flower seeds, and we're so thrilled to have added @neyxirncn as our newest, specifically Spanish speaking, member of the curation team. @trucklife-family has been enjoying family time this weekend and helping all the Hive mamas remember the birth of their firstborn. @artemislives is business planning & picking up the slack as she can.

THANK YOU to everyone who dug deep to help juice up our VOTE by delegating a little more. Congrats again to @mamrita and @simplymike for their delegator prizes. Our VP of now over 62,000 hive enables us to reward more of you, with higher votes. Win-Win!

So much to be grateful and thank-full for!!

And just so many food posts this week! 😆 😍


Easy fermentation

Probiotic & fermented vegan cheese - this was a wonderful, easy to follow "how to" to enable us all to get busy in the kitchen and make some better - and yummier - choices. #foodasmedicine is Alive in the Hive!

"Taste of Thailand" with Roselle Red Hibiscus - Delicious drink and Ice Cream

Not sure if you wanted the vegan cheese after dinner? We had the equally stunning option of vegan ice-cream made with coconut, honey and roselle. Now THAT'S a great way to enjoy more natural medicine!

Three Things I Learnt In the Meadow

The lessons, whisperings and learnings from an English meadow - such sweet insights one felt healed and whole just to drift through and enjoy this heartful-mindful summer reflection.

The Untimely Death Of Our Princess Lily

The love and natural medicine that older pets bring to a home is never felt quite as keenly as when they are suddenly gone. So sad to hear of the sudden passing of Lily but happy she gave so much love and didn't suffer.

My Passion For Birthrights.
WB5 2.jpg

The excitement and the anticipation of a home birth, and the long, slow healing required when it doesn't go to plan. This poignant post resonated with every single woman who has ever been pregnant.

Other Weekly Post Highlights:

@sreypov shared a great vegan recipe for steamed pumpkin cakes;
@dijin shred his jackfruit and guava planting efforts for World Environment Day;
@porters showed us her AMAZING Spring garden highlights;
@joetunex shared a natural antibiotic recipe;
@artemislives was busy making Probiotics for household, plants & healthy soil;
and @vincentnijman shared his Art therapy process for releasing negative vibes.

We had DOZENS of good posts - thank YOU!! Check them ALL out by scrolling through Hive-120078 or searching on our #naturalmedicine tag.


And we have a new Natural Medicine Challenge!!

Entries close midnight UTC Monday 15th June. If you don't have LOTUS tokens to burn, just connect via our Discord General Chat, or DM one of the curation team (see them listed in the opening of this post) so we can sort that out for you.

How Do We Heal The Effects of Violence? Win HIVE & Engage with Our Community


Each Natural medicine curation we reward ONE of our delegators as a 5% post beneficiary. Today we're happy to share our abundance with @trucklife-family.


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Clicking on these articles... and getting into a different zone as I read them.

Lovely picks! Followed all. :)

@plantfuljourney @floridanow @riverflows @mers @trucklife-family

Super cool and very kind-smart of you. We ALL rise when we uplift one another.

Perfect start of the day reading your comment. Thanks!

@vincentnijman here.

This is indeed a perfect place to find quality uses to follow, Sid :<)

Have a nice day!

You not only pick up the slack, but do it artfully and with such love @artemislives xx

So sorry to both @mers and @trucklife-family for the loss of their beloved pets this week xx 🐕🐕🐕

Appreciate that your thoughts are with us and with our beloved pets..thank you so much.

Thank you so much for the mention ☺

You're so very welcome @joetunex - a reblog would be helpful and appreciated. 😊

Absolutely consider it done ☺

Thank you a lot @naturalmedicine .

Very welcome, @sreypov - hope this week is better. A reblog would be helpful and appreciated.

valioso contenido, feliz de leerlos!

Nice to see you here @indianstone - a reblog would be wonderful.

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@tipu curate

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Thank YOU. 😊

Great stuff, I liked your picks.

Aw thank you @farm-mom - hoping to see more great content from you too this coming week - and a post for our new Healing from the Effects of Violence Challenge.

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Thanks for the mention @naturalmedicine and @artemislivers

Very, very welcome @dijin - keep up the #earthmedicine and the good posting.

A beautiful curation @artemislives! Thank-you for pulling these all together and the mention!
I'm off to do some reading after a day of working in the garden and preparing for perhaps bringing another family on our land!

Vincent here.

and preparing for perhaps bringing another family on our land!

That sounds exciting. Please keep us posted :>)

Yes it is exciting! It is my neice and her husband and 3 kids. It would be wonderful to have 3 generations on the land and we have so much that it is nice to be able to share and can be of benefit for all of us.

They had a dream and we had the means of making it a reality.

Pssstttt... Vincent here.

How did I miss this mention?

and @vincentnijman is regrouping after putting in sooo much curation work with MSP newbie support program.

I stopped doing this, that is - the weekly post ( don't tell anyone 😉 ). I will continue curating and supporting those who need it the most in my own unstructured way though.

This is a beautiful curation! The positivity and overall energy just oozes throughout this lovely compilation.

Dikke knuffel!