The Best of Natural Medicine Curation #94 on Parasites, the Necessity of Salt Plus Crystals and Dreaming...


The wonderful posts keep coming in to @NaturalMedicine! We are seeing posts on manifestation, lots of plant medicines, another member took @Drrune offer for a Rune reading (see @drrune 's offer for astral readings below) and there has been some wonderful submissions for the Natural Medicine Self Inquiry Challenge Today is the last day to get your entry in - details here
And there is some other topics that I will be highlighting in this post.



@artemislives talks about a subject there has been a few myths around and it is that of parasites - specifically vegans and parasites.
She did her research and helps to clear up some of these myths then goes on to give us some simple anti-parasite regimes.
Read all about it here



Next we have @minismallholding talking about the need for salt and if you are deficient in salt experiencing the symptoms of hyponatremia, or low sodium.
She writes:

Salt is actually vital to our health and regulates the water in our bodies. That fact that we like the taste of it in our food so much is a natural survival instinct, which has, unfortunately, become a potential problem for us now it is so easily available. However, it is worth remembering that it is mostly only going to be a problem if you're eating a diet high in processed foods. If you eat a healthier diet, with mostly home prepared meals, then there is a chance you might actually need to add a bit more salt into your diet.

And goes on to ask the question

How do I add more salt to my diet in a healthy way?

Read all about it here



@migud spoke of another crystal - a quarts crystal. Holding a crystal in his had he asked it:

to guide me in my dreams to the depths of my being, to the depths of my soul.

In his words"it is a little incredulous of what could happen in our dreams" and in his post here he tells of what happened in his plus told us about the properties of Crystal Quartz.


@vincentnijman has stories about the Hypersensitivosaurus and also shared about his rune reading

@cabelindsay shared some of his wonderful music in an open mike session.

@good-darma has been sharing about spices

@dwiitavita spoke of the medicinal concept of Thibbun Nabawi

@putu300 spoke of a plant medicine for easing fever

@clareartista spoke of the divine flow and us as divine beings

@samstonehill took us for a trip up a mountain and spoke of how we can be super humans

@autophagy shared 7 lessons he learned from a book "Wired to Eat"

And much more...


Would you like a astral reading on HIVE? Check this post for details

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Once again, so honored for the mention! It's been an interesting weekend and that reading for @vincentnijman was a spectacular way to kick it off. Thank you for all the energy and the great vibe!

A good selection of great articles that will benefit the health and well-being of everyone. Congrats to those included in the list and shoutout to @naturalmedicine for curating. Be well everyone! :)

Thank you so much for the mention! Again ♥

Nice to see such a strong consolidation of a prolific week in the @naturalmedicine community. Appreciate the feature. So many new people coming through....!!

Thank you so much for the mention here! :-D I am very much enjoying reading the articles mentioned, too - GREAT information and wise advice about keeping super-well! Love it! <3


Thank you so much for mentioned my article

Love it! Quartz will always be one of the greatest gifts here!

Great format to the post too

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