Tobacco Wisdoms - Winners!

When we started these challenges on Natural Medicine, the hope was that we would learn together through deep diving into wellness modalities and plant medicines. This past week has been one of the most informative and interesting challenges to date, more surprisingly because it asked us to explore a very well known, common plant that we have been led to believe is nothing but poison. Yet the poison path can also be a healing one, as many of these posts attest. Even the posts that describe the dangers of tobacco acknowledge how this plant has been part of their lives in some way, teaching them something about themselves.


Thanks so much to all who contributed. The entries are, as follows:

Raising a Prayer by @acurewa
Cabelindsay by @cabelindsay
Poison Or Medicine by @porters
Why I Replaced Tobacco with Another Medicine by @riverflows
Thai Tobacco Traditional Medicine for Body And Spirit by @artemislives
Tobacco is Not Always The Enemy by @fmbs25
My Opinion by @olivia08
My Tobacco Experience by @astrolabio
Some Smoked Notes by @escriptora
A Plant That Continues to Carry It's Stigma by @lorennys

@joseacabrerav, you are too cool for school!

There are a few entries I wasn't sure were entries, as they had to post the links under the contest post and/or burn 100 LOTUS, but I still want to acknowledge @steemflow @marciabo, @josecabrerav, @creativetruth and @clareistra for their entries. I did include you this time, but it was a bit tricky to collate this post as it took ages to find you again! I apologise if the rules weren't clear - we've been running this challenge for a while, but I must remember to make things easier for newbies or people who forget! Next time, I promise!! If you are a bit confused about how to enter, do drop into our Discord to ask how it works - there are lots of people willing to help. I get super worried I'll miss people! Anyone else I missed, I do apologise - make sure you drop it under the challenge post next time.

As usual, I wish I could reward EVERYONE! Thanks so much @artemislives for coming up with the idea. You are amazing!

Did You know that tobacco could be used for a pesticide? Photo by @creativetruth

Look out for our next challenge which starts next Saturday.

For now, the winners are @cabelindsay, @acurewa and @creativetruth, who win some beneficiary on this post. Please upvote it to acknowledge their hard work.

Also awarding 2 HP to @fmbs25 and @lorennys for their entries.

Please don't be disappointed if you didn't win - there's always next time! We value all you do.

With Love,

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That was a GREAT challenge, @riverflows. 😍 Kudos to you for the tie-up - not an easy job and there WERE many posts which didn't quite follow the rules and didn't add themselves to the challenge post comments. Perhaps we curators could reinforce that when we upvote and comment on a post that is obviously intended as an entry, but not-quite-there in terms of the entry details? I shall put a note in the curators discord.

Kudos to the winners @cabelindsay @acurewa and @creativetruth - concur wholeheartedly!!

That we have collectively taken a tiny step forward against the disinformation about this important herb? Yay! The content is there now, for anyone to search and learn. Awesome team effort.

Kudos to YOU for coming up with the idea, dear one! Great team effort, I agree. This has been one of my favourite challenges!!! Thanks again for helping me organise it and always being a sounding board and enthusiastic advisor, assistant and elder in our great community!!!

Glad you concurred - they were stand outs, huh? But so many great entries too!

I am so bummed that I missed this challenge. I hope the next one is about cannabis or another plant medicine — maybe ayahuasca?

Hey, thanks everybody who read the post. It has been fun and very rewarding writing here on Natural Medicine. I'm really glad that the message about grandfather tobacco got through.
And thanks everybody for sharing their interesting life experiences with the plant.

Hi everyones! Congratulations to the winners!! I read and enjoyed your post, I liked knowing other experiences, it was a good exercise to bring memories and reflections on this wonderful plant, regards to all!

and to you! Thanks again - hope you can participate in the next one!

  ·  last month (edited)

Congratulations to the winners, let's continue to participate in these wonderful challenges. Thank you for rating my content.

It was worth rating,and I loved those photos of you!

Thank you @riverflows

I really enjoyed participating! I am getting to know the Hive universe and this special community. Thanks to all the voices that shed more light on this powerful plant

Thanks for joining in!

I so look forward to reading and hearing all of these entries! Thank you @naturalmedicine for setting such thought-provoking windows into subjects in the future - and I'm sorry that I couldn't figure out how to pay the Lotus thing for my entry: I've had a lot of problems trying to access the other dApps and aspects of Hive, and I feel a bit out-of-the-loop in terms of understanding how the currencies work (and have been unable to login easily to the other dApps) - anyways, I made a video with my opinions about tobacco - it's on my profile with this photo:


Much love and congratulations to all!

Oh yes, I did read it and comment, (or watch it), as my comment said yesterday. Pop into our Discord and ask for help next time. You shoudl be able to log onto any of the DAPPS using your posting key.

I found your lovely comment - thank you! I know that I should be able to, but most times I get stuck in a circle of being asked for posting key, putting it in, then being asked to import my account, which I click on, then being sent to login again, which I do... ad infinitum... This happens a lot for me going between dApps.

Have you installed keychain? Let's get you sorted for good.

Is that the same as/ equivalent to HiveSigner? I am using HiveSigner now, and PeakD - much easier than! Thanks always for your great advice, @riverflows!

Congratulations to the winners, enjoy these entries very much, thanks @naturalmedicine for creating these valuable initiatives, I will be watching others to participate.

They must know the proper use of TOBACCO to be a medicinal plant and not for the cigarette that can cause lung cancer and many more kinds of cancerous came from cigarettes. I like that challenge so that I can express and share my knowledge but I am late! LOL