WIN UP TO 100 HIVE! Write About Wild Edibles (Plus, An Alternative!)

In the northern hemisphere, Spring is well under way for most of us - new plants burst into flower, and the sun might even be shining. In the southern hemisphere, I hear tell of mushrooms as people harvest fruit and hawthorn berries. Whilst many of us might still be in lockdown, lots of us can still go out for daily exercise and pick dandelions or forage for funghi. Even if we can't, we might be dreaming about it, or remembering a time when we harvested abundance from the wild earth and were thankful for it.

This challenge asks us to explore the topic WILD EDIBLES.


Here's a few ways you might do this:

  • Investigate a wild food in your local area, researching it's medicinal and nutritional benefits.
  • Harvest a wild food and follow an online recipe to make something new
  • Explore a new tea, a flavoured bread, a cordial, a rice dish made out of the wild edible - something you've never tried before
  • Create a three course meal with a selection of wild edibles
  • Map the wild edibles in your area, listing their health benefits

Of course, you don't have to choose any of the bullet points from this list - or you might choose a combination of them. And even if you CAN'T get out, you can still do research, write a story, explore an experience with a wild edible from the past or DREAM! xx


We completely understand those in urban areas, or unable to wander into the wild or leave their apartments, might find this difficult. Feel free to choose from any of the alternatives below:

  • Share a healthy meal you have never cooked before, detailing it's significance to you, your family and what health benefits a meal like this might supply
  • Choose a fruit or vegetable you've never cooked before and create a meal based around that
  • Cook a fully vegan meal for the first time ever
  • Anything else 'healthy food' related!


We charge 100 LOTUS for each entry, which must be burnt to @null. This simply means you transfer 100 to @null as a transaction via your wallet on (just log in with your keys as usual, or you can use hive engine). Please post a screenshot of your transaction as a comment on your post. This helps support the LOTUS economy - if you don't have the LOTUS, someone will burn it for you - simply pop into our Discord.

  • Post from OR to the Natural Medicine community. This helps us SEE your post quickly for support.
  • Drop your link under this post.
  • Use any tags you like
  • Original content only.
  • Please source/reference your facts - no plagiarism
  • Minimum 500 words please!


We only award full offerings if there are at least 5 entries each week.

  • 100 HIVE on offer for winning posts, spread out across the winners according to quality and judge's discretion. We may be able to offer more depending on the quality and amount of posts.
  • 100 percent upvote from Natural Medicine for eligible posts
  • Resteem by our resteem account, @uplotus.

Remember excellent quality posts have a chance to be upvoted by Curie, OCD and other curation projects - so everyone's a winner!


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Yeah what a wonderful challenge, looking forward to reading the entries and learning lots xx

Hi I would like to join the contest on the wild edibles.. the thing is, I made a post about it on Steemit about half year ago... can I still use some of the images I posted there...??? I will be showing these wild plants available in our property in Andalusia and make new research on its benefits.

I'm sure that will be fine, @mers, as long as you note somewhere that the images are yours and have previously been publish ed by you, with a link. Look forward to read it!!

@wildfamily did you see this? Looks like an invitation that you'll enjoy.

here's a link to my entry!
Screen Shot 2020-05-16 at 8.34.54 PM.png