Vegetable diet, an alternative.

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Plant-based diet


In the West for the last 100 years our food had high amounts of animal products, beef, pork, chicken, egg, fish, etc. whatever you really want, for reasons that you probably already know this is harmful to the environment and depending really How you consume the animal and how much animal you consume, can also be detrimental especially for your life expectancy and your quality of life in the future.


I am going to propose a plant-based diet from my experience, some tips to avoid making mistakes and understand the pros and cons of all diets, remember that regardless of your philosophy, all diets including plant-based diets have their pros and cons. its cons and your ideal diet really depends on a lot of factors such as your genetics, nutritional deficits, what are we going to do bacterial flora and we should have some tool that allows us to unite all of them to determine what you really shouldconsumir.

First of all, like any other diet, it is possible to make a plant-based diet and have a very poor diet, especially when I consume high amounts of processed foods and unhealthy vegetable oils such as soy or canola, therefore it is always important remember that processed foods, no matter how obvious, should be avoided and secondly it is important to take into account macronutrients, macronutrients are imported in all types of diet but they are even more important and the diet is like the plant-based diet because in general they are unbalanced.


Macronutrients are actually those substances from which you are going to get energy and are carbohydrates, fats and proteins, in a plant-based diet what we usually do is consume high amounts of good carbohydrates that come from plants or from low-glycemic fruits, but we consume low amounts of fat and low amounts of protein, but if we understand the cons related to low fat consumption in a plant-based diet, it is easy to avoid increasing our consumption of healthy fats, For example, more avocado, avocado, more olive oil, more nuts, coconut oil, etc., so if I understand that these macronutrient imbalances I have to compensate for them and I have to compensate for the fat, I also have to compensate for the protein.


And although I can extract proteins from legumes and other types of vegetable sources, unfortunately vegetable proteins are a little less absorbable than proteins of animal origin, especially egg proteins, which ends up being the food with the greatest biodiversity of proteins that exists , always remember regarding the proteins that we aim to consume in intermediate values ​​according to 0.8 to 1 gram of protein per kilo of weight, but I can always increase the bioavailability of these proteins of plant origin, such as legumes when I ferment or soak or sprout this type of food.


I leave you this pyramid so that you can base yourself on something and show you the distribution of the diet of a plant-based diet, but you will always have a base of green leaves, vegetables in general and cabbages and then less fruits of moderate or low glycemic index and vegetables that have a higher glycemic index as happens for example with some tubers, on the other hand in the next step we have legumes and sprouts for their high protein content, which are eaten in less quantity simply because they are more difficult to digest correctly for your digestive system and even in less quantity the nuts and seeds that are also providing us with healthy fats and finally you have the herbs, supplements and cold pressure oils that what they do is finish filling in the food gaps that you may have in this diet, remember that this pyramid is a general overview of what a plant-based diet looks like that does not include and to cereals, it does not mean that it is ideal, but it is a good starting point for you to optimize your diet from there.

The reason why we can choose a plant-based diet is highly variable, but both your choice is emotional, philosophical, health or longevity or any other reason, what you always have to understand is that you can improve your diet when you adapt it to your particular situation.

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I wish I could afford to buy healthier cooking oils more often. I hate that life often comes down to choices between affordability and health, and life certainly shouldn't be that way. Coconut oil is the most affordable healthy oil we use when cooking, but we have to blend it with vegetable for economic reasons.

Thanks for sharing!

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Yes, you have to work hard to achieve what you want, and how you want it! Not thanks to you.

I have started lifting weights and so I need about 1.2g protein/kg. As a result, I've moved back to eating meat. I just don't see how it's possible to get this level of protein with mostly legumes. Any thoughts?

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It is necessary to do a comprehensive evaluation, if you really need that amount of protein, but you are the person who knows the most about your body and that is a start, thank you, greetings.

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