The Tangerine Bus and Culinary Herb Project

in Natural Medicine20 days ago

Out on my bike ride along the river yesterday I came across this beautiful Tangerine Orange VW bus.... I just love these. They had a stand of Culinary herbs at the end of the driveway so I bought some Rosemary and Basil for cooking and salads.

What are your favourite Herbs to grow at home ?

It’s a good thing I have a basket on my bike to carry the odd Herb I find on my travels ...




These are some photos from my Bike Ride....



We had to carry our bikes across these boulders. Fun eco-adventure...



Good evening. A great post that shows the beauty of the wild. Wonderful photos. Thanks you.


Here's vote action and spreading the love!!!

Awesome job. Love your photography.

 19 days ago 

Fave herbs to grow at home? Tulasi basil and calendula - though I love thyme, oregano and rosemary too!

That's one cool VW. Much cooler than my T5!

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T5 looks good to me. Do you have the pop up tent version ?

 19 days ago 

No, but we were thinking of doing it ourselves. Hubby has been helping out a mate that has a van camper conversion company so we might use it as a prototype. My parents have a new T6 pop top.. it's awesome!!!

Love the old school hippie van!

Me too.