Don't be afraid to start small, Good things take time

in Natural Medicine2 months ago

The picture above is the hibiscus tea plant, and its evident that good things take time,
planted for several months now and if i may be honest here, each day i'd look at this plant ithought to myself that it can not survive right from the time i planted it inside a seedbed.


It started off from the seed bed and at some point it stopped raining, before pests came to attack and eat half of the leafy parts, did everything i could do before i decided to transplant, i did this about 3 weeks ago and i am so pleased to see the plant resuscitated, leafy and stronger.



Upon seeing the development i was moved to plant another hibiscus tea plant, which i started some few days ago,
I personally love the hibiscus tea and thats why i love cultivating the plants because it is a herbal tea and its highly nutritious. Contained highly antioxidant compounds, helps lower blood sugar & fat because of its significant low calories.
Infact, the hibiscus tea is one of my favorites.

The above pic is the young hibiscus, planted 6 days ago. well, I've learnt when i first planted this plant, so I'm puting everything i've learnt into this. I make sure i use a well fertile and treated soil, a soil save from pests & insects, plus a well drained soil.



Looks like i will be dedicating more time to this,as i don't want it to go all wrong and other veggies i just sowed.