How beautiful it is to see different species of Eggplants🍆

in Natural Medicine13 days ago

Nothing excites me than seeing my green veggies gone all good.
These veggies are not just cultivated for food or recipes but to help redefine the ecosystem. How beautiful is it to see different species, different green leafs around and this is the case of this lovely eggplant planted in the garden.

Eggplant is one of the few veggies i love growing because its survival is very high without no special treatment, can thrive in any weather conditions as well.


This particular eggplant specie is green and yellowish colours, mostly used as recipes in cooking. There are well numerous different species of egglant ranging from size,to colour. This particular one can't be eaten raw unlike the other species until after its cooked, that's why its used mostly in the part lf Africa as a recipe or ingredients in cooking.

Pictures below of the eggplants at the matured stage, yellowish in colour. And at this stage it needs to be harvested because it will be attracting different insects and diseases.

Yellowish or overripe egglants are highly perishable if they are not harvested or eaten immediately.




  • the insects are already feeding on some, because they tend to be over ripe and while being harvested it must be used on time because they cant be stored for long if not they will be spoilt.



Note, this post and all the pictures used are my properties and the shots are taken with my phone, Samsung S7 Edge.