My Family History Changed How I Eat

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Let food be thy medicine, thy medicine shall be thy food.Hippocrates

For generations, our family has always been into farming. It meant that they need to eat a lot to have the energy for a day in the fields and with good harvests, they know that they will have food for the coming months.

We have a saying within our family that our satiety is neck high, meaning we need to eat lot to feel full, while it can be true, eating can be disciplined. Although they had lived long and well, that does not mean I should just live by that saying.

My maternal grandparents eat a lot, but they did not have food-related illnesses. That was within my maternal side, but on my paternal ancestry, diabetes is very common. It is ironic that my paternal relatives does not eat too much and are even more disciplined in eating.

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When I was 21 years old, I became overweight, but was not bothered as the society where I am somewhat favored a bigger physique and would often criticize people leaning into the other side.

Fastfood meal

September 2017. It was the same time that my father was diagnosed with diabetes, he had lost so much weight and looked so helpless. He has been through several doctors, but some just put him into medications that could damage his liver. After this, he made a life-or-death experiment on himself by only eating certain foods and recording his blood sugar afterwards.

Right now, he is in a better shape and is into mindful eating based on what is reacting well with his own body. Though he is now on insulin injection, he no longer had to maintain other medications.

That was the very reason that I began eating mindfully since I have a good chance of having diabetes too, especially if I do not control my diet. I will not deny that I do have intense cravings to eat meat and junkfoods, especially with the temptations of those who surrounds me, but I can still manage to control myself.

At home, with the abundance of food, it was hard to resist eating a lot, but in a year ago, I was better at controlling myself and often had to verbally remind myself that I do not need to be very full.

Though that was paused due to the pandemic, I was able to catch up with a better lifestyle for more than a month already. I have been cooking my own meals and is leaning more into a plant-based diet, but would eat poultry and fish especially when it is hard to source healthier options during this pandemic.

After weeks of finding what suits me well, I began developing a preference on South Korean dishes such as blanched vegetables, pickled vegetables, stir-fry, and thin soups.

Egg, boiled Okra, and pickled Bitter Gourd

Though I cannot source the same Korean ingredients, I am able to substitute it with what is locally available. In a few weeks, I am expecting to be back to the office and with that, I will have a privilege to go outside (with supporting documents and extra care) even with an ongoing pandemic, I would use this chance to visit supermarkets to buy fresh ingredients to include in my diet.

I may not be able to assure myself that I will not have diabetes or any other illness, these small steps should move me away from the risk of having it.

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 11 days ago 

Mindful/conscious eating is so important,it really helps us reconnect with our bodies, but yes it takes time to get rid of those cravings as our bodies do adapt to what we feed them. wishing you all the best in this journey of health, thank you for sharing it with us xx
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Thanks for the support trucklife-family and Natural Medicine! I found some good resources that when we crave certain junkfoods, it may just mean that our diets lacks certain vitamins and minerals. :)

Absolutely awesome that you took charge and started with the simplest but most profound change. Your diet.

There is absolutely everything for you to gain health-wise eating a balanced diet...

It's a good start, prevention is always better than cure :D

Absolutely an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure

 10 days ago 

Loved this post, and thanks for writing great #naturalmedicine content. Sending you some LOTUS as a token of our appreciation!

Thanks always riverflows! Good to be a part of this community :)

we are like in an infine spectrum that varies on grades when we talk about people and that means that you ahve your own unique nuance, product of your ancestors, we could be proud of our family and love them and at the same time choose another path of lifestyle if we feel it just like that, to be proud of ourselves too

i liked your post, finding healthy habits is doing the opossite of what we're taugh all day long as a standard, it's great to read you on your path for healthness

Thanks adiwathrive! Loving the people you care about also means taking care of your own self too so you can live a meaningful life and to share more moments with them. I want to be strong and healthy til old age, so I wouldn't be an burden (emotional pain) to my future family. Emotionally (and financially), it's hard to see someone's health is suffering, especially when it is the result of their vices. :)