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RE: Making Your Own Vanilla Extract Saves You Money

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Oh, it's easy to prepare and saves you a lot of money, it's really worth a try. Is it possible to use liquid vanilla?


I'm not sure what you mean by "liquid vanilla"? Isn't that already complete vanilla extract?

I googled and found this (sorry, it's in English): I think anything that is "liquid vanilla" is probably already trying to be a substitute for what I am making here.

I have no idea bro hahahaha... We may be talking about the same thing. I am asking about the liqueur, because the vanilla sold here is usually in liquid form. But the flavor is not alcoholic and I thought you were talking about something else. :/

Oh, I see. Then I think what you are referring to is "vanilla flavor" which according to that site says is essentially an extract but without alcohol.

This is a way to make a liquid vanilla, so if you've already got liquid vanilla, you already have the finished product.

You don't often see the beans in regular groceries here either; maybe some would have a spice jar with one bean in it for a lot of money where the spices are, lol, but not all. Herb shops that specialize in having lots of herbs might have some. But I order them online because it's so much cheaper. If I bought beans at the store it would be around $3 per bean (or more), but online I paid around $1 per bean.

That's right, vanilla flavor. The vodka called my attention, that's why I'm curious to do it with this liquid and vodka.

I think it would just dilute it. Because the vanilla flavor has already tinctured vanilla beans in a different liquid.