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From the Natural Medicine community I am going to respond to a few questions:

-How did your journey in this path/with this practice begin?
-How have you adapted this practice to your life?
-What do you think has been your most important learning during your process?

One of the most important factors in health for me is the adaption of meditation techniques that have become a part of my life.

The seed was first planted back in 1974 when, as a teenager, I went to Millennium "74 a festival to bring world peace with Guru Maharaji. There I received what was termed "Knowledge", a meditation technique. Returning home I moved into the meditation center and later into a "premie (those who had received "knowledge") house with other meditators. This gave me an appreciation of a more pure and peaceful way of life. I was very grateful for the meditation but didn't much care for the trips that came along with others gathering at the center. This combined with other incidences and the intensity of it all seemed to leave me somewhat unstable and I left and stopped meditating too.

That was the seed planted then the growth began when I came in contact with the Buddha's teachings through a little handbook I found at a garage sale. I had delved into it and any books I could get my hand on, on the teaching of the Buddha.

An important lesson I learnt from that little handbook was on handling my anger (I was one with silent anger keeping it all inside.) There was a passage that said something like:

Turn your anger into love and if you can not do that then just move away from it, the person or situation.

That worked wonders for I no longer spent sleepless nights going over incidents that happened or conversations that were had, thinking of all the should haves.

If my anger was with someone I cared about I would come at it in a more loving manner or loving perspective and this removed the anger. If it was with others that I didn't know so well or care about I was alright just walking away or staying away and leaving it along with my anger behind.

Also when my now husband came into the picture, who had a strong meditation practice, having taught meditation courses under his teacher and was strong in the Dhamma with a lovely collection of Dhamma texts, more changes came about in my life.

Dhamma Library.JPG

We spent hours discussing the Dhamma and he would share different books with me from his Dhamma library. This helped my understanding of the Dhamma to grow and because he had a strong meditation practice I started picking up my meditation again. It was Vipassana meditation he had taught and practiced and with his encouragement I went and took a ten day Vipassana course at the US International Meditation Center. After that I really bloomed and felt I was on the path, the path of awakening. We were both on that same path and would do ten day self courses, which strengthened me in meditation. That I am forever grateful for, for this strong practice has kept me from falling into the abyss. At times being on the edge of insanity it pulled me back for I know it's truths. It gives me clarity, purpose and direction.

During these crazy, uncertain time it gives me stability, allows me to shed negative energies and feel more peaceful and happy.

In fact I often enter into my meditation

looking for the strength and clarity to continue on the path of awakening experiencing Nibbanic peace, tranquility and joy. And to be able to share that joy with my husband and all those around me, our families, their families and their families, our friends, neighbors and colleagues.

This in particular serves me well working with young children who really pick up on your vibe. By maintain my positivity,being more peaceful and joyous, it makes for more positive,peaceful and joyous experiences.

Note: This is my happiness mantra for @zord189 's "Happiness Mantra" contest - details here

I will respond to a couple more questions that were posed in the Natural Medicine challenge on

What lead me to leaving pharma products for more natural ones and what's been the impact of the switch?

I find with a strong meditation practice often it makes it unnecessary for other medications, even some of my herbal medications. For example I use to take a Valerian tincture when I got too wired or I took herbs to help me sleep better but with the meditation, it took care of that.

top herbal resource books.JPG

Actually for getting off Pharma I would attribute that to being a health conscious person (runs in my family) and knowing of the side effects and how big corporations were looking more for the profits to be made then the actual welfare of people. I chose more natural remedies that were more suited to me. I took it upon myself to study the herbs and different plant medicines, knowing I could rely on them in hard times or if money was scarce. I live in the boreal forest and I am familiar with the abundance of medicinal plants found there. I have resource books and have taken a herbology course so I feel confident I could take care of us health wise even in/especially in hard times.

It's been wonderful to be able to share that knowledge with friends and family and it is wonderful the sharing that goes on in the Natural Medicine Community!

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 8 days ago 

What an interesting unfolding you have had!

How goes it with the extended family and embracing them all into the dharma lifestyle you have created? I'm guessing that is quite the challenge!

 6 days ago 

They were having a hard time changing from their city ways and with winter coming on and no building ready for them for the winter they are renting a place in town.
My niece asked my husband to teach her meditation, which he will, so she will at least have that.
Winters are long, cold and dark here, so they have to make it through a winter to see if this is the place for them.

 8 days ago 

@porters is @GrowOwnGarden on Twitter

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I really enjoyed learning more about your practice and the history of how you got involved in natural medicine, @porters. What a wonderful journey. I think if our society could learn to funnel anger into love, or at the very least tolerance, we could solve a lot of ills in the world right now!

 8 days ago 

You really have such a rich past and I love when you share it with us,and the importance of exploring different types of healing and meditation until you find what works best for you. Thanks for sharing your beautiful wisdom with us xxx
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A great awakening of consciousness! I really liked your experience. It's good to have these dharma allies.

Your words about anger and being angry with one you love strike me deeply. Anger is something I’ve been working hard to transmute and the words you used are very true. It’s incredible how perspective can completely dissolve inconsistencies! Vipassana is a wonderful tool to have. I can definitely see how regular meditation in this manner could help you move from using medicines in general. Having a stable and grounded mind-body is very important to stable health.

Oh and... were you in a cult? Lol

 3 days ago 

Transmuting anger sure made a big difference in my life and I hope it will make a difference in your life too! I'm very grateful to have Vipassana and a strong meditation practice, my rock in the storm!

No, I wasn't in a cult but it has gone through many changes over the years (remember that was back in 1974 when I first got involved.) There were some beautiful, loving people running the centers and having group meditation,satsang and bringing in the mahatmas to teach the meditation techniques to folks. I only stayed involved for a few years but my sister has stayed with it and with her I see that the teacher has become more important than the teachings which would fit into the definition of a cult.

 2 days ago 

I'm so sorry I didn't get to this earlier @porters.

I particularly love what you say about anger. What a lesson that is for so many of us, and such a powerful tool.

I don't think I ever get tired of hearing aobut your vipassana journey!