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Hi #hive friend and @NaturalMedicine.
This is my entry on #PlantPowerCookingChallenge.

Are you familiar with Indian masala dosa ?. If the answer is no, I will introduce you, one of my favourite dish MASALA DOSA

let's cook,
The main ingredients are:

  • Rice.

  • potato.

  • carrot.

  • Papaya.

  • Take 2 cups of Rice and 6-7 table spoon of Vigna Mungo.



  • After washing soak it for 1 hour.
    We can also use Uradal and methi seed if we needed. I never use those in my dish so I'm not preferring it.

  • After 1 hr drawn water from it and add both the rice and Vigna mungo to a jar to battle with 1 1/4 of water. Here we need to add 1 table spoon of yeast. Blend them to a batter. The batter must not thick or very smooth.



  • Later pour it into a clean vessel for fermentation. The fermentation may usually took 6-8 hrs. It will depends on the temperature.


  • Wash the vegetables and slice it into desired shapes.
    Potato, Carrot, Papaya.


  • Heat the pan with 1 table spoon of oil. Add 1 table spoon of mustard.
    Add some cumin for a good smell.



Later add some sliced onion and some curry leaf. When the onions changes slightly brown add the vegetables into it along with turmeric and salt.
After 2 or 3 minutes add some coriander leaf if needed. I don't like coriander so I'm not adding it.




Heat the pan and pour the batter into it.




Add 1/2 table spoon of oil through the edges.
While the dosa turns brown place the prepared masala on it with coconut chutney


Coconut chutney.

  • Griend the coconut and blend it in a jar.
  • Later mix with Onion, Chilly, and curry leaf which is semi cooked coconut in oil.


And it is ready....
You can roll it as your desired shape.

I hope you enjoyed it.
Thank you @JustinParke for conducting this challenge.
Share your views in my comment box.📝



Wow I love masala dosa, thank you very much.
I am making my dosa with dosa rice and urad Dal and methi.

I should try this variation as well. I like the way you cook the masala. Surely it is very tasty.

Thank you for sharing us @pravilsabu

Thank you for your comment.

Tasty masala dosa .


Love dosa, they are one of my favorite foods, but I can say I've never had a papaya dosa in my life nor seen one a menu anywhere. Very creative of you, and way to go for using so many of the featured ingredients. I'm gonna burn 100 LOTUS to promote this post for you.

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The ingredients are totally up to you. Their are masala dosa's only with potato's.
And thank you for your consideration .❤️

Dosa is good dish I love it too but I never eat dosa with papaya, that’s absolutely delicious!

Thank you for your comment.🤩

This is a great recipe. I have never tried something like this. I will try with your great instructions.

Yaaa .This is one of my favourite . You should try once.

Congratulations @pravilsabu!

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