Ayahuasca 🌱 The Experience to Healing Your Soul

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You may have heard about Ayahuasca through stories of people travelling to far away place hidden in the Amazon to experience a transcendent journey. Usually these experiences are retold as "trips" of enlightenment and healing.

While I haven't done it myself, I have heard about it from friends who did, and it is definitely on my spiritual to-do list.

But what is this so-called miracle to enlightenment? Let's take a look at the "proper" definition I just googled.

Ayahuasca — also known as the tea, the vine, and la purga — is a brew made from the leaves of the Psychotria viridis shrub along with the stalks of the Banisteriopsis caapi vine, though other plants and ingredients can be added as well.


As you can see it's a special brew made of the leaves of a special shrub and the stalks of another specific plant. Traditionally these two ingredients are cooked in water by a shaman or "curandero", which an experienced healer who leads the ceremony. The drink is considered sacred and is still regularly used in some Amazonian tribes or cultures. The reduced water from the brew gets separated and filtered, new water then gets added and the process repeats until there is enough.

"What exactly happens during such a ceremony?" you may ask. Well, that's where it gets interesting. As the shaman performs the necessary rituals, you then drink the beverage and follow the instructions of the shaman. While no story is the same, the common observation is that the participant always comes out of it a different person, changed for the better.

It is believed that the Ayahuasca helps you pull up and cleans unresolved trauma from your past, which could be your childhood, previous lives, or your ancestral lineage. When you come out of it 4-8 hours later, you apparently feel like something has changed and or healed inside you. Part of the spiritual cleansing there may also be some physical temporary side-effects like vomiting, but I won't get into those.

Humanity is ever evolving on the physical an mental planes, but as a majority we lack spiritual development. To solve this deficiency here are many ways to achieve spiritual enlightenment, but I personally put the Ayahuasca experience in the top 5. This may change when I eventually do it myself but for now the verdict stays.

If you are interested in more information on this topic and have about an hour to kill, check out this nifty video.

Thank you for reading. I wish you well on your own spiritual journey.

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I smoked some DMT when I was on acid one time, absolutely one of the most spiritually drugs there is, I heard beautiful operatic singing as soon as I inhaled. I would definitely try this ceremony one day, I am just so anti social I am not sure if I would get along with the shaman or leader guys.

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Looks like you already got the hallucinogenic part of Ayahuasca down, as DMT occurs naturally in the leaves from the mixture. But you probably already knew that, hence the reference.

I'd say to bring a friend or 2 along who you are less anti-social with for support. That's what I'm planning on doing.

I just dont want to buzz kill anyone else trip when i say "Shut the fuck up I need to listen to what the princess is saying in that floating castle over there" LOL

😂😂 probably that the real princess is in another castle.

I'm sure the shaman have already seen it all with other people and their trips.

I've never had Ayahuasca but I've taken a lot of mushrooms and the trip and some of the ritual/ cultural contexts that they are traditionally used in are said to be rather similar. I would imagine that the ritual setting adds a lot of "color" and context to the experience but it is not necessary to achieve that "changed" feeling or interpret the event in spiritual terms. It's the intensity, the washing away of the self, and the extreme time distortion that form the forge in which the new self is recast and those things seem to be intrinsic characteristics of the classic psychedelics. I guess the point is that it would be totally worth taking a trip at home or anywhere that it is available if one finds the time and expense of traveling to the jungle to have a ceremony to be prohibitive. That being said, I bet that experience is absolutely amazing and worth the trouble.

That is true. If someone is already completely in touch with or has a certain affinity for spirituality, the freeing effect should ultimately be the same. Although the ceremony probably does at that extra indescribable vibe to it.

I plan on doing both ways, if the opportunities ever present themselves, and most importantly with someone I trust by my side.

Thank you for your insight and experience on the topic, very helpful. 👊

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I've been to many Ayahuasca ceremonies. I totally recommend them if you feel the calling, it's best to delve into those issues through personal experience. Should you ever need a therapy with ancestral plants, make sure you do it with a trained spiritual guide and in a proper ceremonial context. Never try this on your own!

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Thank you @drrune! Have you been as spectator or as participant? And what was your experience? If you mind sharing of course.

make sure you do it with a trained spiritual guide and in a proper ceremonial context. Never try this on your own!

Yes, if I ever do the ceremony I will be sure to do it properly. Probably through and with that same friend that initially told me about it.

There are no spectators in ceremonies of this kind. If you attend one, it must be as a participant. The experience has been profoundly life-changing and revealing in every way, each ceremony has prepared me for a new depth of self-study. The plant facilitates many things that we consider impossible until we've taken it and undergone the rituals. I've also attended ceremonies of other ancestral plants and currently make my own rituals involving cannabis, which is a sacred plant in its own right and can be used to excellent effect for personal study, particularly with regards to emotions.

Sounds like you've had quite the journey already. I am probably still at the beginning. As I want to discover the rest on my own, I won't ask what "many things" it facilitates, but it does raise my interest even more. It's too bad how all these wonderful natural resources have been stigmatized by the system we live in.

Here on Mexico are many people using it for these same reasons and spiritual retirements are almost on every city... Maybe one of these days all try it and see how it goes.


Good to know. I was possibly going to visit Mexico, before Corona took over, but this information makes it even more appealing for when I can travel again.

Thanks for stopping by!

looks very nice! :D

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Thanks a million @woelfchen! 💪

I have taken LSD and mushrooms many times, but this is something I have yet experienced. I hear DMT is ok, but only last 5-10 min, while this will last hours.

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Mushrooms and LSD, I have yet to try those. For now it has only been weed, including the cake form.
The problem is the legality issue here. People get arrested, while the law is not really clear on the matter and specifications.

I read that the leaves used for the Ayahuasca have a high concentration of DMT, so it's probably the concentration/dosage that plays a role in the duration.

Heard about Iboga, much same, want to try some too

Interesting. I'll ask around if that plant grows here. Thanks for your input.

Heard a lot about it. Wanted to try some day

Me too. I think it will definitely be a life changing experience.