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Feeling afraid and stressed?

It might be about money, your personal or professional life, the whole pandemic stuff, or even about your crypto investments. Here is what you can do.

The world has changed, overnight it has become different. I will give you a simple tool that will fix the fear and stress you are going through, but first some clarity and a strong reality call.


⏳ Last year, I sent out a call on FB and Minds for those who didn’t agree with the educational system, to move their kids out of it and create new educational systems, and for those who didn’t like their work, to create new work structures.
It was simple, and some people did it!
Now, during this time, they are sitting pretty and are actively helping their company, organizational co-workers to function in the new societal structure.

Other amazing things that have been happening, have you noticed how fresh the air is?
Billions of cars are not being used around the world.
Venice canals are clean, clear, have fish and dolphins for the first time in … a long time. All because no tourists are there.
The stress of rush hour is gone.

▶️The stress and anger from competitive sports are on pause.

▶️Pets around the planet are ecstatic about their owners being home.

▶️Kids and parents are learning to function as a group!

▶️Bars and casinos are closed.

“Social distancing” is the opposite of what is happening right now.
Yes, physical distancing is indeed happening, but society is coming together, people are helping each other and the illusion of “everyone for themselves” is only being carried out by a small minority which is highly publicized.
It takes ONE person to buy all the rice from a store for the illusion of “everyone is buying rice” to be shouted out even though everyone else just took one bag of rice each.

My life has NOT changed at all. The lifestyle I lead, the people I meet every week, the tools I am working on for my online customers in NLP and Gamification, Instructional design, etc., none of that has changed.



Here are a few things you can do right now to bring forth that shift of paradigm we have been talking about for decades now:
😍One is to embrace the change and start looking for allies in the creation of new work, education, and sharing of supplies.
👀Reach out to those less fortunate and those more fortunate and see if you can organize a structure where everyone is taken care of and supplied with the basic necessities of life.
🏊Don’t wait for others to take the lead, there are no others who can take the lead.
You were born at this time on this planet to embody the new paradigm, and co-create a high-frequency experience. You were born at this time on this planet TO LEAD your life.

😱 Our biggest enemy at the moment is no physical virus! It is FEAR.


I am sending you the FEAR PROCESSING EXERCISE from Inelia, one of my online friends. This is a life-changing exercise that will help you through this time. With that in mind, I am sending you a link to the audio recording of the exercise for free. Also, the text and a video on how to do the exercise.

It is super important that we deal with the real killer on the planet right now, and that killer is FEAR.
I know very few people who like change. And this change, the change we are part of on the planet, is huge. Yet, when we stop and really see where we are at, we are OK! Fear is the unknown, what our movies and the news service have provided for us for decades, post-apocalyptic worlds where the weak die and the strong rule through death and destruction.
That is what those people who feed on fear, and control through fear, want you to think about and believe. There are those who are highly addicted to drama and power over others and using this period of time to feed endlessly. And for sure, many sleepers are falling into it big time. At the same time, here you are, still reading this article.

Take this opportunity to change your life!

🎇SHINE BRIGHT!! It is time for you to be the beacon of light in the location you find yourself in. Drop negativity, and embody your natural high frequency, peace of mind, heart and energy, and enthusiasm which you naturally are. BE yourself and not your or other people’s programs.


In summary:

Do the fear processing exercise and share it with everyone you know. Literally everyone.

Be diligent and EMBODY the new paradigm, the reality you want to create in the world.

Lead the creation of new and supportive structures for work and education.

Spend at least an hour a day expressing your full natural frequency and form without stops, apology, or firewalls. Do it silently, on your own, or with others who share your frequency.

Respond, don’t react.

Enjoy your time at home and make it your NEW NORMAL.

And remember, this too will pass.

With care and love,

~all the photos were made by me

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In the famous words of someone, there is nothing to fear, but fear itself. :'D

That's a true paradox!


Before Kindle and Audible when you looked up Audiobook, you would mainly find self help guides like this. Haven't listened to many audiobooks in a while, I enjoyed the recording in a nostalgic way.

I understand this perfectly. I also have my external hardware full of self-help pdfs, audiobooks, videos I have gathered since early strong dc, before tor rent s

Thank you so much for reading this, Phil!
And I'm glad that the recording has produced something...inside of you...
I am sending you a warm, friendly hug!


The recording is cool and lovely to hear....

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Those are some nice tips you have mentioned here @regenerette.

The times are bad right now due to the pandemic and it's taking a toll on everyone's mental health.

This is the time to stay positive and spread positivity all around. It helps everyone to go through all of it with ease. I agree with the fact that we are seeing shining lights everywhere even in these dark times, and helping each other will take us a long way.

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It's the only way to build on something broken....on a broken system where we are being manipulated somehow daily. To stick together, raise awareness, support each other, practice active compassion and do our job to flourish from there.

Thank you so much for coming by!

I am sending you a big hug!

Thanks for the Big Hug @regenerette. Same to you!!!

We have too many broken people all around us who could use some love and happiness.

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We give as much as we can and how we can, through our articles and engagement here.

Have a wonderful day, my friend!

That's right. Let's keep doing our best. ;)

You too have a great day.

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You too


Remember I ma here for you. Just give me a ping when you see that I am buzing around and you want me to look at something.

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Your mental health is very important to keep yourself healthy. You have written a very good post.🙏🙏🙏namaste!!

@peeyush, thank you so much for your feedback. I am happy that you took the time to read it and engaged. I see you have some good articles also and I shall be following you.

Great article.
Whenever someone mention "Social Distancing" i don't like it as this is a negative expression. We don't need Social Distancing but society to come close and work together. What we need is "Physical Distancing".
Which means distance between people physically not mentally or as a social animal.
Stress level are high all around the world these days and this is normal in this type of situation. But we can try to divert our self to ease it a bit.

Great remark and observation!

The levels of proximity imply a physical distance. When it comes to "social distance", this is a phrase that unconsciously leads people into insularity, a division that can turn chickens into a flock of sheep...

It was just something i observed and could not stop expressing myself.

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So you should...always express yourself freely.

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