Decluttering my Mind 🧠☘️🌼

in Natural Medicine • 2 months ago

I'm occupied by so many these days, it's making me feel guilty!

I know it's not a good thing but for work purposes, I stuck with my phone more than before. And my son is hating it.

I was telling myself, it's only a few days and it will be done. But no, it's been more than one month and now I feel suffocated.

You know the situation very well I guess when you step on some new project but other responsibilities try to hold you down. And you continuously struggle to make a balance.

But as it is my personal life and my son is getting affected by it so yesterday, in the very fine morning 'I sat with myself'!


From now on, there is no going back. But I certainly can try to manage everything better so I can give more quality time to my life, to the people around me.

What I did to declutter?

  • I'm decluttering my physical environment. As I was not getting enough time so my home because a little messy. I'm putting a few things away, organizing my son's room, creating some white spaces...

But most importantly I'm not rushing to get it done. I know what amount of stress it will bring then.

  • Trying to get some 'me time. I compromised with my sleep, with self-care (combing my hair every other day not daily!), I was eating junk...This list is long. And among all this, I lost myself.

Now I set at least 15 minutes for only myself during the early morning.

  • Limiting unnecessary work.

Ahh, my phone was in my hand all day long and I was checking notification every single time it beeps. I usually don't do that so didn't notice how adverse effects it was creating.


Now I'm trying to limit 'what to focus on; not necessarily everything I need to get done. And how to be more productive. Also, I noticed that I need to minimize multitasking, it's counterproductive sometimes.

There was a time when I used to keep journals, write down my feelings and emotions. I miss doing that. Thinking to start that again.

What I found that living an organized and routine life certainly helps us to declutter better. Also, evaluating ourselves every once in a while gives us the chance to improve and cut off what is unnecessary.

It's helping me, I hope it will help you too.

The photo is from my balcony garden, I was enjoying my morning coffee seeing my plants surrounded by the concrete jungle.


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 2 months ago 

Isn't it funny how much effort it takes to live a simple life, sometimes?

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It is, it truly takes a lot to live simple.
Thanks for your support 😊😊