A Natural Balm for Hayfever Relief

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I've been listening to the hubs complain about his hayfever for years, and whilst I have sympathy for him, he does go on a bit a lot. Perhaps I've now recieved karma for my low tolerance of his moaning, because this year, I've been hit with the worse seasonal allergies I've had in my life. The ocean helps, flushing out the sinuses, but if I can't get in the ocean, I've been pretty miserable. Earaches, sore throat, tired, sniffling, itchy eyes - and I've got to the point where I'm almost scared to go outside. This morning Jamie did the mowing and I tidied up the garden, chicken coop, pulled garlic, built a fence around the asparagus, pruned, weeded and so on - then sat in the shower inhaling steam and peppermint oil in a bid to calm things down a bit. I was totally rueing not supporting my immune system a little better before hayfever season started - regretting it so much I've even set an alarm in my phone for next year about two months before the season as a warning to make sure I'm in tip top shape. But that's no good to me now. All I can do is reduce the histamines I'm eating, look at eating natural antihistamines like pineapple, eat lots of vitamin c, and blow my nose again.


Then I remembered talk of a barrier cream. There's been studies done on using a barrier cream to 'trap' the amount of pollen that enters the nose, suggesting it does help. And it's pretty easy with simple ingredients. I followed this recipe and this one, making a bit of a combo of both because I had some calendula infused olive oil to hand. If you can't make the balm, try just straight coconut oil smeared under your nostrils and see if that helps. It's worth a shot - if you, like me, are suffering hayfever, you'll be reaching for anything that might work.

1 tablespoon beeswax pellets
1 tablespoons coconut oil
1 tablespoon calendula infused olive oil
4 drops steam distilled lemon essential oil
4 drops lavender essential oil
4 drops peppermint essential oil

Melt the oils together, cool slightly, add the essential oils and pop in a jar. Simple! Then all you need to do is smear some under your nostrils and eye sockets for some relief.


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 13 days ago 

I have read that taking pollen in small quantities prior to hay fever season works well, builds up your tolerance. But that is no good to you now. Glad that you remembered about the barrier salve, it looks great and I bet it smells amazing. Let us know how it goes and hope it really does ease the symptoms for you xxx
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 13 days ago 

The thing is that it's grass pollens for me. I wouldn't have a clue about where to get it. I think the key is to boost my immune system MEGA stylie before it hits - I've set a phone alarm for next October! I kinda do it anyway but clearly not enough. @trucklife-family thanks for your comment!!! xxx I will let you know! I do love me a good balm. I also made a gardeners hand cream with some infused balms.

Years ago when my seasonal allergies were at their worst, I tried a store-bought version of a barrier salve and it did bupkis, but the EOs you threw in there might help to clear the sinuses, if nothing else! I discovered that by accident when my nose was so raw from blowing, I put my peppermint lip balm on it, and ...aaaaah. LOL
I would also suggest local wildflower honey and/or local bee pollen? My allergies are so sensitive that I literally swallow one or two grains like tiny pills and that's enough, but the directions on a jar if you buy it at a store say to take it by the spoonful, sooooooo I'd suggest starting low and seeing how you do.
Good luck, seasonal allergies are the pits!

 13 days ago 

Yep. Diddy squat, but the EO effect is real. Plus, my nose is super moisteurised!!!

Everyone always says about the honey but it doesn't work for us as it's grass pollen we are allergic to. The best I can hope for is a saltwater nasal flush and lots of immune supporting stuff. Sigh..

Grasses are on my list too, but I don't know if that's what was setting me off, as I have so many things on my allergy list.
If it gives you any hope, I suffered springtime allergies for years - like, couldn't breathe through my nose for months out of the year - and then, eventually - they stopped. I don't get spring allergies anymore.
I didn't move. I didn't get allergy shots.
The only thing I can think of is that possibly the bee pollen acted like allergy shots?
But now I can breathe in the springtime again! Yippee! So it may stop for you, too!

If it worked for you, that with only two publications I can get an idea of what you are suffering from, then it can work for others. Anyway, it is good to know that you still have the strength to continue with the tasks at home, in spite of those evils you suffer from. As Marie Curie once said: "We must believe that we have been gifted for something and that this must be achieved at any cost''

You are very strong. I get a fever like that and I don't get out of bed for a month hahahah.

Thanks for sharing. My hubby has hayfever and this is such a good idea. I hope I can get my hands on beeswax. never seen it here in Cambodia.

 12 days ago 

To be honest, I think you could probably just use coconut oil - but of course keep in fridge as it would melt. Funny - don't they have bees and honey? Maybe you could order some off ebay.

Lol... there is no postal service or addresses where I live. I will try to send it to the postal office in the capital and my hubby can go pick it up when it is there.... 3 to 4-hour drive for me. Thanks for the link.

 12 days ago 

But did it help? Just curious....

Thanks for sharing this awesomecrecipe with us and I really hope, that you will get better soon.
I love using essential oils and I have been using them daily for pretty much anything and everything.