Garden Journal Challenge: Early April 2021 [Share to Win HIVE!]

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Whoooooaaahhhh you Northern Hemisphere peeps, you are really starting to ramp up the #gardening posts now that SPRING is here! It's so exciting to see your enthusiasm and your gardens starting to grow.

Depending on time, I might even do an early April/late April challenge, depending on how busy I am - we'll see! There's so much going on in your gardens that I'm afraid I'll be buried under a huge backload of awesome #gardeningjournal content! But that's not such a bad thing, amirite?


What to Share

Do you have a herb garden, a vegetable patch, a flower garden or even grow vegetables on your window sill? Maybe you have a grow room under lights, a community garden or you are growing roses. It doesn't matter what kind of garden it is - we are all different in our tastes! Diversity is one of the interesting things about this challenge.

Try to use at least 300 words describing your garden - what's worked well? what's failed? You might like to make your post more appealing with a personal story or even a garden recipe. You might like to focus on only one plant or the whole garden.

You might also like to 'theme' your post around environmental values, abundance, community, health, sustainability or any other related theme.

A Few Guidelines

  • Reblog this post
  • Please use the tag #naturalmedicine or post in the Natural Medicine community. @minismallholding creates the Lotus Garden newsletter and this makes it easier for her to find you and reward you.
  • We're happy for you to post in other communities but don't forget to use the tag #GARDENJOURNAL in addition to any others you might use.
  • Please use original photos and make sure they aren't blurry!
  • No plagiarism
  • Please don't use the cover image or refer to the contest as your 'title' - refer to the contest at the end eg 'This post is in response to the Garden Journal challenge, hosted by @riverflows, that you can find [here](link). It should stand alone as a worthy post so outsiders would enjoy it.
  • Please check the tag during the week and comment on other people's posts. ENGAGEMENT IS KEY.


Each month, I'll give out a total of 30 HIVE from my personal account, and 300 LOTUS. I'll distribute this how I see fit - if I don't get a lot of entries, or they aren't at a good standard we expect on HIVE, I might give away less - but I'm usually pretty generous and may give away more!

As Natural Medicine supports this kind of content, we'll also be upvoting, reblogging and even tipping the best ones, and submitting them to curation projects for further support.

The due date will be the 12th of April.

Above all, have fun, and happy gardening!

Welcoming any sponsors that might like to contribute to this challenge!

With Love,




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 7 days ago 


That garden will be beautiful, your presentation is very good.


Hahahaha I managed one this month too! My first ever, and the first challenge I've gotten in on in over a year probably lol

Good job!

Special from me for members of the Indonesian natural medicine community...!
Bagi anda yang menyukai tantangan dan hadiah, anda bisa ikut berpartisipasi dalam agenda terbaik ini.
@riverflows sangat baik hati, dia terus mendukung anda untuk bisa berkembang bersama di HIVE.
Saya kira anda akan memanfaatkan kesempatan ini dengan baik.
@lidiasteem @gunawanramli @abdulhamids @latifah1 @lingkar-photo @amriadits @alexa-macro @kucibak-macro @junef dan kawan-kawan dari Indonesia yang lain.

Untuk mendukung komunitas ini, anda bisa tag kawan anda minimal 3 orang, itu sangat membantu untuk membuat komunitas @lotusindonesia berkembang.
Ingat, ini dari kita, untuk kita..!!!

Salam saya, @moex-photografy. 🙏

 7 days ago 


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Thank you very much...


Bagaimana dengan hadiah anda?

Belum masuk


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Oke. Terimakasih

My mama @buckaroo says you are also hippy organic like her @riverflows. She's taking photos of our cold gardens for me to write about. I'm going to help her write because Daddy wrote over her key and now she can't write on her page.

 5 days ago 

Hello @buckaroobaby ! Nice to meet you! Oh that's a shame that she lost her keys!

She better make a new account - tell her to let me know when she does.

OMG, what? @buckaroo got her kiddo on here?!

How are y'all doing over there? Gosh, it's been so long! Tell her to get back on, I was thinking of y'all just the other day when I was looking at my chickens and remembering my favorite chook Koekoek that she helped name. 💚

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Haha posted again before the challenge even went live, didn't know it was continuing. But here is my link for this time, thanks for permitting me to join despite having posted earlier. Looking forward to the other entries and inspirations. 😁

What a thrill, the only bad thing about a garden is waiting so long for our flowers to grow.

Yes it definitely teaches one great lessons about patience, especially since we are trained in our modern fast world that we need to see fast results. A garden takes time to show the results of ones work and nurture that flows into it :)

This month I can't stop participating, I always love this initiative; and although the rains have not started yet, I will show you part of my internal garden and my back garden. A big greeting to all.

Thank you very much. i gonna participate with my garden work soon.

Great, I always post about crypto but maybe I'll join in. Regards @riverflows

 7 days ago 

Awesome. I always love seeing what's happening in people's gardens. Good to see people growing crypto AND plants!

Sounds good, I grow crypto and plants. As I have no land at home I'm trying some hydroponic crops, let's see how it goes.

The natural is fresh and medicine for health.

This is an awesome initiative @riverflows. Fingers crossed I'll have something to add soon.

I love gardening...though we don't really have 'seasons' here, I'm going to share a bit about the garden where most of the veggies/herbs/salads for my restaurant comes business!

Where's "here" without seasons? Does that mean you can plant whatever whenever?

It's still too early to plant anything outside here, but I'm starting to have a gardening itch so I was looking at my seeds today and I may start some indoors soon. LOL
#DenverLikesToHitYouWithASnowstormTheDayAfterYouPlantJustToLaughAtYou #HighAltitudeProblems

 5 days ago 

Almost as good as the tag I saw today - #minismallholding - for realz

Got mine in again! Will try to peruse the other updates on here when I get a chance later on. :)

nice shearing

Haha, yes, there will be MANY gardening posts forthcoming! I just so happened to see this challenge just before putting one together, so I figured I might as well enter! You can check out that post here.

Thanks for the extra incentive, and for all you've been doing for on Hive!

 4 days ago 

That's so kind of you to say! I"m off to see your post now!

Here's mine! Although I am no @goldenoakfarm, composing this post has made me very happy.

Hi, I'm happy to participate in this challenge, it's my first time and I'm excited. I hope you enjoy my story as much as I did writing it. Best regards.


Put this post together, hope it's within the guidelines!

Wish you well!

Hello #naturalmedicine,

Check my first post here and entry to your contest. Also I'm new to Hive so hope you guys understand my mistakes ☮️.

Here is my first one, Awesome challenge. Ah I love gardening and so happy we got the nice weather back ✅

This is very interesting.
Bagi para pencinta hive dan natural medicine Indonesia, sebaiknya jangan melewatkan ini.

I don't think I want to miss this. I have a garden to show off. Well, even though the past few days I have been a little lackluster. Well, That's about it. This is my green garden, don't be surprised if you see something red, it's chili.

I get really excited when I see @minismholding and @riverflows sharing gifts ...

Thanks for this contest! Here's my April Garden Update.

As always here we are doing things last minute!!! I'll try to keep an eye on this monthly from now on but no can do this time around... I have lots of excuses for today so I ain't going to bore you with those here 🙄.

hola espero que todos estén bien mi primer post es la comunidad. 🤗

hello hope everyone is well my first post is the community.🤗

 19 hours ago 

There hasn't been much change since my last #GardenJournal post except for a few more seedlings.
We had a big dump of snow that threw us back into winter just when I was thinking that I might be able to get into my garden and plant some cool weather seeds.
Just today I noticed the first tips of the tulip tarda starting to break through the ground.
Should have something for next time.

Here my story for #gardeningjournal: Thank you for making this contest. Cheers!

Hey look ma, I did it! I actually did it! This one was hard made. Ouch, I'm sore...

Here’s my post!! Hope I made the deadline!!!

Guava Harvest Time!