Love, Sadness & Rose Petal Face Mask

Some weeks are just tough. They demand a lot of you emotionally and you know you have to keep it together in public just long enough to not burst into tears before retreating to the quiet comfort of home. My best mate's over from Tassie at the moment, playing house barista, cook and cleaner in the last days of a friend's (and her brother's girlfriend's) dying. Said friend is one of the most positive, beautiful and lovely people you can meet. She's been treated to a lot of beautiful handcreams and spritzers lovingly crafted by friends, bunches of flowers and cards, and lots of beautiful company to see her out with love and big, big hearts. It's hard to know what to do. Once you've said your goodbyes, expressed love and go-thee-wells, there's not much more you can do. My bestie needed a break from doing today, and as the house was empty (the steroids she is on has enabled our fading friend to go to the forest to watch her nephews ride a zip line through the Otways) she came to my house just to sigh and de-stress a little. And we cried a little too.

So we got to pampering, playing around with some herbal infused oils and various butters and plants that I had dried, making a body butter, a moisturizing cream, some deodorant and a face scrub. It gave us something to do as we talked about life, death and everything in between, surrounded by the heady scents of our kitchen witchery.

What a fright the husband got to find us both masked up with this face mask. It was fun to giggle and to unwind, helping her steel herself for the sadness to come over the next week. We were nourished and nurtured much by rose, a plant that is our ally in times of grief. Her thorns enable us a protective boundary, whilst the soft flowers allow us tenderness and vulnerability, gently supporting us as we lean into grief.


Although a rose essential oil might add something to this face mask, we didn't feel it was needed - the dried and ground rose petals and hips were quite heady all on their own. Too much of a scent can be overpowering, and it was definitely gentleness we needed today.


Rose Petal & Clay Face Mask


2 tbsps bentontite clay or a clay of your choice
1 tbsp rose petals, ground (strongly scented have better therapeutic qualities)
2 - 3 large aloe vera leaves

Scrape the aloe vera from the leaf and blend with 1 tsp of aloe vera. Any excess will keep for some time due to the preservative nature of vinegar, but ACV is also good for the skin, from acne to circulation, and has a neutral PH so it's perfect for oily or dry skin.


Mix enough of the liquid aloe vera with the bentonite clay and rose petals to form a paste. Spread smoothly onto the skin and allow to dry. Rinse with warm water.

You might also like to add a herbal oil of your choice for drier skin.

Put your feet up, close your eyes and breathe. Rinse, glow and smile - you've got this. We're brave enough for anything. Go give someone you love a hug to complete the treatment.

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Bless you and your people.. Fare thee well...

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Such a wonderful activity for your friend's down time!

(Typo in directions....)

Thanks for picking it up!!!!!!

Thats exactly what i needed @riverflows! An idea for a cream with essential oil. I'm gonna try almond oil with aloe vera, dried orange peel made into powder with a bit of turmeric. The aloe is ingenious! Awesome post. Thanks for sharing this! Totally opened my mind! You're amazing...the clay is interesting. I never used clay before. Just ground oats or even just dried powders. Love the face packs.

The clay is so lovely. There is all different sorts you can buy bulk at some wholefoods...Ground oats is great, mixed with rose or even ground chamomile! I might try that next!!!

This is such a difficult time for your friend, I know how she must feel. What you done for her is so precious and much needed, you are a wonderful friend @riverflows xxxxxx

Excellent mask, very easy to make. The results must be very rewarding. Thank you for sharing it.

Thanks! It was easy, and my skin was so soft afterwards!

I'm so sorry to hear about the grief you and your friend are going through!
It is lovely that you have such a close friendship with your bestie and the image of your husband walking in with you two in face masks made me smile too! I can just imagine what your household would have been like at that moment!
Great recipe for the rose face mask too!
Sending you much love and hugs!

Thanks beautiful. It was nice to have some light hearted moments. She is now back at the family home with Sal, who is in her very last moments now. Not long to go. She's well surrounded by those she loves. I ring every few hours to speak to my bestie - they're dealing with it all well, with a lot of humour.

Beautiful that she can go out like that and it may be a lesson to all of us not to fear death!
She seems like a very loving person who is now surrounded by loving people for her last moments! Something I hope we all can have in our last moments - that love and peace!

Good your friend has you! Would love to have a friend that treated me with wonderful plant medicines when I'm down 😋

Aw, I'm lucky indeed. If I was there, I'd treat you to a face mask too :P xx