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RE: The only emotion you cannot dovetail into something useful is envy

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Pfft, don't worry about it. It's definitely not just Abundance Tribe - there's plenty he's been downvoting. I'm not sure why, but if he doesn't have the courage to say I don't really care to even think about it. Might be envy, might be just a really strong disagreement with rewards because he doesn't like our content. Either way, they've gone to some effort to do it - I hope they are finding meaning in their lives in other areas.

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Haha well said River, and that's good to know that it's not just Abundance Tribe. As one old saying goes - "the dogs may bark but the caravan will pass".

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Hahaha this is so coincidental to see you here! I actually have been noticing him for awhile now and just a few moments ago I was digging through his account(s, he has a few) and noticed you followed him. I was thinking, "maybe riverflows has some insight into who this is". I found this post when searching his name for his profile, scrolled down and saw your comment, and said to myself "nah, nevermind" 😂

I'm sooo curious as to this guy's incentive. Especially because he's investing/buying in.

As for who he is downvoting, it seems to be almost everyone on my feed.

If you’re doing nothing and making no impact then obviously you will go unnoticed.

He hasn't gotten to me yet, so I guess I fall under this category 😂😂 But, he does seem to downvote across a LARGE board of more successful users. I'd say I see a single downvote on about 30% of the posts I read.. ok maybe that's an exaggeration but enough to FEEL like it's that many. It's always sunsetjesus. No surprise he downvoted THIS post too.

I don't really care who he is; like I said before, I just want to know the incentive...