Rainy Saturday Musings, & Repurposing Found Furniture Into A Medicine Cabinet

in Natural Medicine5 months ago (edited)

Do you ever find just thinking about things makes something appear? I'm sure it's because it's where we put our attention - had I not thunk about it, I wouldn't have seen this huge cabinet on the side of the road not a block from where I live, with a cardboard sign proclaiming 'FREE'. I'd been practicing yoga in my room but every time I stood, I was staring at a makeshift bookshelf with books and drying herbs and tinctures. Clutter does not a good yoga practice make - messy room, messy mind and all of that.

I really needed a big medicine cabinet in which I could contain everything in my woman cave/yoga room really, something I could shut the doors on and then forget about it as I breathed and moved through my meditative practice. Then - voila! It appeared.

It wasn't perfect. In fact, it was so tall and wide we couldn't get it into the room, so we had to knock the top of it off. But it was free, and furniture is expensive, and it's only hidden in my yoga room, so - did it matter? I'm as pleased as punch, so I'd say it's just fine. Nothing a plant wouldn't soften, and a few books. We also knocked a decorative curved piece of wood from the top of the bookshelf which was a little ornate for me. It fits my yoga and herb books - well, most of them anyway - the rest are on the larger bookshelf.


I had to make some small adjustments, too - in the middle section, I added two shelves with a board I'd found in the 'free' bin at the wood yard. It was a rough sawn bit of pine with a split or two, perfect for my purposes. I wouldn't say my carpentry skills are great, but hey, it's inside a cupboard. Fending off jokes about orangutans and saws (for context, entertain yourself with this video which show just that) I managed to screw in a few supports for them to rest on, and I'm pleased with how the jars sit. There's also a kind of pull out desk so at a pinch, if we go back to remote teaching, I can work in my yoga room.



My tincture bottles sit along the slide rail that the doors are attached to - a perfect fit! Underneath sits all my seeds and the dehydrator, and the two drawers underneath that contain all my yoga and personal notebooks and journals, and things like tins, beeswax, and other medicine & natural cosmetic making ingredients. It's pretty dark inside the cabinet so I need to get some kind of light to go inside it, but for now, I put in fairy lights which thread across the room and into the cupboard. It's now my disco yoga room. I do love my little cave - it's very much *my* space where I can journal, stretch, meditate, think, read away from the rest of the house. If the door is shut, the husband knows not to enter it.


Today, it's pouring with rain for the first time in six weeks so I'm busy reading and pottering, and a bit of yoga as well. The heater is on and it feels very cosy and conducive to creativity. I've decided to pull apart a herbal book I bought at a yard sale for $1 - the spine is ruined and the pages are falling out, and it has tiny print so I don't use it for the purpose for which it's intended, so I thought maybe a couple of cute framed herbal prints would be nice in my cave.


I'm also sorting through my seeds ready for going down to the greenhouse for a bit of potting up - there's a hole in the plastic of the roof I need to sort out, and I need to repair the back door which twisted in the wind and put another bed in there as well. There's so much to do I'm kinda annoyed at the rain.

I'm thinking about more herbs I can grow - definitely a curry plant, and I'm wondering if a tamarind would grow here or at least in the greenhouse. Sometimes it's depressing thinking about leaving to go travelling and knowing that no one will tend the plants and the garden as well as I will, but it's a trade isn't it? Stay at home and tend the garden or venture into the wild lands of the earth for some adventure. A kind of duality - my cancer moon homebody conflicting with my airier parts where I long for adventure.

What will become of my cabinet then? It'll be put on the roadside with a 'free' sign on it I suppose. It's why I don't bother buying furniture - besides, there's so much waste in the world I just feel bad if I do. The only furniture we have that's not built, modified, free or gifted is our leather sofa. I'm kinda proud of that ethic in a demographic that happily spends a lot of money on domestic items because it's a symbol of wealth or they're brainwashed into believing that's what one does - build a house and spend money furnishing it. I guess I'm feeling a bit smug. I'm sure others would look at my imperfect cabinet and recoil, but it's mine and I love it!

Time to go rearrange some bottles methinks, and check to see if that second batch of mugwort, tulsi and lavender oxymel is ready.

Do you have a medicine cabinet? Do you repurpose old furniture? What's your best kerbside find?

With Love,


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What, women can have caves too? Actually sounds like a great idea of having a book cabinet or better yet a Lion, Witch, and a Wardrobe closet for your Narnia adventures, I mean books to be hidden from your eyes.

 5 months ago 

Ha, I did think of Narnia - it's that kind of cupboard!

Can a wardrobe be turned into a cupboard, are they similar or very similar? I wasn't exactly sure. Speaking of not being over cluttered or distracted, I hear some people would lock their televisions inside cabinets with actual locks or at least close the door and only bring it out once a week or so.

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Do you ever find just thinking about things makes something appear?

Spontaneous manifestation...!!! I'm jealous of that huge cabinet, because I can use about three of them...😏

I think things into existence at times. The ability and success has always been elusive for me though. Sometimes wishing for something has worked better than willing something to appear.

It's almost three o'clock in the morning, but now I feel like going out to roam the neighborhood for a cabinet by the curb😎

 5 months ago 

Oh you have to think of it SIDEWAYS...both think and not think. Actually looking doesn't work!!!

Sideways... Like viewing auras... Thanks, I hadn't thought of thinking things into existence like that😎

 5 months ago 

Yes! It's how my husband appeared!

Is he merely an apparition...???😲

Love finding stuff like this! What a wonderful cabinet!

Our best roadside find was the sink for the butchershop.

Butchershop - sink3 crop Sept. 2010.jpg

 5 months ago 

Brilliant! It's such a gift from the universe when that happens!

I've heard about the idea that you don't choose plants, but rather plants choose you and follow you home. Maybe this law of attraction also works for furniture, or maybe your plants are now choosing your decor. 🤔

Excellent find, @riverflows.

 5 months ago 

Ha, I love that my plants are choosing my decor! Now if I could only get them to tidy more things than the air...

I absolutely loved bed reading this article and I think your cabinet is perfect. You repurposed it and made it your own. I always call things like this treasure! I have 4 chairs and two bedside cabinets that I found outside a neighbour's house that I refurbished more than 10 years ago and they are some of my favourite things because they are found treasure. Well done. Best of luck with your greenhouse and herbs. I'm waiting for slightly cooler weather to start seeing some herb seeds too. It was 38degrees C today 😌 so not the best germination time yet.

 5 months ago 

Some time ago on HIVE I started a hashtag #treasurefinds but it didn't take off due to community tags taking over. I absolutely love people repurposing other people's trash into treasure! That sounds like a great find!
38 degrees.. where do you live?

Oh dear, that happens I suppose, it's similar on Noise.cash. We live on n the Little Karoo and it's semi-arid. Raining today though, so the ground is soaking it up :)

 5 months ago 

Yes the universe provides, what a wonderful example of that. I have a cabinet that is way too small and every time I open it, things fall out, my daughters are always complaining. I need to manifest a new one, can't be too big though xxxx
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OMG, that's too perfect! And with a shelf on top for herb books! 😍 I should open myself up for something like that. Though my small cabinet works well for now.


Super cluttered. I need to organize it coming into medicine season. There's a blackberry root in there uncontained, a couple of mushrooms that belong in Bushcraft kits, empty bottles to fill for sharing things, and how do you like that half year old milk on top? That's something innit?!

I love a good freebie, I'm the first one in to a good junk sale and self proclaimed master of dumpster diving. (Yes I will get into a dumpster for a half used pack of printing paper)

Great bit of repurposing, Its important to make a space and your findings suit your needs. Must sort out a woman cave for the boss, My Mancave is more like a junkyard at the minute. definitely gonna have a spring clean.

Thanks for sharing!