The Biggest Neti Pot In The World: Whereby I Get Some Hayfever Relief

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I don't get hayfever.

My husband gets hayfever, and has since he was a child, where his eyes were bulging out of his head and he had to be taken to hospital. In his 20's, to find relief, he simply drank truckloads of beer and got people to lead him around festivals and raves because he couldn't see.

Not a good idea.

Of course, anything that causes inflammation is out - alcohol makes things far worse. But sometimes things get so bad that injecting yourself with smack seems like a good idea. Don't worry, we haven't. Yet.

Because this year it's my turn to suffer. All week the pollen count around here has been little semi circles of 'EXTREME' - and extreme it's been. So extreme that we could see swathes of pollen drifting like clouds across the road. We can't mow, because the ride on is getting fixed, and it wouldn't make much difference anyway as we're surrounded by paddocks. You can't stop climate change just by planting a tree in your garden or stop the zombie hordes by clearing one room.

So I've been absolutely dying - firstly, with fatigue and an earache (yes, I googled a venn diagram outlining the difference between coronavirus and hayfever, I'm ashamed to say, even though we've had NO cases around here EVER). Upon waking on the third day the nasal drip began and the endless hours of holding a tissue to my nose and sneezing. Ugh. Even Jamie felt sorry for me and he's the self professed King of Hayfever Complaints.

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Traditionally, a neti pot helps flush out allergies. It's a form of kriya or cleansing used by yogis, a kind of nasal douche that is traditionally done after lubricating the nostrils with warmed ghee. One puts a saline solution in a small pot with a spout you stick up your nostril. It's not just ayurveda that recommends it - check out this study on saline nasal irrigation as a treatment for upper respiratory tract infections. It's meant to be safer and more effective than saline sprays It's so legit that they sell neti pots at chemists here, though when I first started using them they weren't well known - it was something we heard about in our yoga circles.

It's not particularly a pleasant experience - one has to awkwardly tilt one's head to one side and pour water in, resulting in snot and saline pouring out all over the place and it can hurt. Like childbirth, it's worth it though - you DO feel better afterwards. Hm, maybe a terrible analogy but it is DAMN painful sometimes. Tears to your eyes, you know. I don't LIKE doing, but I will.



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No, not the sand in the foreground, but the ocean in the background. My Dad used to tell me surfing cured anything (I used to mumble what's the cure for getting rid of a Dad at 5 am when you wanted to sleep and he wanted you out of bed in the waves with him) and it definitely helps with a LOT OF THINGS. One of those things is flushing your sinuses.

There's two ways to go about this.

One, is to stand on the shore, scoop up water with your hand, and inhale. Effective. If you don't like getting more than your big toes wet and you're scared of sharks, this one is for you. The ocean is a huge saline solution - go for it. Avoid inhaling octopuses and toad fish.

The second is to catch a large-ish wave, one you're guaranteed to wipe out on by face planting the water and forcing half of the southern ocean up your snozz. Aaah, that's the way - instant relief. For the next three hours, salt water will unexpectedly pour out of your nose. Whilst you buy a soy latte at the bakery. When you're talking to that cute guy at the supermarket. When you have two bags of shopping walking from the shops to your car. There's only one way to deal with it and that's to exhale super fast and furiously so you get the rest of it - probably wanna make sure no one's looking for this bit though.

And damn if it doesn't feel good, and give you the best hayfever relief you've ever tried.

With Love,

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The nose full of water is really not my favourite experience. I dread to think what you must be experiencing to actually feel better after that. I love water and even the experience of going under, but the pain and discomfort from the pressure, even at minimal depths, has just put me off anything but having my head above the water now.

 16 days ago 

Oh it's heaven compared to hayfever!!!! It's kinda something I am used to from surfing, but I WELCOME it when I'm stuffy. These days I don't fall off the SUP much so I need to dive off on purpose!!


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I've used a Netipod before, they're great but I guess you're right that big old salt pod does sound more effective!

I hope the season doesn't last too long!

 16 days ago 

And at least it's more fun than doing over the sink... I get a surf too!!


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 14 days ago 

Salt water and a stiff sea breeze are the biz for clearing sinuses. Preventing allergic reactions? it starts with liver and detox - and it's a way of life for those of us sensitives.

Glad you are on the cusp of a long surfing summer! Enjoy!

 12 days ago (edited)

YES!! I'm sometimes slow on the uptake but I get to the bottom of it eventually. Of course the liver - I was going through a mental tick list last night as I yin yoga'd and meditated from tailbone through all my organs! Then it hit me - of course it's the liver!!! Especially as I'm close to menopause or at least peri, often have adrenal fatigue if I'm not careful, and probably have drunk FAR too much red wine to cope with COVID hahaha, let alone being hypersensitive old me. Thanks for the confirmation - appreciate this message from you to confirm my own knowing revelation! I know you recommended something for the liver in a post a while ago, but I have some NAC and milk thistle in the cupboard so that's a starting point anyway. Had quit the red wine some time ago anyway on the yearly detox - probably about time we just stopped altogether anyway. Yeah right! We can but have good intentions :P

Good old saltwater, great for the skin as well. Many times the palms of my hands will develop cracks and they are somewhat painful and are not very nice looking. Rest assured, when I swim in the ocean while on vacation, in a matter of days my hands are like new.

@tipu curate

Like childbirth, it's worth it though

This scared me a lot and I am not a woman hahahah.

Here in my town there is a belief ''When your nose is stuffed up, you just boil salt water and breathe in the steam.'' But it's like that old man myth, but I have no idea if this works. Perhaps what you explained has something to do with or at least relates to that popular saying of the elders.

I didn't know how serious it was, but you are going to recover, you are very intelligent looking for this kind of alternatives. Strength! <3

 14 days ago 

Haha yes it's hella painful!!!!!!

but it works!!!!! And steam does too actually.

Oh, it's so hard to imagine the pollen season at the moment. Here it's just dark and rains all the time it feels like...

I'm using a neti pot for many years already, it's one of my daily routines, the first thing I do in the morning. I actually love it, don't find it unpleasant at all, interesting. And I truly believe it's one reason I more or less never catches a cold (knock on wood).

I hope the pollen count gets less extreme soon ❤️