The M Word, Liver Detox, And Nourishment: Heading into 2021 With A Few Tools, and Less Resistance

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Oh man, being a woman is hard sometimes. Look, I'm perfectly happy to bleed, was more than happy to have the incredible pain of childbirth, but menopause? You're kidding, right? It's like being a teenager again. Hormone imbalances suck - and I could do without the anxiety and night sweats thanks very much.

And of course, I didn't see it coming because I refused to see it coming. That would have meant I had to accept the fact I was getting older, and listen to all those grey haired woman talking about menopause that seemed nothing like me. I'd have to accept I was becoming into my crone years. Ah, such is youth and an unwillingness to accept mortality just yet, thanks very much. My father grew old ungracefully, and I'm going to do it kicking and screaming to, if that's alright.

Maybe becoming crone is okay after all?

No lessons about acceptance and equanimity here. I don't want to lie.

And one of woman's truths will be that even admitting you are likely menopausal - well, peri menopausal, that phase as the body transitions into menopause - is to lose legitimacy in a world that prefers their woman in stillettos, or at least flawlessly unwrinkled and pert. As much as you say screw that in an empowered shout, it's still there. I'm told invisibility is nice too, but I didn't mind being visible.

So, whilst also kicking and screaming, I will get down to practicals. What can I do to support my body? What can I do to find ease and gentleness, balancing out my resistance and reluctance?

January is a great time for it - it seems easier to make resolutions. It's super easy for me to quit sugar (hard on the adrenals) as I don't usually have a lot anyway, and it's super easy for me to give up alcohol. Coffee, well, one a day ain't going to hurt. But the main thing at the moment is supporting my liver and adrenal glands, where my weakness has always shown up.

What I need is my body to be supported as much as possible so that my liver will detox all that excess of oestrogen.

That's where supplements come in. Whilst I try to maintain a diet that supports my body as much as possible, sometimes I need an extra bit of help to get me back on track.

My beautiful naturopath (also one of my yoga teachers) confirmed everything I'd been thinking about doing. I had done my research and was on the money - but it was great to get confirmation and a plan, rather than start swallowing a heap of random herbs willy nilly. She also gave me the confidence to believe I had definitely got this.

She gave me a lovely herbal blend of St John's Wort, zizyphus and saffron to support the nervous system. Saffron's a new one on me, but it's meant to be wonderful at lowering cortisol levels and thus anxiety. St John's Wort is an old friend and I'm glad to continue with this in my arsenal. Oh and don't forget ashwagandwa - my favourite. Can't get enough of it.

The new powder though looks great, and aims at Phase II detoxification of the liver. You can read more about it here.

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The liver is the detox lifeline of the body, and without it functioning as well as I need it to, any perimenopausal or menopausal symptoms are going to show up in technicolour - headaches, fatigue, mood swings, longer and more painful periods yada yada yada (I told you I didn't want to talk about it!). P2 Detox powder contains both turmeric and brussel sprouts which are excellent at P2 liver detox, as well as some amino acids that help you excrete detox products from Phase 1, and a few other ingredients. The aim of this post isn't go to go into it in detail, but to offer a suggestion for you to research if these symptoms resonate with you.

Of course, there are plenty of foods that I'll be paying that little bit more attention to to help me on this journey. Nuts and seeds will continue to be allies, as will magnesium. Herbal teas such as rosemary (great for the liver) and sage (good for temperature regulation for those night sweats), lavender and chamomile are in my medicine garden. Lots and lots of water and exercise. Good gut health.

I don't think this phase of my life has to be that hard - but in order to go gently into my crone years, I need to be on the ball supporting myself as much as I can.

I might even own this m-word I've not wanted to speak out loud for fear it will come true. I might even be wise enough to have some perspective, to be a little wiser, to gracefully go towards that good night, to accept these changes to my body.

Of course, that's partly what this becoming is.

Cronehood is our time of greatest Wisdom in Life, for we have lived through time. We have loved and lost. We have succeeded and failed. We have descended into the depths and risen to the heights. We have grown as beings. We have experienced life in all its variety and wonder and we have perspective.

Cronehood is a consequence of physical aging and also a state of consciousness which encompasses the experience of having lived long on the earth. Crones hold many personal and collective memories and a wealth of wisdom gleaned from living life. We have a perspective on the meaning of emotions and thoughts, on the passage of time and the cycles of life, including birth, growth, development, blossoming, fruitfulness, maturity, harvest, aging and death.From Goddess Temple Teachings

I'm brave enough to step into that, right?

With Love,

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 6 days ago 

M is an awesome initiation time. Happy to have sailed through my M time some years ago with little more than some hot flashes, which felt totally normal in a hot country where no one blinks and eyelid if you are drenched with massive sweat stains.

You're right that liver function & detox is the key. As is probably losing a lot of the western diet thing - so many phyto-estrogens and hormones in western food, even in veggies!

Take heart - it doesn't last long and is easily managed with exercise & good natural medicine. And your sex life will flourish later and you will be thankful. Promise. x

 6 days ago 

Ah, thankyou... I really appreciate the encouragement. Im grateful to be aware and intuitive enough to taks steps to manage it. I have been thinking of you as I have upped my cardio with pathetic jogging round the block 😂😂😂 ... I do walk a lot and along with yoga, core and surfing i think im more active than some I know at this age that's for sure. So there are a few things on my side.

Most of my food is pretty clean (I know you don't like tofu but it's only once a month or so I have it) as I only buy local and organic or swap and eat from my garden. Definitely all that wine didn't help.. but how else were we meant to get through 2020? Lol.

I so appreciate the kind words from a woman who has lived it. It often seems such a taboo subject.

!Engage 25

 6 days ago 

Liberation has always been taboo in a patriarchal society.

Many, many women have perfectly unremarkable transitions and simply don't talk about it. Remember that to balance all the hype and drama of the smaller number who'd like you to subscribe to the idea that it's terrible for all women. It isn't.

You're active and smart and it will be easier than you think. Yes, have lived it and very much enjoying a much freer time of my life.

 5 days ago 

That's a really interesting way to see it! Mum always says that it's good on the other side, so I'll believe her. It very much is taboo - but currently I'm really actually looking forward to being a bit more free.

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As Max Ehrmann states in Desiderata, gracefully surrender the things of youth.
Many people go through life thinking it is what it is, while others take the ball and run with it.
With information about everything just a click away, the fault lies with us if we allow life to pass without learning, evaluating, and putting a game plan into motion.
Your game plan seems to be spot on and to have that confirmed by your yoga instructor had to feel good.

Ashwagandha, I've never heard of this herb.
Let me check it out before finishing this reply.

Okay, I'm back and I'm a little smarter.
This ancient medicinal herb addresses many issues that plague so many people, lack of energy, stress, anxiety, inflammation, and the best one is it can boost testosterone and increase fertility in men😁😛.

I'm not sure @farm-mom would like that benefit though.

Very informative post, even for a guy!

Have a super day my friend!


I wish you ease and wellness during this time! Here I am on and off suspecting that I may be perimenopausal - but between being trans and having had endometriosis since I was 16, I'm like: bring it on! ...instead of dreading it. I cannot wait for the bleeding to be over, thank you. LOL

 4 days ago 

See, that's what I missed - I simply didn't realise you were trans. I don't pay a lot of attention to gender much and I'm still really sorry I called it incorrectly - I usually say 'they' to be safe. I can imagine you'd want to be done with the bleeding - my maybe future daughter in law has endo and it's a tough ride. Me suffering menopause is nothing on endo! I love my bleed, or used to, it was part of my natural body so I always felt blessed by it, but now - fuck off ya cow, I'm done! Bring on the non bleedin gyears!