Why The Gardeners Of Hive Are Responsible for My Farts [Plus, Yakon Chips]

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'Jesus, Mary and Joseph and the wee donkey' my husband exclaims when he comes in from the garage. He's channeling Hastings from BBC's Line of Duty, which continues as he bastardises a few Ted-isms. 'We better not be cooking with gas!' he says, raising fears about what fire might do when it ignites my farts. It's hard to say 'it wasn't me' when I've been the only person in the house that morning, so I have to own it. But it's not my fault. It's the fault of HIVE gardeners.

You see, I've planted many a plant because of the Hive Garden Journal, from amaranth to cucamelons, tulsi to turmeric. One throwaway comment from @simplymike about growing yakon, and it 'tasting kinda like a appley cucumber' or some such tempter, had me ordering one from a nursery in Australia and planting it in a corner of my vegetable patch two years ago. The first year, I didn't dig the tubers up, because I had planted them so late in the season. Given it was quite a frost free area of the garden, I let them stay in another year, and then we left half way through the growing season, so that by the time I got to dig them out of the ground, three seasons had gone by. This meant that by the time I got to dig them up, it was like pulling out treasure, huge tuber after huge tuber. 'Look at THIS one' I'd shout, brandishing it proudly, as if it was me that had given birth to this giant fruit of the earth. 'AND THIS ONE'. By the tenth, Jamie had disappeared and it was only the chickens left to count yakon with me.

Because I don't have the inclination to take words from the internet and rearrange them so they sound like mine, please enjoy the following information about yakon:

Fresh out of the ground yacon is very much like a baking potato to look at. However its flavour is a little strange for what you might expect from an underground tuber – it's like a sweet cross between early apples, watermelon and very mild celery, with a touch of pear. Mildly flavoured raw when first dug, it's the texture as much as the taste which sets yacon apart. The tubers have that fine texture of water chestnuts. They don't quite collapse as such – they've more resistance than that – but, like a very fine sorbet, they do sort of give in. Yacon is also refreshingly juicy. "Yacon" means "water root" in the Inca language and its tubers were historically highly valued as a wild source of thirst-quenching refreshment for travellers. The liquid can also be drawn off and concentrated to produce yacon syrup. As with Jerusalem artichokes, yacon tubers are rich in an indigestible sugar – inulin – meaning that the syrup they form has all the sweetness of honey or other plant-derived sweeteners like maple syrup, but without the calories. Yacon also benefits the bacteria in the intestinal tract and colon that boost the immune system and aid digestion. This potential as a dietary aid and as a source of sweetness for diabetic. Source

And they are quite sweet - the longer you leave them, the sweeter they get. I must say I like them a LOT more than jerusalem fartichokes, which I only keep in the ground for emergency apocalypses and their yellow flower, which is quite like the yellow flower of the yakon.

Our first efforts was to dehydrate them and then toss them into a mixture of coconut oil and miso to put on a tray to finish off in the oven, with a sprinkling of black sesame seeds and chilli Allowed to cool, they were delicious chips.

My slave husband cutting yakon for chips

Yakon chips with miso and black sesame

Then, we made lunch - julienned strips of yakon, cabbage, spring onion and soba noodles, with a dressing of tamari, rice wine vinegar and a splash of maple syrup, and sriracha, topped with the yakon chips. Jamie had boiled eggs with his. Proper nice it was.


And then the farts started.

All jokes aside, it wasn't that pleasant. In fact, quite painful. Why didn't anyone tell me that when I was looking up delicious recipes for yakon? So, I'm being a RESPONSIBLE HIVER and giving you this information - in some people, if you eat a lot of it, it can cause 'excess gas production...
flatulence, diarrhea, nausea and digestive discomfort.1 Damn. I was really enjoying it as well, and wanted to try it roasted!

So thanks Hive gardeners, for being inspiring and telling me about interesting plants to grow and experiment with. I really, really enjoy reading all your entries to the #gardenjournal challenge (this week's challenge can be found here. But yakon? I don't think I'll be growing it again!

For what's happening in the rest of my garden, fart free, check out my post tomorrow!

With Love,


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Awesome chips there, you and hubby are very fortunate, thanks to the Hive chefs and their recipes.

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 11 days ago 

Well, it's more the HIVE gardeners that gave me the idea of planting yakon - the chips were my creativity, I have to say :P

Aha very handy in the kitchen you are.

I'm sorry, I was unaware that yacon could cause those things.
I prefer to eat it raw, like a piece of fruit, so I only eat a little every time.

Since you can store the roots for like a year or so, there's no rush in eating them. In fact, I still have leftover harvest from last year. (and last year's harvest sucked big time.)

I really need to get myself a dehydrator - those chips sound amazing.
Thanks for the tip. And for the warning.

Meanwhile, I'm gonna enjoy my small piece of Yacon root for breakfast.

 10 days ago 

Hahah - for breakfast? Wow. That makes sense, as it's so sweet! I'm going to give it another go over the holidays when there is no one around to smell my farts.

I discussed this with my girlfriend, and she reminded me of something I had forgotten about.

Last year, a friend of ours had grown a couple of different kinds of Yacon. It was her first time. After she had harvested all of them, it appeared that 1 kind gave her diarrhea, even in small portions, while they other ones didn't. She gave us a root to try, but we were too chicken to try it out 🐔

Oh dear. Sounds like the green pea samosas I bought from the the shop down the road yesterday. Nice at the time but later.... Thanks for the laugh

 10 days ago 

Hahahha..... I adore samosa. I wonder if it's the onions that affect you? Or the peas? Both commonly cause farts..

There were no onions, it must have been the peas

I have never tried it, I don't think I know it. I don't know if there are any on this side of the country either. I only know that you confessed to a crime (the farts), but I forgive you, just because it's you.

Cooking Hive recipe is fun because they never come out the way you want them to, but you say to yourself ''my self, you are doing it right, don't let anyone tell you otherwise'', but I think it's not enough to match some thought out recipe. Especially if you are not experienced in the kitchen like me, although I love to cook, but I want to learn how to cook vegan food, there are so many recipes to invent.

Anyway, I have a lot of fun reading you, I missed that humor. ♥

O these are really looking and sounding super tasty.

Did you know hive now has a community designed just for gardening.

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 10 days ago 

No, I didn't. That's great. IN the absence of a gardening community that worked well, and offered good rewards, Natural Medicine filled that void. Be interested to see your community for sure!

Thanks, I love the working natural medicine does for the hive community and the gardening one. The offering of good rewards seems to be the one that's harder to get. people like to post where they can get the most hive.

I am shocked we have not seen a gardening community/tribe on hive yet.

Too funny. 'I kinda thought it smelled like silver in here myself.

LOL , it could be worse , imagine having some omnivore baby creature in your space-ship .

  • indigestible sugar – inulin – ,... looks already like a warning to me . 😉
 10 days ago 

Oh yes, that was me trying yakon.

Oh my god hahahaha they look fartastic! I don't think I can find those in these parts. I think is may be a good thing lol. But really the dish you made looks like I need some now!

 10 days ago 

Oh I thought of you! I think you'd like it. Seems to lend well to japanese flavours like miso and sesame!

I am from South America and I do not know the Yakon, damn and they look so good, I find their flavor peculiar because of what you described, when I see it I will buy it despite your warnings hahaha

 10 days ago 

Oh yes give it a go! Let me know if you find some!

I will search for other names, I have never heard that one, I will search for it on the internet, thanks for sharing

Wow... I can't remember yacon having that effect on me, but it's been years since I've last had it.
Those dishes with the yacon in it, do look delicious though.

 10 days ago 

I'm sure you'd remember haha - but maybe you didn't eat as much as I did! 🐷

Ahahaha yeah I think I didn't eat as much and definitely not in so little time, like how you had to come up with different recipes.

a) you are hilarious
b) I feel you, because that is what potatoes and green leafies do to me - the painful gas is awful!
I had not heard of yakon before, but now I'm afraid I might have the same reaction, given my system, lol.
Ginger ale! Ginger ale is your friend! :)
(this is Phoenix, btw, on my alt account)

 7 days ago 

Lol, thanks,glad I made you laugh! I'd be gutted if green leafies made me fart!! No don't try it - !!

I love ginger ale sooo much. I've been doing a kinda ginger ale by making a super strong ginger tea and fizzing it with the soda stream, it's pretty intense though!

I've always wanted a soda stream to make my own ginger ale. I drink so much of it, I'd probably save a ton if I could just buy real ginger and mix up a syrup myself to mix with fizzy water (not to mention, all the packaging). Especially since pandemic shortages have included the real sugar ginger ale I used to buy - it just hasn't existed in stores for over a year now. I have to go to a special store and pay more to get some now.

 6 days ago 

Oh well my son bought me a soda stream, it's awesome! Well worth the money if you can!

 10 days ago 

Haha, but I guess these farts are worth it sometimes for the pleasure of our taste buds. The chips surely look very 😍😋

 7 days ago 

Oh yes, I think so! Although I havevn't had the courage to try again!

Well, despite the apparent dangers, the chips delicious. Perhaps you could combine this snack with boiled jackfruit seeds to go straight to the moon on renewable energy. Shame on you HIVE gardeners.

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Oh maybe I can fly to Suriname to give you a smell hug!

 9 days ago 
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Oh gosh thanks so much!!!! @justinparke what an honour. and I have to say that curation template looks awesome!

 9 days ago 

Oh those look like a lovely treat but what a price to pay!
I wonder if it was the combination with the cabbage and such?
Well lesson learned, although be it the hard way! Hopefully this will save others from the discomfort of over indulging in the Yacon chips.

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 7 days ago 

I think it's the soluble fibre, like jerusalem artichockes!

Yeah, I don't do well with inulin either...fartachokes! LOL Never had yakon, and now won't try it....

 7 days ago 

No don't haha! Though they are quite tasty

Haha.... they look super delicious though! But I'll keep in mind that if I ever get my hands on this unknown tuber, to go easy on them when using them in my dishes. I don't want to get a husband who farts even more than he already does lol!

 7 days ago 

Oh I think you'd have a lot of fun experimenting with them!

I can confirm: your bomb has reached Brazil (I swear it's not me).

 7 days ago