Video: How to Make Golden Paste in 60 Seconds

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Made that video I promised you... (2 years ago!)

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...But back in the day I couldn't upload it to Dtube for some reason, and today the imbedded link from LBRY/Odysee doesn't work here either so here's Youtube:

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The recipe I followed for this video was found in The Power of Golden Paste

I took a spoon of it in warmed up milk with honey, I tried it in an eggplant sandwich and on it's own too, it wasn't as great as the milk though!

I tested it out on myself as an anti-inflammatory and natural remedy for the pain I had been feeling in my elbows. Tendinitis maybe... I don't know but they still hurt and it's now been well over a year. I mean I put the past on it for a couple of month, maybe less, so what I'm saying is that my elbow may just be something else entirely!

All alone... it's a little bit like turmeric flavored chalk! I don't recommend it unless you have a taste for chalky textured foods!

Here's a quick ingredient list:

  • Fresh ground pepper: 3 tablespoons
  • Coconut oil: 2 cups
  • Water: 6 cups
  • Turmeric powder: 3 cups

The best way to use the paste, making golden milk:

  • Glass of Hot Milk (If you have raw milk, don't let it boil)
  • Honey to Taste
  • Pinch of Ginger (fresh or powdered)
  • Pinch of Nutmeg
  • A Tablespoon of Golden Paste

Those are just a few ingredients I had on hand to add to it... feel free to play around a bit and please tell me what you come up with.

I would love a little feedback on the video... my first time messing around with a video app. It was a lot of fun!!!!




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Well, this looks amazing! And you did great with the video, man! Quite clear, effective, informative and to the point. Kudos!

Hey thanks thanks for the feedback @drrune. I should defenitely get back into that video making stuff. I tend to like short informative videos myself.

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I think the video is great! And only 60 seconds!

I also think chickweed might help your elbow. I coincidentally just posted about the stuff, and although I said nothing about how to use it for your elbows, I've included a link to a Dr, Axe article that might be interesting to you.

Awesome, I'll take a look at your post and the article, and thanks for the feedback!

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 4 months ago 

I haven't made this for ages - with the coconut milk it's like a bullet proof golden milk. So good. REckon I'll be on it again for winter.

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Bullet proof golden milk YES! Oh that's right you guys are starting to see winter coming on soon or more like fall I guess. I am so excited to be done with this winter. I'll have to try it with coconut milk too

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