Chia Dates Milk

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Hello beautiful foodies. As we all know, that dates are one of the superfoods. during Ramadan, dates are abundant in my current place and today I am going to make a refreshing drink for our iftar, Chia dates Milk.



Almond milk 500 ml ( or any kind of milk)
Deseed dates 20pcs. (Small)
Cardamon pods 1pc. (Optional)
Nutmeg 1/8 of whole ( grind together with cardamon) (optional)
Chia seed 2tbspn


Combined dates, milk & spices, blend till dates are dissolved with milk. Lastly add in chia seeds then chill for at least 1hr.

I love spices, so I decided to add freshly ground cardamon and nutmeg.

If you do not have whole cardamon and nutmeg , you can use powder if available, a pinch of it each. This two are optional You can skip if you don't have both. But I found out that it is really delicious adding spices, rather than with just almond milk and dates.


Thank you very much #PowerPlant weekly cooking challenge and

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Looks refreshing, and I bet the chia seeds make it almost like a pudding, as these seeds tend to get gelatinous after being in liquid a long time. Thanks for sharing this refreshing treat. Dates are so much more special than sugar when used to make a dish sweet.

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thank you very much for this wonderful #Plant Power weekly challenge.
I love it and I am a fan of it

plant power weekly challenge

Absolutely refreshing especially in this warm weather. I am a fan of this dish.

Indeed she she, very refreshing.
Cold and yummy beverage...must try it's easy to make.