Vegetable Quaker oats soup

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Hello beautiful foodies! Today I prepared a quick and easy veggie quaker oats for our soup. This is light with a citrucy flavour soup. You can also use any vegetables you have.

I am going to share how I make veggie oats soup. So let's get started.



Quaker oats 1 cup
Onion 1 med.
Garlic 2 cloves
Pepper (coarse) 1tspn
Dried Oregano 1/2 tspn

Veggies depends how much you will add
Green peppers
Green peas


Heat oil, add in onion garlic.

Add in veggies. Mix.

Add in quaker oats. Mix. Put to low fire

Add in 2cups of water. Stir.

Add in salt & pepper. Stir.

Add in oregano. Stir.

Stir. Let it boil for 3 -5 minutes or till veggies are cooked.

Squeeze in lemon juice. Continue to stir.
Put to lid. Simmer for 2 minutes, then switch off flame.

Garnish with onion leaves.

I love putting a lot of veggies in my soup and
I love the presence of lemon in the soup, it adds more taste and appealing to my child's taste.

Thank you very much for dropping by!


I have never in my life tried an oatmeal soup, I see that this one is easy to prepare and very nutritious. Oatmeal is heavy and good for creating a soup. I am not surprised by my lack of knowledge, I have only had hot or cold oatmeal and it is not the same. It is good to read this kind of publication, thank you friend for this great contribution.


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Thank you very much @pavanjr for appreciation.
Oatmeal is a good alternative to thicken the soup too. The soup is fulfilling and hearty too.

Looks so beautiful and filling. Must try for me.

Yes she she must try, it's tasty with lemon.
Thank you very much!
Miss you all❤️