Immune System Boosting Natural Remedies to Stay Healthy During the Epidemic!

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In times of global crisis and pandemics, we all need a bit of immune system boosting natural remedies to help us fight the virus!

So, I thought i'd share those natural remedies that I have come across so that everyone can boost themselves at home and fight the virus with the help of mama nature.

1)Turmeric + Black Pepper

This is a spice mix that has been used for millenia in India, and has incredible health-generating properties. The active ingredient in Turmeric that we are after is something called 'Curcumin', which is a very powerful yellow colored chemical that has antibacterial, antiviral and powerful anti-inflammatory properties. The great thing about mixing it with some black pepper, is that when the curcumin combines with the 'Piperine' in the black pepper, it makes it up to 2000x more bioavailable in the body and therefore boosts the immune system 'value' from the curcumin. I like to add this mix into my tea (it's really tasty in black tea or jasmine tea), coffee, or food as you really don't need much (quarter tea spoon of turmeric and a small pinch of black pepper is enough to have an effect). Herbs and spices are a powerful way to boost the immune system and this combo is just one of many that you can use to foster immune system health.


2)Cold Showers

This is probably the most powerful trick you can start to use to really boost your immune system. Having been made famous by Wim Hof, the WHM (Wim Hof Method) has now become a popular tool for boosting the immune system. The main pillars of his method are breathing, meditation and cold exposure. Cold showers have been proven to reduce inflammation in the body, increase white blood cell count, boost energy, reduce anxiety, and boost immune response. Think of it as a cardio workout for the veins in your body, which actually represents a system of hundreds of thousands of kilometers in length! Start slow, adding 30 seconds of cold at the end of your normal shower, and incrementally increase this to a minute and so on. My favorite part of taking cold showers is that its extremely efficient, and can trigger what i like to think of a 'paradigm shift' in your mood, day, and life if practiced frequently enough, or simply at the right time as a strategic tool. Try it first thing in the morning for a fresh start to the day, after working out, or just before sleep to have a deep and relaxing sleep. The order In the WHM the routine (you can download the free app) usually goes like this: stretching and relaxation first, then the breathing for 3 rounds where each round consists of 30-45 deep breaths (more inhaling than exhaling), followed by a breath hold on the last deep exhale, followed by a 'fully in' breath for 10-15 seconds. This really helps to relax and when you take a cold shower afterwards it becomes a truly transformational experience that rejuvenates the body and mind. Definitely worth a try! (


3)Tahini + Pekmez

This is my most recent discovery and probably my new favorite food combo that I discovered in Turkey, said to boost the immune system by the locals. Tahini is a paste of sesame seeds, which is high in antioxidants, healthy fats, and B & E vitamins and has been shown in studies to improve brain and heart health. Pekmez, is a Molasses-like syrup principally made from boiled down fruits (traditionally red grapes) that turns into a deep black liquid which is jam packed with nutrients and antioxidants that boost the immune system. Traditionally, this combo is served in Turkish breakfast on toast or as a dip at the proportions of your choosing (usually 50/50), they are a very tasty way to boost your immune system and together they form a powerful addition to our natural remedy toolbox. I like to go one step further and add natural pine honey to the mix, which also has its own antibacterial and antiviral properties, thank you bees!


Well, those are my top 3 immune system boosting tips for you during the Coronavirus crisis. I hope you will find them as useful as I did!

You could also add some meditation to your daily routine to stay in a positive mood, and to stay grounded in the present moment. As we go through this crisis together we all need to be mindful not only of ourselves but of those around us.

I find it fascinating how natural remedies from different countries around the world have managed to create unique blends of different natural elements, that have powerful protective effects on our bodies and immune system. It is so important that this knowledge and indeed, value, is not lost by modernisation. We need to preserve our cultural heritage in all its diverse forms, from natural remedies to ancient practices from all corners of the globe; Tai Chi, Yoga, Xi Gong, Ayurveda, Meditation, which all hold powerful health fostering potential for us all in these troubled modern times. I think this is a great time for us to reconnect to the natural world and meditate on the principle of 'Less is More', where quality overrides quantity in the importance of the value and spaciousness that it provides us in the short-term, but more importantly the long term, by preserving wisdom and essential knowledge in a meritocratic way. Part and parcel of such a principle is the focus on positive energy and emotions like love, gratitude, joy, hope, and compassion that can help boost the immune system, rather than focusing on negative emotions like fear, worry and anger that might do the opposite. In any case, that's my take on immunity!

Stay healthy everybody, stay sustainable, sending love to you all,

Dizzy Bee

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@porters here on behalf of @NaturalMedicine – So interesting to get what folks have been using to build their immunity from different parts of the world! Really appreciate you sharing your knowledge - that Pekmez and tahini sounds delicious!


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Thank you I'm glad you liked it! Wow that sounds like a really interesting challenge, I will definitely be taking part!