🍅🍆 @Sreypov's Super-Duper Ital Eggplant Balado 🌶🧄 Recipe

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Hello again everyone. Today I will to share my balado sauce vegan recipe.

This balado sauce recipe, you can make with tempeh or tofu with eggplant as you want. Just you want to make with tempeh off fire then put tempeh.

The balado food eat with brown rice and aloe vera juice.

🍅🌶 'Bout the Balado Business 🧄🍆



  • 3 tomatoes
  • 1 red big onion or 3 small
  • 4 cloves garlic
  • 3 big chilies a little spicy (here not have I use 2 tbsp suriname sambal)
  • 1-1/2 tablespoon palm sugar or to taste
  • 2 tablespoons soy sauce
  • 1 teaspoon salt

👨‍🍳 Cooking Method 👩‍🍳

Step 1

Cut eggplant put a little salt then mixed up, keep a few then clean water.

Step 2

Cut potato, onion, chilies, garlic then put in machine all and grind it.

Step 3

After grind already .

Step 4

Then fry eggplant or tempeh or tofu fry until brown.

Step 5

Heat oil in the pan put tomato sauce grind already fry it.

Step 6

Then put salt, sugar, soy sauce fry it until looks not have water.

Step 7

Then to taste and put eggplant or tofu fry it one or two minutes off fire.

Step 8

Balado eggplant already.


This is balado eggplant, tofu, tempeh. One balado sauce recipe, I can make three other. And as you want to eat which one.

But you don’t forget, when you make it with tempeh you need off fire then put tempeh mix it, already. Do like that then more delicious.


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Monkey B



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@vincentnijman @plantstoplanks yuuuuuummmmmm tempeh!

  ·  last month (edited)

Thank you @riverflows. 😊💕

I had tempeh again today ( green split-pea soup with sweet potato carrot onion and garlic and fried tempeh for the protein / replacing what used to be meat.

Will check this out soon! :<)

  ·  last month 

You are eat vegan also?

Sometimes. I eat less and less meat but it's difficult in Portugal where people eat a lot of fish and meat and not many vegetables.

I was born in Gouda, The Netherlands, famous for its cheese and I find it difficult to live without cheese, more difficult than not eating meat.

  ·  last month 

I understand, when I lived in Ecuador, all restaurant has cheese. Some people do not eat meat but they can't stop
eat cheese. 😊

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This is one of my favorite dishes that you make, and one of the few ways we can get Monkey B to eat big pieces of eggplant.

  ·  last month 

Do you love my dishes or you love me the most?😜

They say that love goes through the stomach.

  ·  last month 

Yeah, you are very sure! Thank you for your comment. 😊

You're welcome :>)

Hmmmm it look like everything I want right now!!! Nice my friend.

  ·  last month 

It's our favorite for my family. Thank you dear friend.

I wish you would come and cook for me! 💚

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Thank you so much @naturalmedicine and @minismallholding 💞x

You're most welcome. 💚

  ·  last month 

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The tempeh looks great @sreypov - would love a post sometime about how you make it! no greens?? 🤣 You make it spicy??!! Suriname Sambal is awesome - has been SOOO LONG since I last tasted it! 😍

  ·  last month 

I need chili like this in Cambodia have more a little spicy. This recipe, we need red color. When looks like delicious. My food not spicy but delicious 😋. Thank you for your comments 😊

Spicy is important not just for taste, but for health. And sooooo yummy! ❤️

Yummy! I will remember this as a recipe to hopefully prepare in Portugal, after my return. If I do make it, I will let you know how (much) I liked it.

It almost looks like lasagne but then without the pasta. I know of something called Melanzane, where they use a lot of eggplant instead of lasagne but that is an oven dish.


  ·  last month 

I am very glad you like my recipe. Thank you @vincentnijman 🙏🏻🥰 have a great day.

you too :<)