🍅🥬 What We Have In Our Landlord's Garden 🥒🌶️ Paramaribo, Suriname

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When I woke up, I walked to the garden. I see animals eat tomatoes already 🍅. A long time ago I not post about garden. So I want to post about we have in garden today.


They ate the tomato’s seeds all. My husband said, I think the birds because the birds want to take the seeds and put anywhere.


They are looks very great, I love to looks them every morning. I don’t understand I growing tomatoes not have fruits, good only trees but my landlord she growing have fruits so much.

I take care them everyday and give water them every day not have fruits but tomato’s my landlord, I never see give water them but have fruits so much🤔. Sometimes I give water for her.



My daughter she happy in the garden with me.


Bitter melon yellow and green.




These are the mushrooms from die trees. I don’t know we can to eat or not because I don’t know die trees.

I know we can to eat the mushrooms from the trees, we can eat the fruits.


These are chili three different flavors.


I don’t know the name it in English but my country we make salad from it. And here they are eat root but Cambodia eats leaves haha.


Balls peppers near the house.


These are baby chili, I put the seeds 6 days ago.



Green onion leaves looks very great.


Wing bean and baby chili.


Cucumber, holy basil and okra.


The peanuts trees my landlord growing two months ago.


Green papaya down because rain more.


The big pumpkin.


These are pictures from the garden front my house, shots from my phone. I hope you all enjoyed it. Have a great weekend to everyone.


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I love wing beans - they are just in season here too, and we eat them raw, sliced into salads. Soooo good!!

As frustrating as the eaten tomatoes are, the birds need to eat too.

  ·  12 days ago (edited)

Yes, I like wings bean too. My country we eat raw and cook with some food also. Thank you a lot 😊

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You showed me another new thing: Wing Bean! I had never seen one! You have so many good foods to eat there, I am happy for you! 😊

  ·  12 days ago (edited)

Yeah, I am happy too, we have some vegetables to eat but we only need to buy from the market because my family eats vegetables and beans a lot. Many thanks to @thekittygirl ❤️.

So many beautiful things growing wow you are so lucky! My garden is looking sad haha.

  ·  12 days ago 

These are my landlord growing but we can pick all because I help her take care of some. I growing tomatoes near my house also but they good only the trees do not have fruits 🙁 when I look at them I feel sad haha. Now I growing potato and chili, I waited for them again to have fruits or not. Thank you, my dear.

My chili plant will not give me chilies! I hope your tomatoes are going to grow fruits. All the best dear @sreypov!

What a great crop. You have a whole jungle of vegetables there. 😁

I'm sorry to hear about the tomatoes. Maybe you should build a scarecrow. 🤔

  ·  12 days ago 

Yes, a good idea, thank you 😊

  ·  12 days ago 

Wow! Many herbs and vegetables in your garden.

  ·  12 days ago 

Yes, Many thanks to @noopu 😊

  ·  10 days ago 

You're welcome. ^^

  ·  12 days ago 

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Great selection in the garden a lovely place to spend time looking after abundant fruit, vegetables and tasty hot red chilies to add to a pot for flavour.

Well done with photography and detail of plants, hope you find out soon whether you are able to eat the mushrooms as well.

  ·  12 days ago 

Yes, I hope so, thank you a lot for your kind words 😁

Looks like a lovely productive garden!
Do you get to share in the harvest of the garden?

  ·  10 days ago 

Yes, I can pick all but I buy vegetables from market than more pick in garden. Thank you 😊 have a nice day.