Our Garden is on its 24th Day | Garden Update 2

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I mentioned here 24 days ago that we are planting seedlings in our garden. You can find that article here. This is the third time we've planted vegetables here since we moved to this resort. More precisely, this year will be our third year. We did not plant any fruit next to vegetables last year, but this year we planted only one kind of fruit.

When I was in the city, I never knew what vegetables the seedlings were. This place taught me a lot about it. Most importantly, I learned how good mother earth is for us people. Working with soil makes me incredibly happy. Sometimes if I am very stressed, I go down to my garden and linger on the excuse of checking the latest status of my seedlings and release my stress.


Today I went down to my garden again. I was happy when I saw the growth in the seedlings. Remembering that I shared their first version, I thought I would update about their latest status. By the way, please remember that I am inexperienced. I have lived in the city life since my childhood. I don't have the slightest idea about soil and growing plants. I learn some things from the local people and some things from your posts here. Besides, I do what I can. So, like farmers, I don't have the materials and savings. I don't have many opportunities anyway. It's like my hobby. I'm not making any profit from these crops. On the contrary, when it gets too much, I distribute it to the neighbors.


My maternal mother always told us about her favorite proverb when we were children. "He who sleeps while his neighbor is hungry is not one of us". That's why sharing is the best thing in this world. Some people are shy and don't say what they need. Maybe if you share what you have, he will benefit from it and be happy. Let's not forget that we must do this without embarrassing him without offending him. For example, when I give to someone in need, I do it without reminding him of his poverty. Saying things like, "This is too much for me, I can split it with you if you want it. I can't eat that many vegetables by myself, please take it too" I give it to him without offending. Anyway, this is how it all goes. I love my garden. Now I want to share with you pictures from my garden. Are you ready?


Our garden is not very big, but the crops we plant are enough for us throughout the summer. Our area is generally as you see in the picture.


Cucumbers began to grow very quickly. For the elders, we prepared support from wooden laths and tied them upwards with the help of rope.



When we looked closely at the cucumbers, I saw that they started to give vegetables. I was very happy to see this little friend. Many seedlings we planted have flowers on them. This means that they will soon begin to give the vegetables.


We planted 3 rows of tomatoes on the right side of the salads. We planted 3 kinds of tomatoes. Pink, cherry and regular tomatoes.


When I examined the tomatoes closely, I saw small tomatoes on some of them. I wonder how they will be in time.


Tomatoes are elongated. We had to support them. We added longer sticks to them and tied them with string. So they won't be blown too far in the wind. It can be windy here, even in summer. So we have to consolidate them that way.


We had dried onions seeded at home. We planted them in our garden and as you can see we got fresh onions. I even need to rip them off as soon as possible. I'm thinking of making onion pie, maybe I'll add it to my recipe.


We never used mint seeds, but every time we made a garden, mints were growing in our garden. This year, we took them under protection next to the onions. We built a small wall around it with stones. It's summer, I love using mint for my detox waters. When we put it in water in hot weather, it gives a refreshing feeling.


By the way, we came across a small plum tree while determining our garden location. This year we noticed that he has grown even more. We didn't move it from there. We wanted it to stay in our garden. Just one or two branches hanging down too much, maybe we can cut it. You can see that overhanging branch in the picture.



Recently my friend gave me a fence. He was not using it. I bought it to use in my garden. This year we decided to plant fruit for the first time. I love strawberries so I wanted to have them in my garden. I used the fence my friend gave me to separate my strawberries. Our neighbor said that when we planted the strawberries spread a lot, we had to determine the place accordingly. He also said that the fruit should not touch the ground, that if it does, it will rot. Since I had no experience before, I planted strawberries directly into the ground. Actually, we had to lay a thick bag before planting. We did it after we planted it. My mother spread a cloth on the other strawberry. I may need to get the strawberries in order next year. They have now started to reproduce without any problems.


Our next-door neighbor has a mulberry tree. The mulberries there began to pour into our garden. The only problem for me is that the bees have multiplied. Same thing happened last year. The bees had bitten my leg. I hope they leave me alone this year. I love them so much please love me too sweet bees :)


Our hot and sweet peppers are starting to grow. They are still small now. I'll take pictures of them again when they grow up.


Fresh bean seeds have started to emerge from the soil. I'm thinking of preparing beans with olive oil with these. One of my favorite recipes to eat in the summer.


The fruits of my plum tree that I just mentioned above. Plums taste very good.


That's all the developments in my bet for now. I'm thinking of doing an update again in a few weeks. If there are experienced friends among you, I am open to their ideas. Please feel free to point out if I have done anything wrong. I am very inexperienced in these matters. Thank you for reading and supporting.

Stay With Love


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Wow-what an amazing garden you have, You got such a nice variety as well.

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Thank you. I will join your community now. I wish you good work.🧡

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