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The other day I picked up something that I had started last year, but didn't really stick to, and that was use the label function in my inbox. Last year I made the label and send some emails regarding that label to that particular box, but then it seemed so tedious and eventually I didn't stick to it. But all of those "unread" messages in my inbox began to irritate me; I don't like to have so many unread messages. Well, finally I picked up that tedious task and began to move those emails to that box where they needed to be. Didn't get to move all, because people have things to do 😅, but my inbox went from 97 to 18 unread messages. Oh what a relief that was to see it wasn't all that bad.

Now, you might be wondering it's just an inbox and maybe wouldn't understand my excitement of something so trivial. But it's not. It is a big deal, because decluttering is a way to free my mind and destress. Seeing that high number of unread messages made me anxious, as if I haven't had anything done. Clutter may impact a persons mood, which may result in depressed feelings. Of course it's not the clutter itself that is the problem, but the association that has come from it.



Some of the benefits that may come from decluttering are:

  • creating a sense of confidence and self-efficacy; meaning that you believe that you can handle and do anything and are able to make quick decisions.
  • getting energized to get things done, because of the ability to think quick on your feet.
  • reducing anxiety and leaving room open for creativity.
  • reducing relationship and family tension.
  • finding treasures you thought you had lost or might have forgotten about.

If you're (re)considering to rid your life of clutter, here are some helpful tips in how you can do this:

  • take care of yourself and take it easy; you don't have to start big. Like I started with just a few emails and I also cleaned up my work desk a bit. It feels like I can breathe again 😅
  • start organizing, so that you are able to see what goes where and what you want to keep and what you can let go.
  • don't be too hard on yourself; every small step is an improvement.
  • plan realistically, finish the tasks and accept when to stop. Fight the perfectionism urge like I had, when I knew I needed to start with some other task.
  • organize in a way that works for you and your life's routine and rhythm.
  • reward yourself and keep going.



Does it all sound familiar to you and have had a similar or different experience regarding clutter? How did you handle it? Let me know in the comments below

Chasse into the backstage! 💃


Oh, totally yes. I get so overwhelmed when my space is cluttered, and so much more functional when it's clean. Of course, to declutter/purge things, I have to make a mess to sort through the items, so I end up living in a worse mess for a while. But the end result is so much better!
When I worked any job where I had a specific work station - be it a desk at an office job or my register when I was a cashier, I always was hyper clean and organized there. Other people would comment on it. When it's a small space I can whip it into shape and keep it that way, especially when it's work where I had to be there for so many hours and sometimes it was slow so I had time to clean. Little did those coworkers know that my apartment was always a mess, lol.

Hahahaaa with me it's my car that's the mess; I put off cleaning it. I only open the door when I need to go somewhere, which isn't a lot nowadays 🙈
I should really schedule cleaning my car in.

And I know what you mean about the mess, before everything's cleared out... I hate seeing that, because sometimes the organizing takes days, but was worth it yes. Oh and your desk story sounds so familiar also... hahaha I had a certain place for everything, so when someone had "borrowed" something from my table, I knew exactly that someone touched my stuff, because they never put it back where they picked it from 😂


One of my bosses who thought it was wild that I was so organized at work used to test me occasionally. Him: "Hey I need this form" Me: open file drawer, hand him the form. Him: "How do you do that so fast??" Me: "It ...has a file?" Him: "I didn't really need it, I just wanted to see how fast you could find it." 😂
One day he came in and said, "I am doing a report and I only have a list of last names for who were our patients that week, and I can't look them up in the records with just a last name, do you remember any of these?" and it was from months ago. I remembered the names. Again he was like, "I KNEW YOU'D BE THE ONE WHO REMEMBERED, YOU'RE SO ORGANIZED" lol

Hahahaa also sounds familiar. Even the files that I'm not responsible for in the database, I could find easily. That's because I didn't give up until I found the document(s) and I am always the one to suggest ways to work more efficiently.

But all of those "unread" messages in my inbox began to irritate me; I don't like to have so many unread messages.

We have another one guilty! Heheheh... I can't stand "unread" messages, so I read the most immediately, but I have another problem... I'm lazy to respond to emails... lol... So, I label them with colors, red, green, blue... and then it serves me as a reminder... Eventually, after some time, I do respond to all of them, and it's like 5-10 min... not a big deal, but have no idea why I'm lazy to do it... So, that's my decluttering... :)

In general, I like to be organized, to have a schedule, to keep things always in the same place, etc... But, there is always something that makes clutter (emails... lol... and probably some other things...)

Good tips for avoiding clutter!

I think that almost everyone has that problem of not responding directly. Some challenge that by scheduling one or two hours daily, just for emails. What I do is read them, but if I can't reply immediately because of looking up the information or other emails that are more urgent, I put the email on unread, so I won't forget to reply later.

Hahaha I'm like that too, a special place for everything. Of course it happens sometimes that you're busy doing something else, that you can't put a tool/utensil immediately back in its place, but maybe putting a time frame for it. Like e.g. a day to put it back in its place or maybe every evening? What works for you and your routines. But I do try to put everything back a.s.a.p.


What I do is read them, but if I can't reply immediately because of looking up the information or other emails that are more urgent, I put the email on unread, so I won't forget to reply later.

Oh, but if I do that it would be the same... :) Again unread, and I don't like that... lol... so, labels, tags... that I can see and not stress about :)

Hahaha I know what you mean though. Those emails I moved to the other box are still "unread", so those I need to open and read very soon, although some are not particularly important. Were mostly Calendar invites and the sort, which aren't that important anymore as the activities have already been done by now 😅 So those are just open mail and move on hahaha

Good piece of advice. Nice post

Thank you 😊

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