Henna: Cooling Paste For Your CPU

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Henna is a tree, which is available found in most of the countries specially tropical areas. It has a lot of benefits for health and hair.

Today I will discuss on this article about that how can it be used as a natural medicine and the procedure to apply it.


Henna is used basically in our country for the hair only.


The people who are facing different problems about hair like hairfall, roughness & fade colour of hair, broken edges etc. they like to apply henna paste on their hair.

Benefits for hair

  • It has a natural colour that is a brownish red, it looks like an aristocracy, that's why people like to apply it on their hair and beard from the primitive times.

  • Besides it also helpful for the skin of head as well as for the health of hair.


  • It decreases the broken hairs rate and increases the strength of hair.

  • It minimises the rate of hair falling.

  • There is a believe that it also helpful for the growth and density of hair.

  • It is also used for many head skin diseases.

  • Henna also helps to cool the head. If you want to feel a ciol and calm atmosphere, you may apply it on your head.

  • The paste is also beneficial for our brain. It looks like the cooling paste or air on the CPU of computer.


Other important uses of henna

  • If you are facing the problem of skin roughness, you may apply henna seeds and leaves by creating paste on blender and applying on the skin.

  • It is very much useful for some bacteria specially which attack on the edges of the nails. If you use it on your nails, it will give you protection from that.

  • Sometimes soil and other dust enter on the nail of foot and create a lot of pain. The paste of henna seeds and leaf will give you instant release from that pain.

  • It is also used for the preparation of many unani medicines.


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The headline made me think the paste could actually be used as CPU thermal paste substitute. Had me in the first half ngl.

You know human brain is is explained as same to the CPU of a computer. That's why I used this term.

The human brain is able to process, store memory, recognize patterns and so much.

I wouldn't necessarily say they are the same but there is an overlap in function. That is true.

Yes, it is not actually very similar. But it has a lot of similarities, that's why it is a matter for metaphor example. Nothing else.